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VER-Tech Audiovisual Products

Immersive & Interactive Low-Cost Home-Cinema Entertainment:
The Philosophy behind Virtual Emulated-Reality (VER)

Virtual Emulated-Reality is to reshape an immersive and gaming-style interactive film and computer animation which  addresses a home-cinema entertainment allowing not only enjoying the multimedia content but also gaining “self-healing” and “self-care” benefits conditioned on the usage of VerQAG-device that employs “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomenon.
This is predicated on the idea that home-cinema viewer is limited in movement by sitting on a comfortable armchair or sofa. A sitting viewer can move his or her head to one side or the other, vertically and horizontally, at approximately no more than 180-degrees. Such flat, or semi-spherical, 360-degree panorama-viewing space is enough to enjoy virtual emulated-reality environment (VER-Environment) in order to achieve any-given pre-conditioned “self-healing through self-entertaining” goal.

The final releases of audiovisual products are to be screened at online “VERA-CITy” sub-platform integrated into DPP-Platform that in addition allows demonstrating the immersive content process, from pre- to post-productions.

Obviously, reaching the right audience requires teaching prospective audience how to watch VER-film or VER-animation, so in this connection I organize events, webinars and training-based programs.

Depending on crowd-funding, crowd-investing and/or direct-financing scale all author-branded audiovisual products might be released in LITE or PRO versions which are designed for engaging immersive and interactive experience at different levels which are conditioned on-

(1)  the usage of VerQAG-device that is not available at the market now;
(2)  usage of cheap VR-headsets (equipped with standard lenses only) that might be found at local market.

Basically LITE and PRO version features may be distinguished by -

(1) using either stereoscopic or monoscopic 360-degree professional video-cameras,
(2) employing outside programs and mobile applications deployed at DPP-Platform sub-platforms to work in combination with any-given audiovisual product,
(3) end-of-chain post-working with applying spatialized audio (SFX) and computerized glasses-free 3D visual effects (VFX) for new-level immersion.

“LITE” and “PRO” versions are not about “FREE” and “PAID” and merely LITE-version aims at demonstrating the merit of investing in PRO-version or otherwise, as an alternative, the merit of the IP LICENSING and FRANCHISING including acquisition of author-branded IP-assets portfolio.
LITE-version aims at producing “pilot” or else “signal" releases which may help for defining "ideal audience" and might be best to reach them with PRO-version release.

In LITE-version the usage of monoscopic cameras (or mobile gadgets equipped with 360-degree cameras) with two different 180-degree lenses is fairly enough even though it allows capturing a full 360-degree immersive video image. The mobile 360-degree cameras are certainly cheaper and all-around-panoramic environment is to be created with “stitching” when two or more images are joined together to create a complete 360-degree view.

glasses-free 3D parralax motion gif animation

As planned, all
audiovisual products are to be accompanied with my music, namely –

(a) specifically-stylized piano-playing musical compositions in original and arranged forms which are aiming causing spectator’s cognitive harmonious mnemonic-associative-matching audiovisual perception;

(b) specifically-stylized guitar-playing musical themes which are sounding seemingly differently but  similar-by-associations and are aiming  causing spectator’s cognitive “on the same string” audiovisual perception.

Some musical compositions of mine are used as promo-sampling musical themes to accompany Animatic-draft-videos published at “Dimanasus Prophecy” YouTube channel. 

It’s all worth it with Good Stories!

Bill-Yard Hot Game

short-length film with animated cartoon episodes
Practical development: the media treatment for adult version of ie-Books mobile application (“DP-e-Book App” based on “Dimanasus Prophecy” novel); the promotional media treatment (video teaser and trailers) for PRO-version)

Moon Other Side Global Apocalypses Paranoia Prophecy

“Bill-Yard Game” is the term that describes the special type of trick-making clandestine negotiations and is “a coding name” of the fundamental oxymoron-conceptualization aspect that by  “playing” with the semantic context and meaning of words “bill” and “yard” describes my paradoxical theory that I called “Moon Other Side Global Apocalypses Paranoia Prophecy”.

