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Russian-English Learning Associative Techniques Evolving

Russian-English Learning Associative Techniques Evolving


On today Internet market there are plenty of Russian learning distance courses available at various web-resources. Some of them, for instance, might be considered as “one-approach-sided” because of skipping the step of learning the Russian alphabet trying to teach “how to learn speaking phonetically” as it seems easier to learn “how to speak” first and only then to learn “how to read”. Many “teachers” bravely advertise their methods as the best way of learning Russian alphabet in one hour and starting reading in Russian within maximum three lessons.
Please, keep in mind that I am not a leading teacher and not recognized authority in the field of learning and teaching Russian as a foreign language. However, as a creator of experimental methodology based on cognitive and mnemonic associative visualization techniques including new- approach revising of Richard Atkinson’s keyword method ("Mnemotechnics in Second-Language Learning"), I am gladly proposing my-self devised methodics that concern to the self-learning theoretical principles and aspects.
My foreign language learning experimental method is presupposed by practicing special visioning training together with dream-therapy techniques aimed to stimulate quick memorizing processes and implementing of the knowledge obtained and skills shaped in self-teaching foreign language.  

By harnessing the potential power of visioning training addressed to viewing specifically designed imagery created with applying “Uni-Sync” and “Anaglyph-Sync” visual perception “brain-hemispheres synchronization” phenomena principles and aspects I would like to popularize and promote a new-approach learning technique experience – quickly, safely, and easily.

RELATE”:  Russian-English Learning Associative Techniques Evolving

 “RELATE” is a set of audiovisual associative methods which are aimed to speed up the process of learning Russian language by English-speaking people.

This is important to keep in mind that “RELATE” methods are based on the creative approach of myself-learning English as a self-taught individual.

The experience-based myself-experimenting with applying associatively cognitive mnemonic techniques of imagery visualization helped me to develop “Russian-English Learning Associative Techniques Evolving”  step-by-step distance learning course that is provided for FREE to anyone who is interested in learning Russian.
I do really anticipate that with my “RELATE” distance learning course you can learn Russian very quickly just following the learning units “one by one” with a strong determination.
“RELATE” concept of "self-learning through self-entertaining" concept  literally means that the process of learning is organized the way that you will be just needed to view specifically designed media in the forms of animated imagery and short-length video-clips made with usage of your personal and “family and friends” photographs, caricatures of easily-recognizable people (“celebrities”, “politicians”, etc.)
 The video-clips are supposed to be accompanied by the favorite music and songs of your choice. The lyric of the song being translated in Russian will be popping-up on the screen in sequence of “word and phrase” similar to Karaoke.

One of the numerous basic beneficial features of “RELATE” distance “email-to-email” learning course is that there is no need of web-site registration. The video-chat sessions between the student and me, as the tutor, are might be needed from time to time.

As far as some distant-lessons include viewing animated imagery applications presented in the form of interactive web-pages thus you might be interested in learning basics of HTML-code web-page building for the purposes of making your personal web-site and your family genealogy three album-application designed as web-pages in both languages English and Russian. Such creative approach of learning Russian is basically addressed to kids and teens to be entertained while learning so called extra “spinoff useful things”.
Some of the distant- lessons addressed to “how to read”, “how to count”, “how to form Russian verbs”, “how to form nouns and adjectives” are designed the way of using the Russian alphabet with no transliteration taking in account such an aspect of learning that sometimes it is better to struggle the first time with reading Russian and then be able to read in the Russian alphabet easily, without looking at any transliteration. 

The “RELATE” distance learning course includes the following levels depending on being addressed to the certain category of students such as "kids", "teens" and "adults":

-Russian language for Beginners;
-Lexico-Grammatic Course (“Intermediate” and “Advanced”);
-Speech Practice Improvement and Russian for Specific Purposes.

Author’s Associative Techniques of Visualization

Cognitive Anaglyph Graphic is a computer stereo-graphic created by applying author's methods and techniques of the associative, cognitive and mnemonic visual imaging art with elements of optical illusions and represented usually in the collage-animated form which is specifically designed to be viewed either using anaglyph goggles or virtual reality head-mounted display.
Cognitive Anaglyph Graphic includes the elements of optical illusions and mnemonic associative-visual interpretation intellectual art imaging and targeted to cause visual cognitive discord that speed up the process of memorizing.

Cognitive Oxymoron Graphic (aka “COG”) is a computer “hand-made” collage-graphic created by applying author's methods and techniques of the associative, cognitive and mnemonic visual imaging art with elements of optical illusions and represented in both still and animated forms being targeted on causing visual cognitive discord that speed up the process of memorizing.

