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Synopsis and synopsized screenplay selective passages

I, Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu, the Author and the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the Creative Commons International License ( with “NonCommercial-NoDerivsAttribution:
Some graphical content, if any road, has been used under the Fair Copyright Law 107/ provisions of sections 106 and 106A/ 17 U.S. Code 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights/Fair use) and belong to their respective owners/authors; no copyright infringement intended.

Here is the presentation of selective digested and shorten passages from “Dimanasus Prophecy” novel chapters, synopsis and synopsized screenplay for film or filming series.
My goal of publishing the passages, protected by US Copyright law (Certificate of Registration PAu3-123-559), is to demonstrate my literary style of writing and more than anything else to encourage the prospective financial participants from all over the world to get involved into the “DIMANASUS PROPHECY” FILM WITH ANIMATED CARTOON EPISODES sub-project.
Both the synopsized screenplay and synopsis as a “Dimanasus Prophecy” film or filming series treatment are targeted to revealing and giving the clue about “what really the heroes have been driven by” through depicting their actions and thoughts in a specific “big contradiction and cognitive discord oxymoron” way that is aimed to distinguishing the heroes’ so called “reality from hypocrisy” characteristics which are expected to be found quite easily by sophisticated reader.
The specific feature of synopsized screenplay is a detailing the correspondence (email, SMS, chat) between four main characters paired such as “Angela and Victor” and “Fiona and Slava” that is aimed to emphasize their cognitive discord oxymoronic actions and deeds; and
by being either appeared as a text on mobile phone display or computer screen or else narrated by the certain character‘s voice is targeted to accompany some scenes to be filmed.

The synopsized screenplay is presupposed by using my poems (lyrics) and “wisdomization” motivational and inspirational sayings.

1.The passage from the Chapter

It was an ordinary autumn day, the rainy day on my birthday party.  I was outside of my house standing close to the doorway. The window was open so I could easily hear my guests chatting voices. Suddenly someone started to play CD. It was my own mixed guitar melody accompanied with piano also played by myself which I have composed exactly one year ago but arranged and recorded on CD yesterday only to surprise my friends. The lyrics of that song I wrote in Spanish in flamenco style suddenly came to my mind.
I was outside of my bungalow sitting on the sandy beach close enough to the ocean's edge that the waves were coming in and out, softly massaging my legs. I was playing my guitar trying to remember a song that I composed a long time ago. From time to time I would take small gulps from the tequila bottle, enjoying the test of this wonderful beverage. Tequila always helped me enjoy my pretty lousy voice, but still, I always loved to sing when nobody was around to listen to me.  So I started to sing:

"Cuando te enomaraste,
Has perdido to corazon.
No puedes acostumbrarse
Viviendo mas con tu pasion.

Todo es muy maravilloso,
Como si no te quiera mas
Y no sabes una cosa
Que lo no tienes jamas...

Cuando estoy enomarado
Me parece que soy un original
Cuando  me lo necesita nada
Mis amigos dicen  que estoy  mal.

Pero cuando estoy enomarado
Me siento nada pero un gran amor
Me encanta mucho sentindo  nada
Creedme amigos,por favor!"

I remember very well that evening last year when I was alone, thousands miles away from all those people, sitting on my bungalow porch playing my guitar and watching the ocean waves playing to each other.
My bungalow is my second house which all those people enjoying my music right now have no idea about...
”But perhaps someone did not enjoy it at all?”- the first sober thought for this night came to my mind…”Oh, my Gosh, I am going to sick right now!”- it was the second one.

A few minutes later when I finished it was discovered by me that my mind became working absolutely crystal clear. I have burned the cigarette and started smoking.

That’s interesting fact but seemed to be strange that I have never played neither the piano nor guitar for anybody but just for my self. How many times I was asked to play piano or guitar by my friends and other people on some occasion and events! Each time my answer was “no!” and I did it in the special way that after no one wanted to re-ask me anymore or even to gossip about this issue with each other behind my shoulders. Anyway, the simplest solution was to record all my music on CD.
Yes, my music always is in my heart and this is my inner world which belongs to me only. The sacred and private world with no entrance for anybody to go in; especially that regards a few people I was, still is and will be, close to…”but who knows?.. Perhaps one day it changes!”

Suddenly Natasha yelled at me from inside the window.  She told me that someone has called. I told her to take a message.  I continued thinking about my life, my people and about this and that keeping my privacy standing alone close to the doorway of my house, my house number one:

“My music makes me to be pure
I play it softly to endure
The pains of love and loneness
Which I can still stand...more or less
My music makes me to be soft
I know for sure I am being loved...
I am kissing you with all my heart
But we apart... and it's too hard!