Animatic-sample (a rough draft-video-clip):


Bill-Yard Hot Game” short-length film story is a selective screenplay scenes visualization that is focused on introducing the Dimanasus Propehcy whole-story characters such as “Victor” and “Slava”, “Fly” and “Blow", “BraBra” and “Dinamo” (Casting).

The “Bill-Yard Game” story is to be told in a few sub-stories which are seemingly not connected to each other since very beginning but which, by giving “clues and hints”, allow spectators to make “guesses” about that all sub-stories are depicting the same characters in their different life-periods.

The main “Bill-Yard Hot Game” story is about three young nice looking women, the characters of “Fly”, “Blow" and “BraBra” who were “playfellows” born in the same poor village and growing up during the USSR-time of “PERESTROYKA” and who have been bearing a grudge against one another for a such long time just waiting for “the suitable moment” to take revenge on each other. One day they have met two young fellows, the characters of “Victor” and “Slava”, living in a big city and the “suitable moment” has come and so called “Bill-Yard Game” has begun; however, nobody knew that their “GAME” has been watched .For  many years each week-end those two nice looking guys have been arranging  so called “Bill-Yard” billiard-game parties, very HOT parties! Those three young luxury looking ladies had no clue how dangerous for them that GAME will be. Each guy had his own hidden agenda and one day three young women have just vanished soon after such billiard party was over”.

The animation visualization reflects my theory that I called “From Dust to Dust Personalized Prophecy” and that is harmonically and logically integrated into the plot.

As planned “Bill-Yard Hot Game” film short-length film story will include Town Girl Psychologyand Underground Big Bang Theory” stories.

Town Girl Psychology story is about a young woman (“Dinamo”) who has got psychological trauma when she was a little girl growing up in a very small town in Belarus. One day she was watching her mother making love with a stranger in cowshed.  A few years later, when one day a black car came in a small town something terrible has been happened.  The car left the small town driven by a new driver”...

Animatic-sample (a rough draft-video-clip):

Underground Big Bang Theory gif animation

Underground Big Bang Theory” is about one young man who was doing “really bad things” but who did know that he has been “watched” by two Interpol undercover-agents who, in their turn, had no idea about that all the time they have been “watched” too...The “paradoxical oxymoron intrigue” of this story was that a young man and two Interpol agents became roommates by very weird coincidence. The young man had a younger sister whom he adored a lot and who has been living in a small town. One day she came to the big city to visit her brother who had his birthday-anniversary party arranged but something terrible happened”. This story reflects my theory called “End of Time and Light Cap of Darkness Prophecy”.

Animatic-sample (a rough draft-video-clip):

Act or Not to Act Chain-Prophecy gif animation

“Anderson Wedding Fairytale”
short-length film with animated cartoon episodes
and  “docufiction” visualization elements
Practical development: the media treatment for adult version of eBooks mobile application (“DP-e-Book App” based on “Dimanasus Prophecy” novel); the promotional media treatment (video teaser and trailers) for pro-version of  “Dimanasus Prophecy” film with cartoon animated episodes.

“Anderson” is a nickname for the guy who is always telling the stories which are not obviously “false” but which always have “oxymora” paradoxical context. “Anderson Wedding” is the term that describes the specific humans-interaction “act or not to act” effect that might be decoded by similar sounding with “under-sun” and that is “a coding name” of the fundamental oxymoron-conceptualization aspect that “plays” with the semantic context and meaning of words “wed” and “ding” to describe my paradoxical theory that I called Act or Not to Act” Chain-Prophecy. 

Animatic-sample (a rough draft-video-clip): 

“Anderson Wedding Fairytale” is a continuation of Town Girl Psychology story which is mainly focused on introducing the “Dimanasus Propehcy” whole-story characters such as “Dinamo” and “Al Cap-One” (Casting: Casino and Night Club owner),“Alisa Mirror”, “Stale Joke”, “Steak”, “Pussy” (Casting: Casino Staff) and “Gestapo-$.$.”(Casting: Casino Co-owner).
This audiovisual product is targeted to represent my “DOCUFICTION- GET INSIDE” UNDERLYING CONCEPT.

