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Conclusions and proof-of-concept perspectives

I, Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu, the Author and the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the Creative Commons International License ( with “NonCommercial-NoDerivsAttribution:

Some graphical content, if any road, has been used under the Fair Copyright Law 107/ provisions of sections 106 and 106A/ 17 U.S. Code 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights/Fair use) and belong to their respective owners/authors; no copyright infringement intended.

1. The audiovisual training programs developed by me and based on usage of “VerQAG” prototype-pattern equipped with headphones for listening specifically pitched brainwave-entertainment meta-soundtracks composed using my guitar and piano, including synthesized, music compositions caused myself-hypnosis meditative state of mind conditioned on being immersed into pseudo-virtual reality emulative environment .
I theoretically consider that if “Bi-VisualFluctuations Perception” effect will be proved by conducting EEG-experimenting thus my audiovisual training, being properly re-modified and re-developed according to the specific user’s purposes and goals, and based on usage of “VerQAG-Helmet” might be very helpful for:

- treating different-etiologies visual hallucinations and schizophrenia- manifested audiovisual hallucinations woven with paranoid or bizarre delusions and to correct  schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder caused disorganizing thinking in the context of significant social or occupational dysfunction;

- correcting abnormal body movements and a lack of coordination;

- eliminating anxiety-caused cognitive, emotional and behavioral components creating the feelings of “fear”, “apprehension” or “worry”;

- positively influencing on autism-impaired social interaction and communication and cause eliminating or correcting restricted and repetitive behavior to desirable patterns.

If successfully proved, Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomenon working-concept of EEG-TMS brainwaves control feedback may play an essential role in finding the ways of treating a wide range of visioning disorders and sleep deprivation together with eliminating detrimental side-effects caused by modern technologies of virtual reality immersion such as motion sickness and false motor learning effect causing significant increases in nausea and other symptoms of motion sickness. More than that I am pretty sure that besides other behavioral changes such as stress, addiction, isolation and mood changes conditioned on the addiction to immersive virtual reality of modern technologies, Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomenon together with “Bi-Visual Virtualization” brain-game artifact exploiting may help to avoid much more risky health-harmful possibilities for virtual reality users to get suffering from a wide range of psychological and physiological disorders or deprivations, namely:

 - “body disintegrating identity disorder” characterized by the sufferer’s feeling like being potentially happier living as an amputee;

-“supernumerary phantom-limb integrity disorder” characterized by condition where the affected individual believes and receives sensory information from limbs of the body that do not actually exist and/or never been existed;

-“pseudo Huntington's Disease and Schizophrenia disorder” characterized by affecting some aspects of personality together with impairments in the perception or expression of reality.

2. My regular self-experimenting of viewing “Quasi Anaglyph CineKnack Tech” imagery while practicing audiovisual trainings allowed me to make the conclusions as followings:

- it is not causing fatigue, temporary nausea and headaches or normal vision problems comparing with modern 3D technologies;

- it helps developing the mental ability of cognitive associative mnemonic function and thus might be useful to treat cognitive associative mnemonic dysfunction characterized by mental-acting of verbal-expression manipulating with a term(s) that causes logical cognitive discord.

The spatial visual perception of “Quasi Anaglyph Cine Knack Tech” imagery that represents some concrete knowledge about “something” with a usage of “VerQAG” may positively influence on the people’s ability to change their wrongly perceived/understood concepts for the correct ones.

3. Myself-experimenting and gaining success of having experiencing “Natural Holographic Visioning” and “Natural anaglyph pseudo-long-sightedness” allows making conclusion that there was no causing any harm to normal vision. “Natural Holographic Visioning” and “Natural anaglyph pseudo-long-sightedness” provide more enjoyment while viewing or watching corresponsive graphical media in the forms of movies, cartoon, and animations, etc. screened on TV-set, computer or mobile phone.

“Natural Holographic Visioning” best-working effect might be achieved by observing or viewing (watching) wide-screened HD-graphics such as, for instance videos of HD-movies, taking in account the followings:

-if screened on TV on condition of keeping the optimal “1:3” distance proportion between the TV-set screen diagonal and the  point of watching it together with specific red-blue-green gamma and saturation controls adjusting; 

-if screened at the computer on condition of keeping the optimal “1:2” distance proportion between the computer screen diagonal and the eyes together with specific brightness and RGB Color Space Profile .

“Natural anaglyph pseudo-long-sightedness” or shortly “anaglyph long-sightedness” natural 3D-visioning best-working effect might be achieved by observing or viewing (watching) the anaglyph graphics if being screened:

- on stretched out handheld smartphone or tablet (iPad);

-at the computer on condition of keeping the approximately optimal “1:4” distance proportion between the screen-diagonal and the point of viewing it;

-on TV on condition of keeping the approximately optimal “1:6” distance proportion between the screen-diagonal and the point of viewing it.

