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Project management strategy and Representative Virtual Offices concept

Project Management:

The strategic  financing  and raising  equity is conditioned by challenges  in  perfecting  a  security  interest  in  my IP-portfolio  assets, so with  an  emerging  secondary  market  for  such assets  I am targeting to find new  ways  to capitalize my IP- assets-based company and to let potential investors or lenders to value my IP assets in different ways attaching different degrees of importance to IP rights to be increasingly focused on my start-up company with a well-managed IP portfolios. 

To create the real shareholding value and prove the liquidity of my IP assets-based start-up company I am focusing on well-developed venture strategies of partnership to be mutually beneficial in licensing and franchising the IP-portfolios assets.

One of secure Start-Up Company registration options is “a company” with 100% foreign capital that aims registering the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park residency and thus gaining business-making preferences not limited by the place of the company’s location and registration within the country’s borders.


I have gained extensive background and skills to expertise in developing and implementing strategies to maximize the value of intellectual property that I created. I can manage all aspects of copyrights licensing programs, negotiates copyrights sale and joint venture agreements, and assists future investors in determining the most effective strategy for generating financial return profit on their investments in my intellectual property.

I also possess significant experience in negotiating settlements related to complex litigious disputes and knowledge of intellectual property related damage theories and calculations thereof. I had participated in intellectual property trading mediation and have been accustomed with methods of intellectual property valuation, reasonable royalty analyses, royalty audits, and investigations into fraud.

My Project Management concept is based on hiring only professional and reputable freelancers and providing each intellectual project team with a boatload of features, such as dynamic chart display, robust drag and drop control, time and budget tracking system, advanced lay-outs, customization templates and many others. 

My Project Management concept is to properly and securely manage my intellectual property, trade-secret and “know-how” intangible assets of my start-up company manage with high efficiency.
I have the significant experience in negotiating intellectual property transactions and in evaluating copyrights and non-copyright-able or non-patent-able ideas for licensing arrangements, and any forms of the intellectual property valuation. I provide the strategic intellectual property consulting services.  

I had a lot of business meeting with people all over the world negotiating my U.S. copyrights sale and licensing transactions, valuing copyrights for acquisition and/or sale, and helping my future start-up company partners to implement copyright, trade secret and “know-how” portfolio for licensing, monetization and capitalization, and financing plus other strategies to extract value from my intangible assets including ones that I have in other intellectual property forms.

My biggest goal for the projects to be successfully accomplished by being properly financed is to develop my financing strategy based on my business-making experience concerning organizing the international team of professional and experienced freelancers. Taking in account that the investors will likely not want to be involved in every decision-making by my future start-up company while my intellectual projects are in a process I realize very well that they will certainly want me to build “a professional project team” headed by senior employees and to guarantee their typical-reserved matters of hiring or firing senior employees.
My start-up company's management will provide a number of warranties to the investors representing those certain matters in relation to my intellectual projects are really true such as for instance, “Shareholding Agreement” to be signed.
The key to successful completing my intellectual projects within a certain time frame and with a fixed budget is the keeping it tracked and encrypted as well as providing a great environment with simple features to better manage my team and collaborate with them.
My future investors are supposed to be tied in management to my company for as long as they possibly want and, for that reason, the “good leaver and bad leaver” clauses will be included in “Temporary Employment Agreement” together with signing “Non-Disclosure Agreement” with each team member as well as a private financial participant shareholder, if any. A good leaver and bad leaver clause will work in such a way that if any shareholding employee leaves the company intellectual project team for a good reason (e.g. illness) then the he or she is either permitted to retain his or her salary or shares to be sold for a fair price to the other shareholders; and if leaving for a bad reason (e.g. to work for a competitor), then his or her shares are sold for less than fair value or alternatively the salary is not retained.

Based on my deep learning various financing options and practicing strategies my private direct-financing (venture capitalists, business angels and private producers)  and corporate investing (business entities) campaign aims to build the financing chain of pre-seed capital sources that  works with crowd-funding.
My “know-how” innovations and intellectual property based (guaranteed) financing chain utilization is presupposed by attracting the investments and direct-financing by means of arranging my start-up company in a respected international jurisdiction. The initial-public offering company might be subjected to potential prospective merger and acquisition. 
Considering raising capital by building a start-up shareholding-structured company and putting my intellectual property assets (IP-portfolios) within its authorized capital (or intangible assets) taking private placements such as prospectus document and offering memorandum, I will offer the shares based on the value the IP-assets give the company and revenue that the company will start currently producing by providing relevant services.