Oxymoronic objects choreography & paradoxical oxymora antithesis visualization:
“Oxymoronic objects choreography & paradoxical oxymora antithesis visualization” is a set of author’s “know-how” pictorial and graphic methods that call visual attention to an apparent contradiction (superficially scenes contradictory) of objects in actions or non-actions but juxtaposed in such a way that there is no contradiction and being deliberately intended to confuse and designed to provoke a laugh.

Qualia-coloristic Visualization:
Qualia-coloristic Visualization is a method of creating artworks compositions which are intended to surprise the viewers audience by the emotional response of the certain colour evoking, especially the colour of the background, that is to emphasize and enhance that emotional response. The most used pictorial technique applied for COG-artworks is the “altering colours” of certain object and its around to some degree, using various technical tools; thus by altering colours so called “eye-catchers” effect is supposed to be gained. The most used gamma colours to be used are orange, yellow, red, blue and green as the basic colours of the spectrum and as mostly common or identical associative “colours” not depending on cultural aspects.


interactive web-page application

The basic interactive web-page application animated imagery functions allow you by navigating the mouse from object to object at the screen-scenery to enjoy a few visual and audio effects aimed to stimulate memorizing Russian words.

Such basic functions, for instance, allow changing the present object for the new one with or without the “translation image” popping up and listening to the concrete word pronunciation in Russian. The detailed description and demonstration of all interactive functions is available at your request.

“RELATE” Community

The “RELATE” Community is supposed to be like global village web-community that unites English speaking people of any age and race all over the world who is interested to start with learning Russian language (any level) and further gain the goals as followings:

-“entrance-progress-exit” testing, 

-participating in web discussions on a variety of current political, economic and social issues relating to Russia,

- getting individual consultations and free advises concerning interactive coursework on a personal webpage and being helped preparing individual projects.

The enrollment into experimental visioning training project is aimed to evidence the high effectiveness of applying Author’s techniques and methods aimed to stimulate and speed up “the learning process”  conditioned by enhanced brain-games phenomena power, memory and cognitive recall.


-All English speaking people who would like to start Russian language by their enrolment into FREE “RELATE” distance learning program;

 -Kids and Teens who want to start learning Russian and to be entertained;

 - All individuals who wish to further their study of Russian language communicating with Russian native speaker as a tutor;

 -Any person who is interested in creating “Russian-English” presentations on topics of personal interests (web-site and blog, family photo-album web-based application, genealogy family tree, etc.);

 - Intermediate and advanced students of Russian including those who want to understand Russian news broadcasts and to improve their listening and writing skills;

- English speakers interested in improving their knowledge of Russian slangs and in increasing their knowledge of contemporary Russia;
-  Prospective and practicing “Russian-English” translators; 

-  All the people wishing to keep abreast of new alternative developments in Russian learning methodology, in particular the Author’s self-devised audiovisual associative methods aimed to speed up the process of learning Russian language by English-speaking people.

The “RELATE” Project is focused on arranging experimental, educational research program of Russian-English distance learning together with “student (volunteer)-tutor (the Author)” controlled online studies and aimed to evidence the high efficiency of Author’s “know-how” inventions and developments that concern to the alternative ways of triggering memory activating mechanisms caused by practicing viewing visual perception applications that exploit cognitive and mnemonic psychology basics and imagery visioning aspects such as anaglyph 3D stereo effect, multistable perceptual phenomena, depth and motion perception, paradox, optical, physiological and cognitive illusions, interaction of colors.

The “RELATE” distance learning even can be organized without my tutоrial services by selecting individual video-lessons-package that includes a manual of “DoubledObjects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy” eyes exercises and visioning training addressed to viewing specifically designed double-objects graphics, by using head-mounted virtual reality headset or goggles and targeted to develop mind concentration. Such learning alternative is mainly addressed to the beginners of learning Russian especially that regards to kids and teens who might be encouraged by “entertainment stimuli” of proposed distance learning video-lessons-package course.

I would like to invite English native speaking individuals who have a good knowledge of Russian to participate in my experimental intellectual projects and help me with translating the textual materials of synopsized screenplays and project annotations in proper English to be perfectly understood. 

Such textual materials include a lot of Russian anecdotes and jokes, specific scientific terminology, theories and ideas behind them; thus you may get a good practice in mastering your Russian and enrich your vocabulary with a lot of new words while helping me with translating routine.

Author’s experimental intellectual projects

- a work-in-progress project (aka “DP Project”) focused on creating intellectual property products in audiovisual forms including mobile application, computer program and virtual reality head-mounted display device, subjects of patenting.
Being mainly focused on making a film of drama, action, espionage-investigation, detective genre with animated cartoon episodes “DP Project” also includes “spin-off” subprojects designed to create audiovisual products.

- an audio-visioning therapy targeted to stimulate the process initiation of brain hemispheres synchronization and harmonization by being immersed in self-hypnosis meditative sleep-state that activates triggering self-healing mechanisms.


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