4. The successful results of myself-experimenting and practicing audiovisual “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY”  training elaborated by me and based on virtually emulated reality immersion conditioned on viewing specifically designed graphic with the usage of “VerQAG” prototype allow making conclusion that hypothetically any individual might be trained to develop the ability of having experiencing vivid life-enriching hyper-realistic dreams. My definition of “vivid life-enriching hyper-realistic dream” concerns to the “event” which is desired by the individual to be experienced in a real life but cannot be experienced in accordance with its laws; and thus such “event” is virtually simulated for happening during the sleep while having a dream that gets as closer as possible to real life behavior, appearance, senses and etc.

I consider “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY”  aimed to help developing the ability of having experiencing “vivid life-enriching hyper-realistic dreams” as, if not highly effective treatment, but at least a prophylactic remedy for “clinical depression” characterized by a persistent lowering of mood, loss of interest in usual activities and diminished ability to experience pleasure and “anxiety” characterized by cognitive, somatic, emotional, and behavioral components that create the feelings typically recognized as “fear”, “apprehension” and “worry”.

5.Taking in account the possibility that, because of conceptual and computational difficulties, EEG self-experimenting analysis of rhythms with targeted frequencies and their harmonic components of fast oscillations at considerable power which are anticipated  to be caused by “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” effect, may produce negative result not proving aforementioned  phenomenon or , on the other hand,  scarcely proving either “Uni-Sync” or “Anaglyph-Sync” specific visual perception, it is expected that such analysis will set out finding interactions among rhythmic signals at different frequencies caused by stimulus-specific way conditioned on virtual emulated reality immersion. At the same time the EEG self-experimenting analysis will certainly give a clue to elaborating newly-developed method of analyzing simultaneously occurring rhythms of significant power at different frequencies with any possible combination of targeted frequency pairs.
Thus even though “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomenon is not going to be experimentally proved by conducting EEG experimenting research the application of “VerQAG-Helmet” employing electroencephalograph brain control feedback interface and exploiting working together with “Knack Touch” Communicator has still-no-doubt potentiality of being used for practicing sensory motor activities brain-balance achievement audiovisual stimulation trainings which are addressed not only to adults but, if taking in account the entertaining aspect of such audiovisual stimulation, especially for kids and teens with inadequately developed sensory and motor systems and been assessed with a developmental deficit struggling with learning or behavioral issues. The audiovisual stimulating effect of such application is based on activating the regions in the front-parietal network and oscillating at frequencies of 8-13 Hz conditioned on beginning a visual perception task of rapidly integrated visual information that requires rapid responding to something unexpected and observed on the visual scene accompanied by specifically pitched brainwave-entertainment meta-soundtrack. It is more than likely that above-mentioned audiovisual training programs might be very effective not only for testing and initial improving the sensory motor activities but also for rehabilitating the deficiency of rhythm and timing, eye-muscle balance and coordination, hearing and vision, vestibular and the ability to know where one’s body is in space (proprioception), balance and spatial perception.

6. “VerQAG” prototype as a specific visioning device equipped with red-cyan, yellow-cyan and red-green color-filters might be successfully applicable for practicing “3D-Vision Therapy” training addressed to the people who have colour vision and loss of depth perception deficiency and who, as expected, may develop the ability of visual virtualization of proper-color and depth. Such brain-game artifact ability is to be achieved by practicing specifically designed vision training and applying special visioning techniques that will result the brain “virtually” differentiate and correctly identify the “blind colors” as well as “depth”.. It is necessary to emphasize that aforementioned visual training therapy addresses to the category of people with colour vision and loss of depth perception deficiency not caused by genetics but nervous disorders and/or psychological problems. “3D-Vision Therapy” training is basically consist in viewing a set of pseudo-isochromatic anaglyph plate patterns designed by exploiting graphic-making principles of “Red-Green-Blue Color-Shift” Video F/X variable effect.

7. Taking in account very-well-known fact about that many greatest ideas, that have changed and shaken our world came to its creators in their dreams during the sleep, I theoretically predict that practicing audiovisual “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” trainings may stimulate the human brain to regularly generate a new knowledge as soon as concrete problem-solution is needed or required by concrete individual. Such trainings based on graphical representation of the concrete problem with applying Cognitively Associative Logograms Mnemotechnique principles may con to generating a new knowledge or ideas by endorphins releasing and stimulating human “sub-consciousness” to work in the way of “consciousness awareness” while sleeping that leads to producing or generating dream-events which are to be absolutely-distinctly and easily-understood by the person as “problem-solution”  that is  needed to be found and that will be keeping well-memorized after waking up.