My music makes me to be free
I have my tears,so let it be.
I am still alone on my bedside.
I wish you're here by my side”

Later that night after all my guests left my house I was to start to fix the mess they made. I really hate homework but indeed it was a really huge mess everywhere, on the kitchen and even in toilet and bathroom, so each corner of my home was in need to be fixed and cleaned as soon as possible.
One time I tried to call Natasha but she wasn't home. “That’s so strange!”- I thought. I knew that Svetlana was at her grandparents, so she even asked me not to call her till tomorrow morning.  “What a lovely excuse for her not to help me with all that mess!”
I wasn't expecting any more calls, except for maybe Natasha returning my call and begging me to come and to help me cleaning my house.

My mind was stuck on the same thought which was jumping very quickly around my mind:
   “What a shame on Natasha! My best friend even could not help me with all that shit around! Ye-a-ah, that’s too bad Svetlana should be staying with her grandparents taking care of them otherwise no doubts she certainly will be happy to help me and to chat after it is done till the morning”
 I have to confess that my second best friend Svetlana is extremely talkative young woman thus sometimes it bothers me a lot!

“So what was wrong with Natasha and what a secret business she was talking to me about all the time tonight?”
I was really puzzled a lot with Natasha’s strange behaving on my birthday party. She told me this is very important but she will be ready to talk about it only tomorrow morning. “Well, well, well let’s wait till Svetlana comes back from her grandparents’ home!”  I remember Natasha told me that Svetlana is also into that story or business whatever it is.

My home land phone rang.  I was pretty sure it was Natasha, of course, but when no message was left on my answering machine and the phone was hung up I decided it was someone dialing the wrong number.  For a few minutes I was expecting my mobile ringing and showing me Natasha’s number incoming call but my both phones kept a silence and suddenly I realized how that silence sound loud into my ears.

 I was very sleepy but still keeping watching TV when the phone rang again.  I did not pick up the phone and no message was also left for this time. “That becomes to be too strange”-I thought and I switched off the phone line. I was about to fall asleep.

By the way, you perhaps think that I am a woman; no I am a man however I have no friends among the men. You may ask me “why?” and I could answer “because!” Anyway, whatever you could think about it can be right or just wrong, so it depends!

