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Audiovisual ie-Book Experimental Project

“Dimanasus Prophecy”
Spinoff sub-project:
Audiovisual ie-Book Apps experimental project

(note: prefix "ie" stands for "interactive emulation")



Russian-English Translating and Learning application

This “Dimanasus Prophecy” spin-off sub-project aims to create a glasses-free 3D multi-content interactive emulation audiovisual ie-Book that is featuring mobile application and computer application (software) combined with gaming-functionality of virtual emulated-reality environment.

The multi-content includes:
- “textual content” (pages illustrated with funny animations and comic-like images representing my poems and lyrics);
- “audio content” (my guitar and piano musical compositions and songs);
- “video content” (short-length visualizations of selective passages representing my “curious-to-know” theories included in a plot);
- “interactive emulation content” (specifically designed software functionality options available with a usage of VerQAG-device).

VR interactive emulation content
Interactive Emulation Content

The availability of “interactive emulation content” software functionality options depends on the certain version of the project and basically includes:


-“Genealogy tree casting maker”,
- “Russian-English Translating and Learning”, 
-“Tarot cards Associative Illustrations”,
- “Plot-changer generator”.
ebook “Dimanasus Prophecy”  Spinoff sub-project
Depending on finance sourcing and funds collected the ie-Book Apps project is designed in a few versions such as the followings:
1. “LITE-Version”, subject to crowd-funding campaign, aims at creating e-book mobile application-as-a-service to be integrated into with DPP-Platform;
2. “PRO-Version”, subject to crowd-funding campaign, aims at creating e-book mobile application and computer program to be integrated into and implemented at DPP-Platform;
 3. “Mega-Version”, subject to corporate-investing, aims at creating a  web-resource as a social media platform that exploits the most advanced features of computer and mobile application and that provides lots of additional possibilities for multi-users' engagement into “self-entertaining and “self-healing” training-based on-line programs.

"Mega-Version" implies “Anaglyph Quads-art-imagery Converter” that allows viewing videos and observing animated graphics with a usage of “VerQAG” device for practicing audiovisual mindfulness training-based programs.  

Specifically pitched brainwave-entertainment meta-soundtrack is to be listened with using of headphones that creates a harmonically perceived audio-environment immersion.

Please, note that the detailing description of either “PRO-“ or  “Mega-“ versions is available only under the condition of signing relevant agreements.
E-Book Project “LITE-Version” mobile app gaming

Annotation of “LITE-Version” 

The marketing strategy goal of the "LITE-Version" is to promote and raise the prospective audience’s interest towards audiovisual products be created in the form of film with animated episodes and animated cartoon

"LITE-Version" ie-Book mobile applications:
Textual & Graphic Content 

DP-ieBookbased on “Dimanasus Prophecy” novel

DIOS-ieBook based on “Dreams Inside Out” novel

FREE-DOM-ieBookbased on “FREE-DOM” novel


Each ie-Book version is supposed to be released separately for 3 age-groups, namely“Kids”, “Teens” and “Adults”.

The basics of “Photos-2-cartoon” and “Photos-2-caricature” functionality allow converting  user’s photographs into cartoon and caricature images and making short-length animated cartoons to be used to illustrate custom e-book coloring pages stored within the e-Book web-application and accessed with mobile application.
The basics of “Genealogy tree casting maker” allow making new personages according to user’s preferences and choices of creative levels as well as creating funny caricature and cartoon genealogy tree as “the casting tree” for new custom plot or spin-off user’s story.

The basics of “Russian-English Translating and Learning” functionality based on “Associative Techniques Evolvement of  EDUCATIVE SELF-ENTERTAINING EXPERIMENTAL PROJECT called “RELATE”, not only allows the textual content to be available in English and Russian languages and user’s navigated from “page to page” and “chapter to chapter”  but also provides written spelling and audio translating and learning options including the option of user’s participating in “RUSSIAN FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS COMMUNITY”.
“Gaming-interaction” basic functionality option allows simple interactive gaming. 

Tarot cards Associative Illustrationsbasic functionality option allows enjoying characters’ Tarot-cards readings. The Tarot cards images are used to be logically and harmonically integrated into each novel episode and are aimed to serve as associative illustrations corresponding to each concrete story character or personage newly-created by the user.
“Plot-changer generator” basic function option allows generating a spin-off user’s stories. 



Motivational and Inspirational Call-2-Act Imagery Concept

Cognitive Oxymoron Graphic


Caricature Faked ImagesPersonified objects/characters concept

Basic functionality options are designed to allow user:

dimanasus_prophecy_ebook - to manipulate and operate objects on the display by changing alignment, size, colors, spatial dimension, and performing series of activities;
  - to load personal photos and images in PNG, GIF, TGA, etc. formats from personal computer,  mobile gadgets and popular  social networks profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.) in order to use them as “making self-personages in episode-actions”  as desired;

- to change episode and plot events according with personal preferences as well as to create their-self “spin-off” animation stories.
- to cut background of personal photos and insert them into the scenes as a separate objects in action;
- to create double-imaging scenes;
-to edit storyboard virtual reality screening frames;
-to emulate 3D anaglyph imaging scenes;
-to create end-user’s profile loading photos and images (background cutting and anaglyph-converting options are available);
- to insert “self-hero-personages” (basic movements animating option is available);
- to choose, pick up and manipulate with comics’ videos and animations;
- to create user’s profile(s) associated with a certain character or personage that might be viewed privately or publicly;
-to generate various brainwave-entertainment meta-soundtracks on the user’s choice.

kids gaming ebook

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games – and share those creations online.

Integrating with Scratch allows children and teens programming their own interactive spin-off stories and games within ie-Book App environment so, in the process, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer.

READERS’ AUDIENCE (Version annotation)

This version is a mixture of Science Fiction, Mystery and Thriller. The story is shortened, properly modified and adopted. The textual pages accompanied by short-length video-animations and animated comics illustrations with gaming interactive multi-users options available. The number of textual pages is limited by following proportion: 2 animated images or 1 video-animation per 3 pages. The animations are accompanied by Author’s guitar and piano music in its original and arranged versions. The comics’ animations are accompanied by computerized soundtracks with special sound effects.

This version is a mixture of Best Historical Fiction, Best Humor, History, Science and Technology. The textual pages are accompanied by Author’s poems and lyrics, short-length video-animations and illustrative animations that may contain erotic elements. The animations are accompanied by Author’s guitar and piano music.


 READERS’ AUDIENCE (Version annotation)

This version is a mixture of Middle Grade and Children’s Picture Books. The illustrations and short-length cartoon animations are accompanied by story narrations and soundtracks. The story is shortened and properly modified and adopted. The number of textual pages is limited by following proportion: 5 animated images in sequence per one page for reading. The animations are accompanied by Author’s guitar and piano music digitally manipulated and computerized with funny sounding effects. The Author’s songs are digitally manipulated to sound in funny childish style.

This version is a mixture of Romance, Science Fiction and Horror. The textual pages are accompanied by short-length comics’ animations with a story narration. The story is modified and adopted. The comics’ animations are accompanied by Author’s guitar and piano music and soundtracks.

This version is a mixture of Graphic Novels, Poetry, Romance and Fantasy. The textual pages are accompanied by Author’s poems and lyrics short-length video-animations with erotic elements. The story is an adaptation. The animations are accompanied by Author’s guitar and piano music.

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