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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Crowd-funding and investing campaigns to finance innovative projects

You’ve got a right place If your major life-goal is a becoming more educated and erudite, thus -  more clever!

Do you believe in feeding “brains”, not “brainless” feeds?

nbrain-games gif animaitonIt’s time-consuming reading, surely, especially because all this "stuff" presented herein seems like written in "poor" English, that is not my native language; but hopefully it may result in "surprisingly-overwhelming" and "lifting" effect on your brain.
I hope you are "a great mind" that is capable "to read & see" between the lines!
Otherwise, please, accept my apologies if my intellectual efforts spent for creating this website content will not help you become a more clever person.

My intellectual work-in-house "authorial-branding" and "author-branded" effort-as-a-service is focusing on creating project-promotional multimedia content that’s just as good as an indie-release aiming at drawing people’s attention to the international P2P-crowd-funding and B2B-direct-financing campaigns.

dzmitry vasilyeu registered participant of payonner entrepreneurship awards

Please, do not get confused with an acronym abusing and using of huge amount of coined terms and definitions you may find in descriptions of my ideas, concepts and conceptualizations.



(1) Created simplified semi-interactive high-fidelity prototype that work exactly like it should.

(2) Demonstrated and tested with performing the actual task of working-prototype solution approved.


Any-given “Certificate” or/and “Certification Report” or other officially issued document relevant to the product-prototyping assessment is available at request be made via e-mail.

It’s the same old story: 

a promising new technologiy has arrived, but market leaders are too afraid to commit to it. The Indie developers are leading the way in terms of innovation and creating brand new content.

Indies Lead the Way!

animated photos and photos gif animation
It’s highly recommended to start browsing pages of this web-site with  

 P2P-Crowd-Funding and B2B-Direct-Financing campaigns
 to support innovative intellectual property assets based projects designed 

US Copyright Office-Certificate of Registration
consist of copyrights (US Copyright Office), know-how,  trade secrets, undisclosed commercial information together with registration-docking and application-pending trademarks, logo designs, brand and trade names.

"Experimental Lab of Dreams Inside Out” 
"EL DIO" Project

"EL DIO" Project, be subject to direct-financing and crowd-funding campaigns, is basically focused on organizing “Self-Experimenting Examination Program” (SEE-Program) that presupposes the enrolment of volunteers and experts in EEG-feedback processing to take part in BCCI-experimental investigations addressing so called “self-entertaining and self-healing therapies”, namely “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” and “Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy”. 

Brain-Harmonization Frequency-Based NeuroTechnology
Brain-Harmonization Frequency-Based NeuroTechnology
SEE-Program aims at evidencing the high-effectiveness of “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” Phenomenon that is a fundamental feature of visual-stimuli-treatment conditioned on the usage of "VerQAG" head-mounted visioning device.
“Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomena, as a visual stimulus conditioned brain-game artifact, is postulated as "cause-initiator" triggering human body self-healing mechanisms and activating brain hemispheres harmonization and synchronization processes. The rapid activation of brainwaves of desirable frequency-patterns, as expected, leads to (i) triggering the effective response in brain-pleasure-center and (ii) training the brain-autonomic producing the electric signals that are causing experiencing super-pleasurable feelings and sensations while having immersed into “out-body-experiences” adaptive states of mind, in particular “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE STATE”

"EL DIO" Project aims at funding high-efficacy alternatives for-

(a) treating different-etiologies visual hallucinations and schizophrenia-manifested audiovisual hallucinations woven with paranoid or bizarre delusions and to correct  schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder caused disorganizing thinking in the context of significant social or occupational dysfunction;
(b) correcting abnormal body movements and a lack of coordination;
(c) eliminating anxiety-caused cognitive, emotional and behavioral components creating the feelings of “fear”, “apprehension” or “worry”;
(d)positively influencing on autism-impaired social interaction and communication and cause eliminating or correcting restricted and repetitive behavior to desirable patterns.

Find out what your own biological unit empowered with
Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception”
is capable of doing unaided by technology!
glasses free 3D stereoscopic vision
Stereoscopic-Enhanced Visual Perception
An anaglyph art was our earliest "vintage virtual reality" game and now you are invited to forget the fancy technology and go back to “the future”. 
With a “VerQAG” you may develop much more than just an extraordinary ability of observing 3D effect with nothing more than your own naked eyes and trained brain. 
Super-Natural ability of Naked-Eye 3D-Visual Perception of HD-resolution and Anaglyph Graphics

3D-Vision Therapy Training:  using  “VerQAG” device to develop Super-Natural ability of Naked-Eye 3D-Visual Perception of HD-resolution and Anaglyph Graphics

“Dimanasus Prophecy" Project

glasses-free 3D gif animaitons
Project Participating Opportunities
"Dimanasus Prophecy", or brand-new titled "Dimana$U$ Prophecy", Project  is a multi-task and multiple-goals-achieving Project that consists of numerous spin-off sub-projects. 
The happy-ending "MEGA" goal of the entire Project is to build DPP-Platform which is a multi-task and multi-services platform for anyone who wants to generate sustainable income by running creative ideas based business activities and connect with the fans, audience and customers who matter most.