One of the goals of this filming is to reflect my “Gold-Love” theory and Act or Not to Act” Chain-Prophecy.
The film episodes with docufiction-“get inside” elements are based on tourist journalist- dilettante original novel story investigation (mainly made by using hidden camera and mobile phone video-shooting) results and to be screened as undercover video device screen-framed shots with applying my visual techniques that causes so called “spectator-get-inside”  self-presence and event-being-involved effects.
According with a plot a few well-rounded film characters (“lifelike” people”) launch their own parallel investigations separately in different places and times that finally direct them to be trapped into one “every one peeps on everybody” spy-but-funny story based upon original screenplay properly modified and adopted for docufiction-movie. In its deep meaning such participatory and per-formative docufiction-movie reflects my artistic point of view on certain issue and topics reflected in a plot having hidden underlined messages plus some moral and ideological ambitions.  

3d glasses-free gif animation

The “Gold-Love” theory is based on my digesting and over-viewing issues such as dream telepathy, clairvoyance, psycho-kinesis, psychic self-healing, paranormal phenomena of exploring the hidden infrastructure of reality in the dreams, sleep research, recurring dreams of specific age groups, crisis markers in dreams, life purpose dreams, relationship themes, spiritual and psychic awakening, visitation dreams and nightmares, developing an intuition, the bio-energy therapy, self-healing hypnotherapy and psycho-spiritual trainings.
The animated scenes visualization reflects my theories correspondingly called Act or Not to Act” Chain-Prophecy and “WANNABE VOODOO ICONS” (W.V.I.) which are harmonically and logically integrated into the plot.

Animatic-sample (a rough draft-video-clip):

modified and adopted for docufiction-movie gif animation

Brief description of “WANNABE VOODOO ICONS” (W.V.I.):

-the theory of the negative influence of the thought-forms generated spontaneously or purposely or deliberately by the “wannabe”- people  who imitate other person such is normally some celebrity, the “icon”, to explain “Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” phenomena, also might be recognized as "magical emanation" or “Tulpa”, causing the iconized persons’ lives to be temporarily or permanently changed for worse and in some cases possibly even leading to their death caused by some accident or undiagnosed (misdiagnosed) disease.

The abbreviator “W.V.I.” is typically pronounced as “DoubleYouViay” and in Belarusian West Slavic mythology “Viay” or “Viy” is a name underworld personage who has a magic ability “to kill at a glance”.

“Android Never Dies: Traveling in Wonderland” 

Animated Cartoon 
Practical development: the graphical treatment and screenplay storyboard visualization for “Dimanasus Prophecy” film with animated cartoon episodes; the media treatment for eBooks mobile applications (“DP-e-Book App” based on “Dimanasus Prophecy” novel and “DIOS-e-Book App” based on “Dreams Inside Out” and “FREE-DOM” novels).

The animation story is based upon my novel “Dreams Inside Out” and is aimed to explain my concept of chart-predictions hyper-reality visualization addressed to “iconized” (world-famous or easy-recognizable) individual(s). 

Animatic-sample (a rough draft-video-clip):

One of the goals of this animated cartoon is to introduce the characters of “Dreams Inside Out” animated cartoon. Such characters are spin-off story prototypes of  “Dimanasus Propehcy” wannabe-characters such as “Alisa Mirror”, “Stale Joke” and “Steak” (Casting: Casino Staff).

This animation is also targeted to present my “BOOKFACE” concept.
My concepts explain how the individuals may observe and accept hyper-real images as “role models”, when the images don’t necessarily represent real physical people; and thus it can result “having the desire” to strive for an unobtainable ideal, or it may lead to a lack of unimpaired role models.
Daniel J. Boorstin cautions against confusing celebrity worship with hero worship, “we come dangerously close to depriving ourselves of all real models. We lose sight of the men and women who do not simply seem great because they are famous but who are famous because they are great”.