2.The passage “The whole story overview: Victor” from SYNOPSIS

“Victor” is a dashing guy of 25 years old, who lives in Minsk, capital of Republic of Belarus. His dream is to immigrate in the United States. He decides to find a rich, single American woman via Internet dating sites to get married with her.  Finally he finds “Angela”, a nice woman, 48 years old, who lives in a small town in Virginia.  But what interests Victor most is that he knows she's a widow and she's wealthy. As a result of Victor's beautiful and romantic style of writing, and his numerous phone conversations with Angela nearly every day, he quickly wins her heart and she falls head over heels in love with him. Angela sends Victor many expensive gifts each month. But they encounter a problem that interferes with their plans to marry each other.  Angela had been stalling about meeting Victor.  They would make their plans, but then Angela would seem to come up with some kind of delay.  This happened quite a few times.
Angela really wants to marry Victor so she decides to go ahead and at least start the process to obtain a fiancé visa for him, thinking that she might find some way to meet him in a location closer to the United States.  Meeting in person first, is a part of the requirement for Victor to obtain his visa to enter the USA legally.  But before meeting Victor, Angela wants to be confident that he is suitable for her.  She convinces Victor to go to Moscow to meet her elder sister, “Fiona”, who was already planning a business trip to Poland.  Fiona has her own dance theatre in Warsaw.  Fiona was to bring Victor all the required documents, photos, and other paperwork, in preparation for his interview with the American Embassy.  But Fiona's most real hidden agenda was to get size up Victor's true character, because she suspects that Victor is playing games with her sister.  She thinks her sister's belief in love-at-first-sight with Victor, and her belief in a happy ending love story with him, is naive and full of risks.  Angela pays for Victor's flight to Moscow and his two week stay at some luxury hotel.After two weeks having fun in Moscow, Victor and Fiona decide to go to Poland to visit the United States Embassy in Warsaw and to apply for Victor's fiancé visa.
        One evening while having a private conversation with Victor, Fiona asks him to help her find a handsome guy, possibly someone of Victor's friend, for a serious relationship.  She gives Victor 3,000 US dollars as a gift and tells him they could all meet in Italy or Turkey together as soon as Victor finds somebody for her.
        The same day after returning to Minsk from Warsaw, Victor spends a night with his friend “Slava” in living it up in a casino. Both drink too much and Victor loses all the money Fiona gave him, while playing Black Jack.  Slava has a penchant for winning American roulette.  He nearly always wins.  Victor borrows 2,000 US dollars with Slava, and starts playing again.  He loses all that money too.  Victor makes a deal with Slava, promising him to arrange a nice vacation somewhere in Europe, telling him a story about rich American businesswoman, who is dreaming to meet a nice guy like Slava.  Slava takes the bait.  Victor and Slava depart for Turkey to meet Fiona. From the first moment of their meeting, Fiona finds herself very attracted to Slava.  They become lovers. Everybody is happy. Slava wants Fiona to help him with his project to arrange a dance-show agency in Minsk. Fiona asks Slava and Victor to join her and to make a business trip to Italy.
 As a result, arrangements are set up for a dance troupe of twenty girls from Belarus to go to the United States to perform in New York City night-clubs.
        Meanwhile, Victor gets his fiance visa to enter the USA. He travels to America with the twenty girls dance troupe arranged by Slava's Super Star Models agency, but Slava can't go with them due to a terrible flu.
        After meeting in America, Victor, Angela and Fiona go to Florida to have fun.  One week later Victor's mother calls him from Belarus and hits him with the terrible news that his friend Slava had been killed in an auto accident.  As if that weren't enough bad news, Fiona then confesses to Victor that all twenty girls from the dance troupe from Minsk, mysteriously disappeared after their first performance in one of New York City's nightclubs, and no one has any leads about there whereabouts.  Victor decides to leave America immediately, because he is afraid that the police might link him with the girls' disappearance.
        Victor is certain that something was awful in New York with the missing twenty girls. Soon after his arrival in Minsk, he goes to the local police to inform them about their disappearance. But the police initially suspect that Victor might be linked to the girls' disappearance through some kind of criminal activity. However, after finishing their preliminary investigation they decide he has no involvement. The truth is that all twenty girls have been working for a long time as Minsk prostitutes - long before they left for the United States. Apparently they had used Super Star Models Agency without its director’s knowledge of what they were up to get a visa for America.
The case called "Victor and the Disappearance of the Twenty Girls" is closed.
During all this time, while the police were investigating Victor, he acquaints himself with “Natasha». She is a cute girl who works as the police detective investigating Victor's case. They start dating each other and Victor realizes he needs to change his life.  He is very serious about Natasha. One day the new couple visits Natasha's brother “Dmitri” and his daughter “Liza”, at their home over coffee. Liza has the special gift of X-ray vision. One year before she survived the traffic accident and afterwards she developed a remarkable gift: a paranormal ability to see through solid objects.
Just to have some fun Dmitri gives them a so-called "Dimanasus" Tarot reading. Dmitri dealt the cards several times, but each time the cards yielded the same ominous message:
“...One of Victor's friends was murdered in a car accident...  Victor is in big danger...  Some old woman is standing in a shadow behind of all of that....”
Both Victor and Natasha are shocked a lot, because they know that Dmitri could not possibly know anything about the recent events suffered by Victor and his friend Slava. Natasha decides to take a careful look into the details contained within Slava's vehicle accident report held by the local police.  She does some additional investigating and as a result she concludes that Slava's death was likely a homicide, not an accident...
         Natasha found out that the last person who saw Slava alive was a security guard from the casino, whom he was speaking with just prior to his death.
Another witness reported seeing another man sitting in Slava's car waiting for him not more than thirty minutes before the accident.
What is more important is the discovery that Slava was not drunk at all as the accident report had claimed, which said that the police had found excessive alcohol in his bloodstream.  He was found dead alone in his car.
Natasha restarts an official investigation of Victor's case, and finally concludes that it was a part of an elaborate scheme to bring twenty girls in the United States, to trade them into prostitution slavery.  She suspects Fiona as the organizer of the criminal scheme. 
She contacts Interpol's office in Belarus and asks for their assistance…