Representative Virtual Office Concept

The concept of Representative Virtual Office (RVO) is based on employing “ROVER-App” and “ROVER-Soft” (Representative Office of Virtually-Emulated Reality) and built-in integrating into DPP-Platform that allows its users to be united in one global Network of Representative Virtual Offices

Conceptual idea by Dzmitry A. Vasilyeu
Network of Representative Virtual Offices is a group of the home-based servers connected to each other and containing a certain set of channels that form a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) under its own name and that forms multi-strategy, multi-fund and multi-market network platforms with the following features and free services available: 

- Ideas Futures Stock Exchanges,
- Intellectual Property Share Market,
- Fundraising and Crowd-funding Foundation,
-Intellectual Project Marketplace and Workplace,
- Database of the Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets protected by the database right,
-Representing emerging companies and investors in venture capital financings;
-Negotiating and dealing on behalf of clients with dozens of venture capital companies and corporate venture capital entities;
-Negotiating and drafting all necessary documentation, from initial term sheets to definitive transaction documents;
-Providing a highly strategic approach to the protection of intellectual property;
-Advising clients on the protection of intellectual property assets and developing and maximizing those assets to advance business interests;
-Offering representation in patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret law and providing independent decision making services related to its preparation and prosecution.

vda production cost-effective marketing

The Representative Virtual Office by exploiting all necessary project management tools and planning software is to be designed to allow having access to a full view of all the projects and sub-projects, tools, files, freelancers and collaborators team. It features a user-friendly multi-lingual interface with a dashboard that allows the project team leader to plan, keep track, and analyze project development with flexibility. RVO functioning options allow accessing to the files from everywhere by personalized login and password.
The Representative Virtual Office being kept as individualized work-space clutter-free (everything within reach, schedules and calendars updated and in sync) allows constant accessing team members who is required to sign the non-disclosure agreements before being included into the project process and starting working on it.

Concept by Dzmitry A. Vasilyeu
IP-Marketplace and Workplace, as planned, is to be a platform built with exclusive features, such as, project road-map functionality, project monitoring, resource management tools, and even success kits to help project managers be more efficient. It has its own marketplace featuring add-on and mobile apps that suit a variety of needs.
It not only allows user to manage projects and tasks professionally but it also provides integrated functionalities with emails, mobile and spreadsheet as well as it has a time- and budget-tracking system which is very organized and dynamic to use. The full display of the project is very robust incorporating the project progress, contract and deadlines.
As it is planned the Representative Virtual Office will be equipped with all necessary business tools, programs and applications for web-site building, web-site local or public hosting, domain secure home-based hosting, blogs and social profiles creating and widgets making. All registered Representative Virtual Offices united in one network will be servicing as integral entities of IP-Trading business groups to effectively speed-up the IP-Trading secure transactions and to protect the intellectual property assets and ownership rights.
The basic features (functioning options) of Representative Virtual Office are briefly described below and in particular, are the followings:

- specially designed functioning that allows several users to be united as one business making team across multiple PCs,laptops, digital cameras, personal data assistants (PDAs), and other mobile gadgets and devices thus the Internet enjoyment and business productivity will surely soar;
-the option of opening and operating one or more online-banking accounts;
-accessing the database of all legal agreements and contracts that concern to the intellectual property securitization, monetization and capilazation;
- monetizing not-patent-able or not-copyrighted ideas and inventions;
-starting making IP-Trade business;
-to organize and to manage and to develop IP-projects based on your ideas and to be further financially supported by venture capital investing, private financing and bank loan funding;
 -to safely manage your ideas as trade secrets and intellectual property assets,
 -to store all intellectual property confident data in your own environment;
 -to organize office managing and marketing for any kind of legal business that you are about to start or continuing caring on,
 -to be supported with free consultations and professional advises.