Wannabe Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” and “Hunting for celebrities' plastic

  Experimental Animation
Practical development: the graphical treatment and screenplay storyboard visualization for “Dimanasus Prophecy” film with animated cartoon episodes; the media treatment for eBooks mobile applications (“DP-e-Book App” based on “Dimanasus Prophecy” novel and “DIOS-e-Book App” based on “Dreams Inside Out” and “FREE-DOM” novels).

“Genius of Defence” animation is a visualized introduction into “WANNABE VOODOO ICONS” (W.V.I.) theory elaborated by me. Practically specking this experimental animation is aimed to explain my theoretical conceptualizations, in particular “Wannabe Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” andHunting for celebrities' plastic” phenomenon;
and to give “hints” how  the “iconized” person (celebrity) might be helped in order to avoid and block the negative influence and suffering from such  phenomena.

Animatic-sample (a rough draft-video-clip):

The main goal of “Genius of Defence” animation is to introduce the characters of “Dreams Inside Out” animated cartoon. Such characters are spin-off story prototypes of  “Dimanasus Propehcy” characters such as “Bishop”, “Queen” and “Knight” (Casting: Casino Administrators), “Glory Hole”, “6x9”and “SHILL” (Casting: Prostitutes).

Brief description of “Wannabe Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” phenomena:

The wannabe imitated person like a “celebrity” for example,  could be easily diagnosed for symptom of Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings Phenomena negative influence as soon as he or she suddenly starts experiencing so called “unusual-never-seen-before-fright-dreams” as well as constantly repeated nightmares and sleep-terror along with light heart-ache during the sleeping.

Brief description of “Hunting for celebrities' plastic” phenomena:

This is a brain artifact phenomenon called “mental-mimicry” which is recognized as anti-stress adaptation related to mental-camouflage leading to gaining and imitating similarities with the “iconized” person in appearance and behavior. Such phenomena, in the case of different individuals imitating the same “iconized” person as a “model” or “behavioral pattern” is called “polymorphic-monad-mimicry” or “Hunting for celebrities' plastic”.


Animated cartoon episodes are short-length “oxymora” (or “oxy-moron”) cognitive mnemonic technique simplified visualizations presented in the form of sketch-animations which are united by common so-called “motivation-driven questioning dreams inside out” visual concept that aims to allegorically and metaphorically mirror main characters’ actions in their dreams and thus the spectator will be given “a hint”  about characters’ true motivation and “just another puzzle-piece” for the whole-story-puzzle.

Literally, such kind of visualization technique called “Oxymoronic objects choreography and paradoxical oxymora antithesis visualization” is a set of my methods of making imagery that call visual attention to an apparent contradiction (superficially scenes contradictory) of characters or objects in actions or non-actions but juxtaposed in such a way that there is no contradiction and being deliberately intended to confuse and designed to provoke a laugh.


Very often if you have no idea what people are doing in front of your eyes it certainly would make you thinking that they are doing something “stupid and crazy”; however, as soon as you are explained about what exactly the people are doing and what they are driven by, thus you may have a real fun getting surprised a lot after getting “the explanation” which is called “oxy-moron”.

The scenes of animated cartoon episodes are supposed to be created by applying cognitive-mnemonic and “oxymora or oxy-moron” associative visualization techniques and methods  which have been developed and elaborated by me, in particular-

(a) “Dreams Inside Out: STALKING DREAMS ANALYSIS”;
(b) “Dreaming Upside Down: Psychological Aspects Visualization Interpretation”.

My authorial project-working-on creative services and duties include:

- characters and personages creating and designing;
- storyboard visualization creating and presenting;
- guitar and piano music composing, arranging and performing ;
- sound recording, editing and mixing;
- media content publishing, promoting and distributing;
- DVDs/Blu Ray copies authoring, duplication, promotion and launching

Some storyboard visualization demo-screen-shots are presented at my Instagram profile (/dzmitryvasilyeu197)

The storyboard visualization demo-screen-shots are presented at
(please, go to “PHOTOS” and pick up the relevant “ALBUM”)

The story, names, characters and incidents portrayed in my storyboard visualization are fictitious and no identification with actual persons, places buildings and products is intended or inferred.

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