3.The passage “Fiona, Angela and Tommy” from SYNOPSIS
 In 1960’s, somewhere in America, there was a small fishing village along North Carolina's coast. The people there were hard-working fishermen and hunters, but they were very poor, and depended upon nature’s bounty to feed their families. Their community was isolated, located deep inside of a large forest, connected to the rest of the world by a small, windy dirt road. Since they lacked the typical activities and culture that people in larger American towns and cities enjoyed, these people would have open air parties. They would dance and sing together over big bonfires, living it up over a fresh keg of homemade beer. The children would play together; do their homework together, and tell ghost tales before bedtime. They were close-knit. They supported each other and enjoyed the simple things of life in a poor rural village.
The community’s water mill had been in disrepair for quite a while, but the man who owned it had become so poor that he could no longer maintain it. He had been trying to sell it, but no one would pay him what he was asking for it. Money was simply a rare commodity among these people.
There was one particular family who had two little girls. They were named Angela and Fiona. Angela and Fiona’s family was the poorest family. Another family, the community’s wealthiest, had a little boy named Tommy. Tommy’s family owned a huge herd of cattle. Their wealth sprung from Tommy’s great grandfather, who in his time had been the only blacksmith for hundreds of miles. Over time the family acquired lots of property, and they became wealthy. At the age of 12, little Tommy had dreamed of becoming a skilled blacksmith just like his great grandfather. But in today’s world of 2005, few people need a blacksmith.
Tommy’s family lived on the other side of the village, just at the edge of a wooded area. His father was the only man who owned a car. He had built a large home for his family. He adored his wife…. One day he woke up early in the morning and discovered that she had left him and their baby boy, taking all the money they had saved in the house…. She never returned to him and Tommy. Tommy’s father’s mind has never been right since then. The one he adored left him, and the family life that sustained him was ripped away from him. His mind froze in time. All he can think about now is how he would like to play with his little boy in the evenings. You can find him just about any time of day, sitting along the highway, hidden in tall grass, watching cars go by, for hours and hours at a time. Is he hoping that his wife might be in one of the cars, and she’ll come back to him? Who knows? After his wife left him, he sold his cattle and quit trading to make money. His savings was low, but he still owned his large home at the edge of the woods….
Fiona always has been dreaming about to have a very beautiful small golden statue of deer which she saw at the Tommy's house. She has known for sure that statue of deer was a present from Tommy's mother to his father and that is why Fiona realized very well that she has no chances to get it. Her decision was just to steal it no matter what and after to hide it in some her secret place in the forest. Fiona has been watching deer in the forest many times and she loved that animal very much.
One day Fiona has been looking at the statue through the Tommy's father house window, as she did quite often, and she saw her mother giving the blowjob to Tommy's father. She was not very interesting just to watch that sexual scene but the statue of deer*...however, Fiona was surprised to see that after it was finished Tommy's father gave 20$ to her mother...That sexual scene affected to Fiona to start thinking that might be this is a good way to earn money...
         Time seemed to pass quickly. The children grew like weeds. They played together a lot as teenagers. They were musically talented. One played violin. Another played a handmade flute. Angela and Fiona each had a crush on Tommy. But he was only 16, and shy, so he never revealed his feelings to either of the sisters. Besides, he thought they only considered him their good friend - not as a boyfriend. Tommy never forgot the day his mother abandoned him and his father.… By this time, all of the kids dreamed about leaving their village and moving to the big city of Philadelphia. That‘s the only large city they knew anything about. They knew such a move would require a lot of money, and they began devising ways to get it.
The girls came up with their own way….
Each evening they would walk up to a spot along the highway and stand and motion for truck drivers to stop their trucks. They were very pretty girls who looked older than their real age. Angela was only 13, and Fiona was 15. They’d walk up to the big truck and proposition the drivers for sex. They made their money performing oral sex for $20 a turn. Angela and Fiona were very ambitious, and determined to get to Philadelphia, to get a college education. They could have a better life, have lots of fun, and finally find themselves each a rich guy to get married.… One day, not too long after the girls started their money-raising scheme with truck drivers, Tommy’s father had fallen asleep while sitting in the tall grass close to the highway. (He had been doing this, day in and day out for years, as his mental disease slowly progressed and got more severe). He woke up and it was dark. While rushing to get back to the house, he noticed that Angela and Fiona were talking to big rig truck drivers….

*Author Note:

In Russian culture the man, who has been cheated by his wife with other man for sex, is called “horns-carrier" or just very simple - "deer". 

 4. The passage “Philadelphia-NY Story” from SYNOPSIS

 When Fiona was 19 she found John, a very rich and successful businessman. Fiona and John wanted to get married.
But one day before their wedding party, Angela told John a "secret" about Fiona.She told him that Fiona had slept with every boy at her school and was just a whore who didn't love him, just his money. 
As proof, Angela showed John a few photos of Fiona having group sex with two guys in her bedroom.  Angela had taken the picture and she also took part in the orgy but she didn't reveal that to John. 
Of course, he was shocked to see all of this.  So John decided not to go through with the marriage to Fiona, but gave no explanation why he changed his mind.
        Fiona, being very disappointed and having no idea why John had refused to marry her, left Philadelphia and moved to New York City, and started working as a prostitute to earn money for living.  She got addicted to drugs and alcohol.
        Angela and John start dating, and very soon they get married.  Fiona found out about it and decided to take revenge on Angela.
Many years pass since that time.
One day Fiona meets Andrei, a Russian guy connected with the mafia.He makes Fiona his girlfriend.  Very little time passes and she asks Andrei to help her with her plan to kill both Angela and John, who have no children, because she is Angela's only heir.  Andrei is involved in the criminal trafficking of prostitutes from Russia to the United States. With his help he sets Fiona up to become the owner of a dancing show theatre to serve as a screen for his trafficking business.
One month later John comes up missing while on a trip in his yacht.  Angela wasn't with him at that time, so she's back home alive and well.Angela and Fiona's mother dies, and they meet each other again at her funeral.  Fiona pretends to be a good sister.  Angela is led into Fiona's trap and renews her relationship with her sister.  Angela tells her sister about her plans to marry a guy from Belarus.  Fiona immediately begins devising another base plan to take revenge against Angela.
        After meeting Victor's friend, Slava in Warsaw, Fiona is sure he is the person she has been looking for to help her realize her plan...Slava didn't make it to America.  Her plan was disrupted because of his last minute illness…She had planned for him to "disappear" also in New York, along with the twenty girls of the Minsk dance troupe.  She was actually planning to have him killed.  Besides, Slava had been too impatient about getting his "share" of the money Fiona had promised to pay him for setting up the ruse with the dance agency that was really a front for human trafficking of women to be sold into prostitution.   The deception had finally appeared.