DPP-Platfrom is designed to –

(a)  help any brilliant-idea owner with advertising in prompting his or her multimedia project targeting audience,
(b) interact and engage with multi-media assets based project’s collaborators and prospective customers,
(c)  assist with completing any-given IP-based projects more efficiently by extending reach and creating new revenue opportunities via adopting a new-level cryptocurrency concept of DPP-Coins.

"Dimanasus Prophecy" Project  aims at creating a diversity of audiovisual products, in particular, but not limited to, the followings:

glassless 3D-animation

"Dimanasus Prophecy" Project proposes multi-scale Author-branded and corporate-branded “Reward and Perk-incentives Treatment Programs”.

glasses free 3D effect
The Author-branded “Reward and Perk-incentives Treatment Program” is  specifically designed multi-scale rewarding program that fits individual priorities and meets personal requirements of "Dimanasus Prophecy" Project participants who are not only interested in gaining rewards and benefits in conformity with Project Participating Opportunities Program” but also are starving for starting making own business on behalf of the Start-up Company with no need to establish.

The corporate-branded “Reward and Perk-incentives Treatment Program” provides DONATING & GIFT-EXCHANGING START-UP COMPANY and “EXTRAS & BONUSES” CORPORATE PACKAGES which are presupposed to award each financial participant with the DPP-Coins eCheck.

Reward and Perk-Incentives Treatment Program
DPP-Coins eCheck

“Dimanasus Prophecy" 
Major Spin-off Sub-Projects Annotation

Intellectual Property Registry is a system of Electronically Affixed Records and Notes addressing the provision of free-decision making solutions taken aim at increasing the IP-capitalization security and high-score IP-commercialization efficiency in respect of any kind of “Undisclosed Commercial Information” (e.g. trade secret, know-how) that form the key-basis of any-given start-up innovation-based project.


VDA-Production Project focuses on creating Virtual Digitalized Automation (VDA) in-cloud web-platform that implements virtualization, emulation and automation principles of software and applications optimization for any-sized businesses and individuals' usage.


DOSAVET-Project aims at creating software, mobile and web-applications combining BCCI (Brain- Control Computer Interface) technology with the virtual emulated-reality intelligent-agent system networks (e.g. ICON) allowing computers and smart devices remotely interacting with end-users’ componentsBrain-control computer interface in comparison with brain-computer interface (BCI) offers more "self-healing through self-entertaining" benefits and goals-achieving training-based practices addressed to playing video-games and interacting with 3D virtual emulated-reality environment. BCCI also offers a new means of behavioral neurosciences and colorblindness-adaptation applications.


VERA-CITy Project focuses on creating applications, software and firmware that allow accessing the “Virtually Emulated Reality of Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Type System” cloud-platform that unites users of “VerQAG-Helmet” and facilitates EEG-feedback processing and independent data acquisition from multiple devices over “Intelligence Computing Optimization Network”.


STEP-Project is aimed at creating software, mobile and web-applications and organizing "Sleep Therapy Experimental Program", alternatively titled as  “STEP-RESEARCH”, that is an educational research program that is aiming at performing safe and perfectly controlled experiments requiring volunteers’ enrollment; and that is addressing evidencing the high efficiency of SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY practicing in achieving its goals of preventing and treating a wide range of mental disorders, psychological and sleep deprivations, and cardiovascular diseases.

  5. ICON-Project 
 Intelligence Computing Optimization Network

  ICON-Project aims at creating API-cloud-computing cross-platform infrastructure that employs most-advanced research tools, data-sets, statistical techniques and accesses to large amounts of data and faster computers enabled advances in machine learning and perception.

world intellectual property organization serial number

All Author-branded publications, if intended for the usage     of Affiliated and Authorized Representatives, are published under the Creative Commons International License with NonCommercial-NoDerivs Attribution unless the type of such  given license has to be changed under the conditions of written permission signed by the Author. The final edited version of any given Author-branded publication in the form of PDF-formatted manuscript is available at request be made via e-mail.

This web-resource is a Google System verified-property of Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu (hereinafter "the Author") residing in Minsk, capital of Republic of Belarus.
The textual content, considered as “a source of curious-2-know information” and furnished with graphics and multi-media created by the Author, aims at promoting and marketing “Dimanasus Prophecy” Project that integrates all its spin-off sub-projects and creates the ecosystem of indie ideation and innovation resulting in further being implemented at multi-task and multi-content streaming user-friendly web-platform called DPP-Platform.
VDA PRODUCTION” is a Google My Business address-verified (code BY01081801158)  Authorial-Branding Services.

contact dzmitry vasilyeu
Please, keep in mind that I only communicate with people, who are genuinely interested in assisting me in developing my projects as well as collaborating with me for utilizing my IP-assets portfolio via IP-Licensing and IP-Franchising.

The policy of contacting me:

The preferred way to contact me currently is by your sending me a private e-mail message.

Alternatively, you may use the Contact Form at the right-side panel of this website. Please, don't expect a very-fast answer. Anyway, you are also welcome to contact me for arranging our scheduled mobile phone video-chat.
VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS team’s workforce can produce far-reaching benefits and demonstrable real-world value for "Dimanasus Prophecy", alternatively titled "Dimana$U$ Prophecy", Project subject to P2P crowd-funding and B2B direct-financing campaigns