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"Dimanasus Prophecy":

Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu presents his  “Dimanasus Prophecy”  FILM
Minsk, Republic of Belarus


The latest synopsized-screenplay adaptation version of 2016 has been  enhanced with spin-off stories based upon my  “Dreams Inside Out” and “Dreaming Upside Down” novelettes, and woven with my theoretical curious-to-know prophecies, theories and ideas behind them which all are harmonically and logically integrated in a plot

The full-version of synopsis-screenplay is available at your request only after signing the “LETTER OF INTENT” that is to state your intention to financially participate, or participate practically by providing the relevant professional service if needed, in either a crowd-funding campaignor crowd-investing or direct-financing campaign

The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF)

I hope that the storyboard visualization demo screen-shots presented at my Facebook page (note: please, go to “PHOTOS” and pick up the relevant “ALBUM”) give enough “clues and hints” to pop-up with an idea  what the whole story is about.

The main underlying pictorial concepts for the filming include “docuficiton- get inside” scenes-shooting and animated cartoon episodes created with applying optical-art illusion and glasses-free 3D visual effects (VFX).

Starting with a human trafficking background story reflected in "Dimanasus Prophecy: THE DREAMS" film video-release in 2008, more than anything else, the updated “Dimana$U.$. Prophecy”  story is about the ultimate triumph of “TRUE LIVING LIFE” which is my trial of making "illusory but true" pictorial introduction to a higher meaning of being implied and hypothesized as “start learning how to live happily and let others to have their happy lives” which is revealed as “state of superior but everyone-trained-mind”.

“Dimana$U.$. Prophecy” is to cause people to re-evaluate the significance of their own actions or inaction, and how that can affect the lives of people they don’t even know, who may live thousands of miles away from each other across the globe, yet you and all of us are connected to each other by the same Universal Oneness and Law of Attraction.

Maybe we've got it all wrong. 

“Dimana$U.$. Prophecy”  story is about the ultimate triumph of “TRUE LIVING LIFE”


Although set a midst background of common people whose lives are profoundly altered by their intersection with the global criminal network, the “Dimana$U.$. Prophecy”story plot emerges as an overall gestalt about serendipitous Cause and Effect along the chain of human "interconnectedness".

“Dimana$U.$.Prophecy” story is also a raw, in-your-face portrayal of human nature's ugliest sides; our potential to allow ourselves to be controlled by avarice that's lower than that of a vicious wild animal, and by great cruelty and insensitivity to the pain and suffering of others.

While we all have our interesting differences, and live in many nations on the same BLUE PLANET, we all have DREAMS.  And isn't amazing that our dreams and secrets are almost the same?  What is even more amazing is that we human beings, despite our ideological and cultural diversity, share in one collective universal struggle, which is our natural desire to be happy, against the forces that work to rob us of being happy. 

“Dimana$U.$. Prophecy” will introduce you to a higher meaning of what we commonly call "love" and “attraction” that applies to the social phenomena of “wearing the masks” and “attaching the  labels”

“Dimana$U.$. Prophecy” will introduce you to a higher meaning of what we commonly call "love" and “attraction” that applies to the social phenomena of “wearing the masks” and “attaching the  labels” causing people around us to get the wrong impression about who we really are; the wrong impression can cause us to be sucked into lots of trouble. At the same time this is my trial to make “visionary” introduction to a higher meaning of what we commonly call "true love" that implies the issue called “to learn how to love” and being revealed as “state of mind” superior than “state of soul”.

Dimana$U.$. Prophecy ProjectThe recurrent theme of the Dimana$U.$. Prophecy can be summed up with a question:

“Is it better to live as a small fish in an aquarium, swimming back and forth in a two-dimensional, artificially lit world, never worrying about food, being comfortable but having no real freedom; having a place to live and swim, but never being able to move beyond permanent glass walls? Or is it better to be like a fish that swims freely in the limitless ocean but must continually hunt for food to survive being permanently afraid of not-to-be-eaten?”

A powerful phrase or sentence around all forms of my experimental audio-visual artworks and entire project is:
“Love others in exact way they expect you to love them”.
The episodes of the film are determined by so called “common and rational sense in contradiction” idea and most of the film scenes are to be visualized by applying my “oxymoron interpretation” visualization methods and techniques.

“Dimana$U.$. Prophecy” story and its spin-off stories reflected in my experimental audio-visual artworks and novels make a contribution toward the elevation of human consciousness and the increase of humanity's understanding of such issues and topics as followings:

- dream telepathy, X-ray visioning, clairvoyance (prophecies), psycho kinesis, psychic self-healing, "deja vu" ;
- exploring the hidden infrastructure of reality and experiencing second-life in the dreams, sleep research, recurring dreams of specific age groups, crisis markers in dreams;
- life purpose dreams, relationship themes, spiritual and psychic awakening, visitation dreams and nightmares.