5.The passage "DIMANASUS" from SYNOPSIS
Dimanasus’ grandfather, Ivan Prophecevich, was a Soviet intelligence officer who, during World War II had been serving as a spy for ABWER, the organization of the Nazi Military Intelligence.
 Ivan Prophecevich was an unusually gifted individual.  Throughout his life, his work had been marked by his ability to foresee future events with precision.   His grandfather, also a clairvoyant, was an Ataman Kazak from Ukraine, who lived during the Czarist period prior to the October Revolution.
From his early years, after first discovering that he too, like his grandfather was clairvoyant - and that his ability to foresee the future was highly accurate - he used his gift to enhance his intelligence work, and did exceptionally well with it.  Back then, secretly, Ivan Prophecevich began writing a book called the "Book of World History."   It was his record of all of the visions that had come to him through his dreams over the years, as well as those that had been handed down to him from his grandfather.  In the book, he described the visions with great detail.
For example, long before World War II started, he predicted its appearance, and even knew the exact date and time when Hitler's Army would attack the Soviet Union in 1941.   He promptly informed Stalin of it.   Prophecevich  also forsaw the victory of the Soviet people, who he knew would win that terrible war, that lasted those “very long four years.”
Ivan Prophecevich stopped writing his book as he concluded writing the chapter for "The Year 2000."  He had received a head wound while living in Berlin in 1945.  The trauma had caused his clairvoyance to cease.  He could not write any more.
Year by year until his death in 2000 Ivan Prophecevich had keenly observed the enfoldment of world events just as he had predicted in his unpublished book.
Prophecevich's great hope was that his son - Dimanasus’ father - who looked like a chip off the old block, and whose entire life had been devoted to working for the KGB until he had been killed, would take an interest in the visions in his “Book of the World History.”  But either because he was not-so-gifted, or because he had developed a cynical attitude toward anything that he thought to be more communist propaganda, his son just ignored his book.   So Ivan never gave it to him as he had hoped to do.
Fortunately, after Dmitri, or "Dimanasus,” - Ivan’s grandson - was born in 1970, Ivan noticed something peculiar about him that indicated to him that he might be the one who would continue writing his "Book of World History."  Ivan thought that Dmitri was just like him: he looked exactly like him; had the same face; the same character, and even the same gift of clairvoyance.  When Dmitri reached his 18th birthday, Ivan gave him his secret book of prophecy.
In 2000, Dimanasus’ lost his wife in a tragic car accident, but his daughter Lisa who was riding with her, was spared.  After the accident, Lisa developed another remarkable ability.  She gradually noticed that she had the ability to see through physical objects.  The locals said that she had the gift of "X-ray vision".
So, moving several years in time, it was Dmitri and Lisa, working as a team, who unlocked the answer to the “Dimanasus Prophecy” puzzle about what happened to the twenty dance troupe girls who disappeared in New York in 2005.  They also helped Victor,  the story's main character, to find the person who had planned everything from the very beginning.


6.The passage “TOMMY and WILLIAM”

 The story which Tommy was told by William, a black guy from Tommy’s neighbor village, whom he met for first time being involved into the army.


“I was standing in a shed watching a man with a big hat and big moustache fucking a woman.
Of course, I was just a kid and at that time I was sure that man and woman were trying to make a baby like a bull makes it with cows. It was very funny for me because the cows seemed to me like they also have been watching that couple trying to learn how it’s like between humans. After I came back at home and my father asked me where I have been for such a long time. He was drunk so I told him what I have seen in that shed being too scared he is going to spunk me. What was very strange to me is that the next day I knew that shed was burned…”


“That’s really strange,body, because I remember one day I saw the man with a big hat and big moustache talking to my mother. She told me that was a business man from Philadelphia traveling around the county trying to sell something…It seems it was the same man…”