The good, even though indirect, proof of said-above is that all my ideas annotatively described herein came to me in my dreams while having self-hypnosis meditative sleeping.

8. “Quads-art” imagery created with applying pseudo-augmented reality technology and exploiting principles of Cognitively Associative Logograms Mnemotechnique are supposed to be effectively employed as a major graphical aspect of virtual reality visioning-task application of rapidly integrated visual information that requires quick problem-solving and decision-making respond to any unexpected change of the visual scene being observed with usage of “VerQAG-Helmet” incorporating electroencephalogram feedback-interface that   registers such “respond”. This is remarkable to note that such “visual change” may provoke or even not provoke any kind of visual stimuli reaction which, in its turn, might be recognized as absolutely not relevant or not adequate to the individual’s respond or reaction be either required or anticipated. Thus, by analyzing the “VerQAG-Helmet” EEG-feedback responding statistic-data of correlations between such “visual change” and “visual stimuli reaction” either performed or not performed by each individual involved in a group of people simultaneously performing the same visual task, this is theoretically possible to expect that “Eureka effect” new knowledge of most rapid and effective problem-solving and decision-making achievement will be generated or synthesized if being POACH-algorithm-processed.
In other words, a group of people who are connected via the Internet and who are simultaneously performing the same virtual reality visioning problem-solving and decision-making task with a usage of “VerQAG-Helmet” emulates “Operative Disposal Digesting”function of SIC-system.

9. I may theoretically predict that “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomenon might be successfully exploited to diagnose concussion and possibly to treat (or alleviate) it by practicing special audiovisual trainings with a usage of “VerQAG-Helmet”.

10. The special audiovisual trainings that need the usage of “VerQAG-Helmet” exploiting the effect of “Electroencephalograph-TMS Emotion and Sensation Equalizer Brain ControlFeedback Interface” stimulation by producing feedback pulse low currents in targeted zone of cortex may positively influence on user’s alleviating the pain and memory deficits caused by Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, or schizophrenia and major depressive disorder.

By conducting myself-examinations and experimentation using TMS portative stimulation device, that produces single pulses of the sample rate of 528 Hz recognized as “Love frequency and DNA integrity/repair" that correlates with “Anaglyph-Sync” targeting frequency conditioned on 528 repetitions with 1 Hz, the “Uni-Sync” targeted frequency, I do really anticipate achieving positive results of bi-visual fluctuations stimulating effect that as expected causes natural boosting human body's organic chemicals functioning as neurotransmitters (DHEA, GABA, Endorphin, Serotonin, Dopamine) and initiates the highly-beneficial after- waking-up individual’s states which might be described by me as “feeling-happy” and “body-flying-lightness-sensation”.
By studying the impact of computed imaging in neurological diagnosis and neurosurgery, cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology and through the myself-experimentation of regular viewing double-screen virtual reality imagery with cognitive and mnemonic elements, I do expect to achieve, by organizing electrical-sleep myself-experimenting  sessions and electroencephalography study examinations, the positive results of proving the high efficiency of “bi-visual stimulation” concept.  I myself have the evidence of developing the extra ordinary ability of having experiencing “out-of-body” vivid lifelike dreams accompanied with arousal of super-pleasant sensations that has been achieved by practicing audiovisual trainings of “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY”.

11. Together with EEG research I am planning to conduct transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and event-related potentials (ERP)  self-experimenting examinations together with statistic data studying and analyses which are altogether aimed to scientifically prove the reality and potential power of “Uni-Sync” and “Anaglyph-Sync” visual stimulating perception phenomena in order to trigger human body self-healing mechanisms and initiate brain hemispheres harmonization and synchronization processes accompanied by rapid activation of brainwaves of certain frequencies according to the desirable patterns.

12. There would be no doubts, in the case if “POACH-algorithm” testing will demonstrate its high-effectiveness for processing the problem-solving and decision-making tasks being applicable for “Intelligence Computing Optimization Network”,  that the API-server, by handling “POACH-algorithm” pre-processing of data, will allow every single “VerQAG-Helmet” user to receive such data, been already pre-analyzed and pre-virtualized, and to have access to datasets for the purposes of  enhancing the brain-balance application features, as an example.  Such pre-analyzed and pre-virtualized data-sets might be also accessed by any user, on condition of being authorized for getting connected to the network, who employs already-excising modern technology of virtual reality immersion.
ICON-API-server may provide data from a single “VerQAG-Helmet” user, who initiates (application initiator) performing certain virtual reality problem-solving and decision-making “condition-handler” visioning-task of rapidly integrated visual information, as an application targeted to develop certain sensor-motor or cognitive skills and designed for practicing audiovisual game-based trainings, simultaneously to multiple “VerQAG-Helmet” users in order to allow them to monitor the results of such problem-solving and decision-making processes and to learn (possibly with  “copying effect”) the most effective foresee-outcomes achieved by such “initiator” that may help them to generate “new knowledge” based on “Eureka effect” that applies to “Art-SIB”. Thus next time the new users initiate their own application usage so there will be no need to perform the same visioning-task and instead of that it let’s just to jump up to the next higher level stipulated by such application; and as result the users’ effectiveness of audiovisual game-based trainings rapidly and enormously increases that speeds up the certain skills development process.