My practice combines the divergent traditions of independent experimental film, as well as using digital and computer graphic making tools and software in unusual ways.  My video-release has been created as a visual "proof" of something that could not be conveyed in words that inform my work, followed by an explanation of the submitted demonstration video-release, which shows what my proposed film will be like. It attempts to describe and explain the envisioned film, in reference to the Promo-DVDs that include trailers, screenplay in chapters and episodes describes the working process needed to make the proposed film feasible.  
Angelina Jolie fake gif aniamiton

By my practicing experimental film-making I work in an idiom referred to "abstract aporia-cinema", "graphic oxymoron objects choreography" and "paradoxical-visionary filming".



“Dimana$U.$. Prophecy” : actor and actresses casting for gif animaiton

The film episodes with docufiction-“get inside” elements are based on tourist journalist- dilettante original novel story investigation (mainly made by using hidden camera and mobile phone video-shooting) results and to be screened as undercover video device screen-framed shots with applying my (aka Author’s) visual techniques that causes so called “spectator-get-inside”  self-presence and event-being-involved effects. 
According with a plot a few well-rounded film characters (“lifelike” people”) launch their own parallel investigations separately in different places and times that finally direct them to be trapped into one “every one peeps on everybody” spy-but-funny story based upon original screenplay properly modified and adopted for docufiction- movie. In its deep meaning such participatory and per-formative docufiction-movie reflects my artistic point of view on certain issue and topics reflected in a plot having hidden underlined messages plus some moral and ideological ambitions.

It is planned to be mixed "observational" and "a fly on the wall" mode of filming with some episodes showing certain movie characters using hidden-cameras and mobile gadgets. Such way of “secret-making” shootings also include some elements of comedy as, for example, young woman “upskirt”  shots taken in subway (underground) and luxury shopping malls as well as involving secret videos of tenants taken in bathrooms and dressing rooms in private rental apartments building and sea-shore villa.

As some sort of “compilation film” the docufiction-movie includes documentary itself which is planned to be shown as series of stories about criminal activity victimized young people from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine who have been trapped in to human trafficking, domestic slavery and human organs transplantation scams affairs. Such expository documentary will speak directly to the spectator in the form of an authoritative “voice-of-God” commentary sounded objective and omniscient.

Being designed to be screened as Internet published videos (like on YouTube, for example) shown on movie characters held media devices or TV breaking news such documentary is purposed to educate the public about the tricks used by criminals; such as, the establishment of fake international employment, marriage and modeling agencies; adoption centers; summer camps for children; and health clinics where the "harvesting" of innocent women, men and children occurs.  The rhetoric insistently presses upon the audience to read the images in a certain fashion.

"Dimanasus Prophecy" Project books illustrations in gif-animated images


“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project said...


The names of celebrities and world-famous people (characters/personages prototype-casting) used in my novelettes and screen-plays adaptations have been modified by applying the names-playing oxymoron-personification concept.

The “Dimanasus Prophecy Time’s Up!” box is an allegory that is addressing to “Anti-Sexual Harassment” and “Anti-Human trafficking” issues.

The fairy-tales modern-day equivalent interpretation concept of animated scenes together with “Dimanasus Prophecy Time’s Up!” visualization concept are addressing to wide-range auditory to be told the whole story in the way of philosophical, allegorical and metaphorical funny-jokes-telling. The animations, or animated cartoon scenes, might be described as a gestalt cognitive and mnemonic art-work enriched in meaning and depth, embedded with allegory and symbolism, with the goal of “sending” messages that should capture a segment of the audience’s attention.


“Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project said...

“Human Life & Human Community &Human Exploration” topics and issues which are planned to be reflected, in harmony with a plot to a certain extent, in the audiovisual products, subject to “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” Project and its spin-off sub-projects:

-Health & Healing + Education & Culture;
-Religion & Belief + Governance & Politics;
-Communication & Culture + Media & Society;
-Race, Gender/Transgender, Sex Identity + Freewill, Freedom & Duty;
-War & Conflict + -Crime & Violence, Human Trafficking;
- Human Rights + Indigenous Rights +Peace & Non-violence;

-Migration & Globalization + Inter-Cultural Relations;
- Poverty & Oppression; Oligarchs & Luxury;
-Leadership & Transformation +Economies & Ethics;
-Art & Creativity + Science & Discoveries;
-Consciousness, Spiritual Awareness and Transcendent Visions;
-Equality & Fair-share.

As far as in the modern world of permanent “homosexuality & transgender tendency” arousal the question “is it really boy or a girl?” is no any longer mono-semantically answered and the relationship between biology and sexual orientation is still “a big issue”, subject of research, the Author proposes to the prospective audience his own theory that is addressed to his discovery of brain-game phenomenon (artifact) of Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception and brain-game “right & left hemispheres brain-waves synchronicity interaction conflicting” phenomena; and he hypothesizes that a cause of the specific neurons activity, called “virtual mirroring”, is very likely to be recognized as a fundamental factor that determines sexual orientation.