 One day, late in the evening, my best childhood friend called my cell phone and told me the terrible news that his younger sister had come up missing.  She had come to the United States with a dancer for a dance troupe.  The police investigation had not been successful, so he was calling me to ask for my help.  He figured that my extensive experience and contacts with the international mafia organizations might be of some help to finding out what happened to his sister.  Although I had not seen my friend for years, I was very happy to hear from him, and naturally promised to help him find his sister.  I'll always be indebted to him.  He saved my life twice.  I'll never forget that.  So now it's my turn to pay my debt to him.
My friend has no idea that I'm a deeply imbedded Interpol agent.  Talk about coincidences:  I investigate human trafficking issues!
I met up with my friend a few days ago.  We had a drink, and he told me everything he knew about the events leading up to his sister's disappearance.
So, with more pieces to the puzzle, and with help from my friends in the police, KGB and Interpol, I was about ready to launch my own investigation.  The investigation will cost me quite a bit of money, but for friends the money isn't an issue.
The next day I was on the phone to some of my colleagues in Moscow and Kiev, setting up meetings with them.  It's a well known fact that the Russian and Ukrainian Mafia are spread worldwide, including the United States and Canada.  So my first step was to get my ass off to Moscow.
As a result of my Moscow investigations, I realized I needed to go to Kiev.  I went to Kiev next.
After my meetings in Kiev, I was led to Warsaw.  That was the third step.
Warsaw led to a jaunt to Turkey, where I picked up some more valuable pieces to the puzzle.  But now I had to cross the Atlantic to see the Americans.  It seemed that I'd find the information I was seeking, in the United States.
Grasping the complexity of the "smoke screen" trickery and business schemes used by the international human trafficking criminals was overwhelming.  But I was gradually learning how their system worked.
I knew that getting a visa to visit the United States would be difficult.  How was I going to do it, I thought?
Finally, I acquainted myself Victor and Natasha, two people who were involved in case about the disappearance of the 20 dance girls, who disappeared in the United States
Victor told me he had a friend named Madison; an owner of a casino, who could help me get my visa.
We decided to contact Victor's friend Madison, as soon as possible.

8.The passage “Victor and Slava: Becoming friend-bodies” from SYNOPSIZED SCREENPLAY

 Victor meets Slava for the first time, after he meets Oksana, and spends the night with her in bed.  Now he's is in the casino playing Black Jack.  His luck isn't at all good today.  He's having a losing a lot of his money.  Today is Victor’s birthday but he's very unhappy.  Very few people are in the casino at this time.
Victor has been deep in thought, his mind stuck on only one thought, about what was going on the previous morning when he caught Oksana sitting at his computer reading his emails and looking at the pictures that Angela had sent him for his birthday.  Victor never wanted anyone to know that he was about to marry an American woman who supported him financially, on a regular basis.  It was his biggest secret, but now someone else knows it.  Victor's gnawing worry about the possible ramifications of his secret being known now by Oksana who had violated his privacy, was causing him to be so distracted, that he wasn't paying good attention to his game.
Suddenly interrupting Victor's deep thought about his problems, a guy approached the Black Jack table and stood without taking a seat.  He began making his bets quickly on each empty free box.  Victor noticed that all the boxes the guy bet on, won, but his bet lost.   The guy was smoking a cigarette, and accidentally blew the smoke towards Victor’s face.  This angers Victor.
So he starts making bets on all the boxes on the black jack table, saying “Excuse me, buddy, this is my table.  You should ask me first.  I don't like impolite people”.
The guy makes a face and says, “Sorry, old man.”  And then he asks Victor if they could play together.  Victor says “No,” and afterwards, the dealer grabs all his bets.  Victor loses the game.
A waitress approaches the table. While Victor is placing his order for another shot of tequila to be delivered to his table, he doesn't notice the other guy placing bets for all the positions.
Then, the dealer says “No more bets.”
Immediately Victor catches what has just happened.   All boxes win again.
Victor asks the guy again, “Have you asked my permission to play at my table, or what?”
And then, he says to the guy, “You pay for all my tequila, with no questions.  Do you get it?  I am about to ask for the bill right now.”
Victor's voice sounds very rude at this point.
The other guy responds, saying, “Relax, old man.  Take it easy.  That's a deal.  Here you go, take it.”  So the man gives all the casino chips he has just won to Victor.
“What's your name?” Victor asks him in return.
“Do you want to date me or something?  Just fuck off!”

Victor stands up and leaves the black jack table, and walks toward the casino entrance door.  He's furious!
After leaving the casino Victor is standing outside, and reaches into his pants and finds a measly few bucks.  He’s glad to figure that's going to be enough to buy an entrance ticket to the night club upstairs.
 At the night club Victor takes a sit and start nervously smoking.

“What a fucking birthday!” he says in a low tone to himself.
(Victor has just gambled away all the money that Angela sent him for his birthday present.)