By acquiring EEG-TMS-datasets of multiple users “Virtually Emulated Reality of Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Type System” may allow any single user, by exploiting the technology of “VERIT” together with “Synthesized Artificial Intelligence Logistics” supplement,  to use her and his cerebral activity for remote manipulation of virtual objects appeared at the virtual reality environment scene; and thus, as a conclusion, ICON API might be successfully exploited in neuroscience, in particular neuroinformatics.

13.“Virtually Emulated Reality of Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Type System” as the implementation of “Intelligence Computing Optimization Network”, a server’s network API, may provide a wide range of virtualization functions for facile  programming GUI- components based on EEG-TMS-enhanced neuro-feedback technology embodied in “VerQAG-Helmet”, or other technology of virtual reality immersion headsets, and might be integrated in any users’ virtual reality application work-in-progress projects ranged from basic neuroscience and behavioral scene researches to the development of innovative brain-computer interaction paradigms and innovative videogame-based voice-command feedback audiovisual trainings aimed to achieve self-healing and self-entertaining goals.

14.“Virtually Emulated Reality of Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Type System” as the implementation of “Intelligence Computing Optimization Network” may provide audiovisual neurofeedback “condition-handler” applications, that understand human brain interactions with virtual reality immersive state of mind and that may generate real-life situations problem-solving and decision-making knowledge; and that are, in particular but not limited,  might be employed as applications for mind-balancing and brain-feedback-controlling  video-games or multiple EEG-TMS- laboratories world-wide collaboration.

15. The datasets analysis supported by EEG-TMS recordings and direct- stimulation experiment researches  will allow elaborate the effective associative-visual trainings with a usage of “VerQAG-Helmet” that might be very helpful not only for accurate diagnosis but also for treatment of visual hallucinations of numerous etiologies. The effect of such associative-visual trainings will consist in positive influencing on the eliminating the irritation of the Brodmann's areas of visual association cortices. The elimination of such irritation, that normally causes both simple elementary and more complex visual hallucinations, will be conditioned on EEG-TMS-feedback correction of associatively perceived visual hallucinations being represented as “Quads-art” imagery created with applying “Cognitively Associative Logograms Mnemotechnique” principles and designed to be viewed with a usage of “VerQAG” visioning device.
Depending on the patient prominent symptoms conditioning Anton's syndrome, migraine headaches, peduncular hallucinosis, sleep disturbances, Charles Bonnet syndrome, dementia, and possibly delirium “Quads-art” imagery may have specific peculiarities of involving colorful, vivid scenes with people and faces, animals and inanimate objects as well as other patterns which embodiment in the certain graphical form depends on the individual’s results of test-examination based on “Cognitively Associative Logograms Mnemotechnique” principles.
Together with this I may theoretically predict that the people who are suffering because of having visual hallucinations, especially in the case of “sleep disturbances”, might be effectively treated by “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” and “Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy”.

16. “VerQAG-Helmet” headset by exploiting the concept of Electroencephalograph-TMS Emotion and Sensation Equalizer Brain Control Feedback Interface has a great potentiality to be employed in the form of various applications based on visual perception task of rapidly integrated visual information that requires quick responding to unexpected change at the augmented reality “Quads-art”-graphic environment scene.
The Electroencephalograph-TMS Emotion and Sensation Equalizer Brain Control Feedback Interface by registering all visual stimuli reactions performed by the individual will produce electrical impulses as a feedback “reaction” to stimulate the process of memorizing.
The audiovisual trainings elaborated by me and based on the usage of “VerQAG-Helmet” providing EEG-TMS feedback processing might be very powerful for treating frightening events anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Another example of potential usage of “VerQAG-Helmet” is being applicable for foreign language learning that allows in real time and in “language-to-language” translation and transcription semantic context, appearing cognitive mnemonic learning elements of imaging accompanied by sound conditioned on user’s eyes -tracking observation of the entire environmental scene and various objects randomly picked up on the user’s choice.  

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