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Each project, presented herein and based on employing of my intellectual property assets either registered or unregistered including "know-how",  "undisclosed commercial information","trade secrets", "trademarks", "brand and trade names", "logos and design", forms so called "spin-off sub-projects" structure of entire “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project. Each spin-off sub-project, subject to separate B2B-direct-financing and P2P-crowd-funding campaigns, is provided with a general Business Plan addressing to its MEGA-, PRO- and LITE-version(s) of accomplishment. 

The Business Plan, presented in PDF-file and/or in its electronic form of the set of web-pages allowing off-line browsing and viewing/watching animations and  videos, listening to narrations, comments and guitar-piano music-samples,
 is available at request on condition of signing the “LETTER OF INTENT”.
Each Business Plan also includes multi-media-content “Appendixes”, which are either the files recorded on DVD that might be sent by  postal mail or one archive file (".rar) that might be sent via email, namely:  
1) Appendix #1- Product and Services:

a full-package media content that consist of “Products”/“Services” specifications, drawings, photos, video-teasers and video-trailers, storyboard screen-shots visualizations (still images, animations, comics-like graphics), audio/music/ soundtrack samples files, promotional web-pages structured  brochures and articles;

2) Appendix #2- Month-by-Month Financials:

- info-graphics together with XLS and PSD files which are  explaining and detailing  Start-up company's month-by-month financials at each project-developing stage.

(only Selective Content description)

Please, note that the annotation of the Business Plan Sections 1, 2 and 12-18, titled such as:

12. Income Statement
13. Statement of Cash Flow
14. Balance Sheet
15. Break-even Analysis
16. Best and Worse Case Analysis
17. Appendix #3 - Year 1 Monthly Breakdown
18. Appendix #4 - Any Additional Support Information

are not in focus of this publication.

3. Executive Summary

In this section-

(a) I clearly state how much I am seeking and how it will be paid back;
(b) I give the detailing description of my products together with services to be provided on the all stages of the project developing and accomplishing;
(c) by detailing the potential audience and customers who are targeting to consume my products and to use services proposed,  I  give the "how it look like now" and "how it will be looking like in the future" analysis of the relevant industry;

(d) I provide a full-list of my skills, conceptual ideas,  "trade-secrets" and “know-how”

4. Pre-Operating Source and Use of Funds

That section details the expenses, assets (including my intellectual property assets), inventory, investment and debt needed to facilitate my start-up company's business objectives. 
The detailing of the pre-operating expenses and funding occurring before the start-up company receives revenue together with giving a clear picture about the expected expenses for the given-time period before starting operations help to understand the needs of additional assets to be purchase before operations and how much funding it needs and     where I am planning to get such funding being guaranteed and secured for “paying- back”. 

5. Company Description

In this section-

(a) I include my mission statements and my start-up company goals, objectives and business-making strategy;
(b) I give a full description of the industry and my start-up company establishing in legal form of ownership (Sole proprietor, Partnership, Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation, etc.);

 (c) I give a full description of the option of registering 100% foreign capital based Start-Up Company that gains the status of resident of Belorussian Hi-Tech Park and gets all business-making preferences not limited by the place of the company’s location and registration within the country’s borders.

company specific risk factors

control of LLC

6. Products and Services

This section contains a full description of my products and services together with  a list of factors targeting giving competitive advantages and helping avoiding disadvantages.

    By including of description of the level of quality and unique and proprietary features of products and services, in this section I give the analysis of their pricing, fee, and leasing opportunities structuring my products and services. 

project budgeting
Project budgeting

7. Marketing Plan

In this section, by giving the detailed description of my marketing strategies that vary depending on features and benefits of my products and services (including after-sale online services provision) targeted to the potential audience and customers I provide the overview of promotion, budget, pricing, location, and distribution channels according to the current demand in target market(s) and trends in such market(s).
I give a description of all elaborated concepts and approaches which are targeting getting the word out to the potential audience/customers and advertising my products and services, subject to “branding” and “trade mark” registering.

reconciliation of factors

8. Operational Plan

This section goes over the daily operation of my start-up company business, its location, equipment, and people involving into the project process of developing and working-on (dealing with Collaborators, Freelancers and Project Participants). 

V.D.A. PRODUCTION is branding for services aiming engaging in collaboration and co-working with the individual entrepreneurs, Belarusian Hi-Tech Park residents specialized in high-end AI-based computer software and mobile applications development and customization. 

The section also includes:

(a) the detailing description of  the organizational forms of producing the audiovisual products (locating, inventorying: materials, supplies and finished goods, etc.);

(b) the detailing description of V.D.A. PRODUCTION branding-services aiming engaging in collaboration and co-working with the individual entrepreneurs, Belarusian Hi-Tech Park residents specialized in high-end AI-based computer software and mobile applications development and customization.

scenes filmimg description

9. Management

In this section I give the detailed description of all-aspects managing strategies to be exploited in order to organize the project team that consists of important employees, freelancers,   consultants, mentors and key-advisory  professionals and key-staff (Collaborators, Regional Representatives).

10. Revenue Forecast

Revenue Forecast
This section details the revenue that my start-up company will receive and be formatting business alliances with “Financial Participants” representing business entities, organizations and other institutional formations. 
This section is accompanied by info-graphics proceeding and illustrating the amount of revenue and gross margin, been calculated by taking revenue and subtracting the direct costs, each line item contributes. 
The detailing of revenue lines helps to understand how many units of each item are expected to be sold each month and how they will grow overtime.

11. Personnel Forecast

This section breaks down the payroll expense line on the income statement providing total headcount, average salary per payroll category and total pay per category, budgeting for benefits and new assets with each new employee or freelancer.

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