Several minutes later, the same guy from casino walks up to Victor's table with a full bottle of tequila and two small glasses.   He says, “Look buddy, I am so sorry.  Will you accept my apology?”  As he opens the bottle he says, “I won lots of money tonight!  It seems you've lost quite a bit.  So please be my guest!”

“Today's my birthday” Victor says.  “My name is Victor.  What's yours?”

“I am Slava.  Nice to meet you Happy birthday, brother!”

The bottle of tequila empties quickly.  Victor and Slava have both gotten drunk.

“Well, Victor, it’s about time to have some real fun!  Don't you think?  Don't worry about the money!  I'll pay for everything!” Slava says to Victor.

Slava picks up his mobile phone and makes a call.  “Hi, where are you now? Oh! Well, just get a taxi quickly, and come to the “Madison”.  Slava hangs up.

“Look, brother - two very nice girls are coming to see us soon!  They're so sexy and depraved!   You won't believe it!  At least mine is like that!  I promise you, I'll arrange a night of unbelievable pleasure for you tonight! This is my birthday present to you!”.   Slava starts laughing out loud.
About 10 minutes later, Oksana and another girl unknown to Victor, approach the table.
“Mine is the blond one!” says Slava pointing out Oksana.

9.The passage “Victor in USA: Coming back to Belarus” from SYNOPSIZED SCREENPLAY

 When Slava's wife called Victor, she told him that one of the girls' mothers had just contacted her and she was very worried that the nightly phone calls she normally received from her daughter who came in New York City with a dance troupe, had stopped.  The girl's mother said she was about ready to go to the police.  Slava's wife asked Victor if he had received any news about any of the girls, but he said that he had not heard a thing.  But he promised to check into it immediately.  Afterward, Victor called Fiona. During his lengthy conversation with Fiona about the girls' whereabouts, Victor sensed that Fiona was not being truthful; she was trying to hide something. 
Later, in the evening, by chance, Victor went to one of his favorite restaurants, has taken a sit down, and suddenly overheard Fiona and Angela talking to each other.  They were sitting over in a corner. Victor was alarmed to hear that the entire dance troupe of girls had disappeared after their first performance at a New York night club.  Putting two and two together he realized that he might be suspected by the local police.  Victor decided to pack up and leave America quickly, and return to Belarus, to avoid any trouble.  Besides, he was sick and tired of both sisters, Fiona and Angela; especially the last one.  From the very beginning, Victor had no attraction to Angela.  He thought she was ugly.  And over time he gave up on the idea to gain his US citizenship through marrying her.
 So the circumstances seemed bleak for Victor.  On that, he decided to leave without telling anything about the situation to the sisters.  What he did was just telling them that he was sick at his stomach, and was coming back to the hotel to take some pills, and they shouldn't be worried about him - to just go ahead and have fun.  Victor took a taxi back to the hotel and asked the cab driver to wait while he goes back to his and Angela's room to pack his bags.  While on the phone with the airline ticketing office to check prices and availability of flights between to either Minsk, Moscow or Kiev, he checked his wallet to count his money, and discovered that he doesn't have enough funds to pay for the flight ticket.   Victor was sure that he should've had enough money, so he was puzzled by what happened to it, but had no time to think about it.  Determined to act quickly, he was certain that he will find some way to get the money he needed, no matter what.   There was only one morning flight to Moscow that still showed availability, so he figured that he had a little bit of time to come up with a plan.  He went back to the taxi, loaded up, and asked the driver to take him toward to a bar close to the airport.  A wonderful idea came to Victor's mind.
In the bar Victor asked some of the guys if they want to play "pull" with him, and after a while he won some cash.  One group he asked to play pull refused him.  So Victor ordered some more whiskey and started thinking about leaving and going to another bar, where he could win more money.  He asked the bartender if there was another bar close by.  Victor was enjoying his whiskey, and tuned in to a nearby conversation among three men sitting very close to the bar desk.  Among the three, Victor detected a mixture of English and Chinese languages being spoken.  They were talking about starting a casino business in Russia.  When he heard that, he tried even harder to hear the details of their conversation.  A few minutes later, one of them, a man in a haute couture business suit wearing a large gold chain around his neck and two bracelets on his arms, stood up to go to the restroom.  Victor realized it was a good chance to rob that guy, since he was small and thin.  As Victor was preparing to get up from the bar to pursue the man that just left for the men's room, he noticed that the two men left at the table were speaking Russian:

-      Look Andrei, we're going to fuck this money bag bastard.  He'll certainly be bringing a lot of cash to Moscow to distribute his bribes to the swarm of local officials to get the casino set up legally.  But what's more important, is that after the transaction is done, and I'll let you know when that is, you need to kill him.  Let's call it a "car accident".  It's a good deal buddy.  I'm sure your heart's beating harder, now that you're thinking about getting ONE MILLION royalty in cash, right?! What do you say? -  said a Chinese looking man.