- Periodical changing of the protocols and ports for network protection from the unauthorized access by users who did not pass the authenticity verification and registration;
- Confidential information protection by personal login and the password. Access of other registered and authenticated users is blocked till the limited access is allowed for files transferring;
Note: the given function is applicable also for torrent-files downloading.
- Blocking IP-address and the secure password creation and protection;
- Blocking of advertising and pop-up; Note: accelerates loading of web-pages and saves the traffic, works with all browsers, blocks advertising and deletes an advertising content directly from web-pages.
- Removing of tracing counters and codes of advertising networks;
- Traffic calculating (adjusted filters for traffic division on ports and IP-addresses).
- Managing passwords and confidential database protection;
Note: exporting (TXT, HTML, XML, CSV), importing (TXT-files Password Safe, files CSV).
- Secure any public anonymity VPN browsing;
Note: secures your login details to personal accounts and encrypts your public WiFi communications,keeps your VOIP calls (e.g. Skype or Viber) private;
- FINGERPRINT and PERSONAL SIGNATURE application for secure Network accessing (optional)


- The fast, convenient and protected searching for torrent-files with a search filtration, advertising elimination, contents estimation;
- The Offline-browser;
Note: files authorization and filtration by its content, keywords and other parameters applied supporting of all accessible technologies (HTML, CSS and DHTML).


“ROVER”  IePhone service is to make all registered Representative Virtual Offices all over the world to be like a corporate global village without borders and geographical distance. Through location-independent numbers, it allows users to establish a unified presence worldwide providing users with phone numbers plus a special prefix as a global country code which is as a virtual number to be contacted through your phone and other communication devices anywhere you are in the world, without having to worry about area codes and rates associated therewith.

- Voice messages sending/ receiving;
- Answering machine;
- Voice messaging;
- Separate mailing boxes for voice and text messages;
- System vocal inquiries;
- Redirection of the accepted messages on other telephone number;
- Black and white lists of numbers;
- A conclusion of the data about the calling subscriber;
- Record of telephone conversation;
- Automatic registration of telephone conversations;
- A speakerphone (conversation through the modem);
- Integration with e-mail;
- The automatic notice on the accepted messages and sending of messages by e-mail;
- A call-back;
- Integration with other programs and connection of plug-ins;
- Work on servers and in chats IRC in a network;
Note: the user is connected to the server, chooses the channel for dialogue and communicates with other interlocutors (virtual offices). Channels, in turn, unite users on target categories of dialogue. After connection to one of network servers, all channels which are contained by a network become accessible. All connected, being on one channel, see the general messages. Possibility of an exchange of messages only with concrete users is accessible.
- Network phone which gives the chance to communicate not only the text, but also a voice.
- The multilingual interface;
- Checking on invisibility and removal of from contact-sheet;
- A confidential file transfer intended only for reception by the end user;
- Multi-mailing of messages (selective mailing);
- A mark of invisible users if they have been found out and display of their current status in characteristics;
- Answer check in anti-spam;
- Support to 10 chambers (record).
- The organization of references to everyone registered as the subscriber of a network (each address is accompanied by a photo of the registered owner, the contact person, a WEB-site of corresponding representation office).
Note: saves time at work with a considerable quantity of addresses, helps to provide safety of a collection of references at a hard reset of system and in other cases. Works together with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and the browsers constructed on the basis of IE.


- Filling of various forms and the scanned forms (the contract, the statement, certificates, and as faxes etc.);
Note: tools of drawing of various graphic objects and editing of documents.
- The converter of physical sizes;
- An organizer and an intellectual control system of projects, events, problems, contacts;
- The multipurpose program for drawing up of base of CD, DVD and HDD disks (plug-ins: Autocad, CDDA, Corel, Digital Camera Raw, Main and Graphics description, GenText, Pdf, VideoThumb).


SEPT as an integral part of Representative Virtual Offices Network is a set of tools,web-based facilities and services that allows efficiently increasing the amount of targeted visitors to the certain web-resource and recognizing them as potential customers and clients, namely:
-Most Complete and Integrated Virtualization: From Desktop to Data Center;
-Pre-built virtual machines;
-Virtualization product for business and home use;
-Application-driven virtualization solutions integrated with the applications and infrastructure;
-Increasing search engine traffic and ensuring you get discovered by potential customers and partners;
-Personification Analytics,Metrics Procedure,Traffic Doorway and Network Action Predictor are to create potential customers auditory through storing and accessing the database links of web-resource visitors profiles, blogs, personal pages and communities.


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