Victor could not believe what he was hearing!
It was like a large golden egg had just been dropped into his hands!
He realized at once that all of this had given him an incredible opportunity to get the money he needed with no risk. 
He momentarily pictured in his mind how happy the third man will be when he goes and warns him about the deal that his other two friends are making about him.  Victor had got up from his seat and went directly to the men's room. The third man was still there washing his hands.  Victor approached him and told about the plot.  He asked the man if he would mind giving him a "tip" for saving his life, because he needed money for his ticket to go back to Belarus. The man gave Victor two thousand bucks. With no hesitation but just drawing the new-looked $100 banknotes from his big wallet he said

-      Here it is, dude, I guess it is enough. My name is Madison Brent. I am the owner of a few Princess Casinos in Las Vegas.

The man quickly had put his wallet into his business jacket pocket playing with it with his fingers. Victor noticed it was looked like a trick maker’s gesture in the circus. The man added:

-  I owe you till my death. Now it’s not so soon, yeah, brother?  Many thanks.  You may call me any time.  I will help you with anything you might need in the future.  By the way, if you'd like, we can meet each other in Moscow in a couple of weeks. 
Two hours later lucky Victor has finally taken a sit at the airplane going back to Belarus.

-      Indeed the life is full of good surprises!–said Victor with a big smile on his face addressing his words to the pretty young woman sitting next to him, - How are you, pretty lady? My name is…

-      Me very sorry, me is Russian not understand English well, - Natasha interrupted Victor looking at his smile and said, - only bad surprises in my life because big mafia around here and there in America, you know?

10. The passage “Tommy and his Father” from SYNOPSIZED SCREENPLAY

  It was ten days before Christmas of 1969.  The rain was heavy, but it wasn't cold outside.  Tommy's father was sitting out on his porch, watching Tommy's brisk walk up to the house.  Just before going into the house, completely soaked from the rain, his father stops him briefly and says to him:

“Hey son, go inside and change your clothes, and come on back out here so we can talk.  There's some fresh hot tea on the stove.  Get yourself a big cup of it.  You really need it now.  I don't want you to catch a cold!  I want to have a talk with you about something very serious.  Nothing bad, it's just very important.”

         Several minutes later Tommy came out and sat down in the chair next to his father.  He kept quiet.  He wasn't in the mood for a lengthy serious conversation with his father.  Feeling unnerved about what was “in the air,” a slight wave of shivering was crawling up and down Tommy's spine, but it had nothing to do with the rain.

“So, what's going on, Father John?”
         It seemed odd, but Tommy always referred to his father as, “Father John”…

Tommy’s father:

-Well, Tommy I need to talk to you and to tell you my story.
Please, sweetheart, do not be too concerned about anything I am about to tell you now. So sit down and listen to me very carefully. I know, baby, you are my smart son and I am pretty sure you is going to understand everything correctly.
Long time ago, when I was a young man studying in Philadelphia university…you know I came from a very reach family…I was very shy boy and I had only one friend, a girl, came from very small village…


-Daddy, let me guess! She was from our village, right?

Tommy’s father:

-Yes! You are very smart boy…Her name was Simony but you could never know her because she died before you were born…

So well, I helped Simony to find a place to stay in Philadelphia and I have been paying for her apartment each month during 3 years… Indeed we were very close friends…not lovers …just a very good friends…She was a lesbian…hhhmmmm…I see a questions on your face now!…well, you know she was just sexually interested in other girls but not boys…That’s normal, baby, nothing strange about it at all….But of course, many people could tell you something really nasty about that…
Two of her former girlfriends ended up in Hollywood where I have never been till now. "That's how the cookie crumbles," we say in America… Once a lesbian, always a lesbian!

 One day Simony told me about her cousin Joann who was 25 at the time…
 Joann’s story was that when she was 14 she was raped by 2 guys while she has been in the forest gathering mushrooms…well, after while she gave a birth to little baby,it was boy and she named him Tommy… To tell you the truth I've heard that story so many times after and each time Simony added more and more details which I am not going to get in …So finally I ended with a huge sympathy towards Joann…!...This 'story' went on for 3 years and I never went to that village although I was invited many times…even to Joann birthday!!!!.... "You're crazy," I said to Simony. "How can I go to the birthday of somebody I don't even know?" Simony replied, "You don't know it but you already know her very well."  And she was right. I decided to go to Joann “third” birthday with Simony just to live a big city which I fed up with and to have a time in the country I have never been before by the way… I was just curious about the country,…the people’s life there and I wanted to see Joann…besides I have got a big problems with my father…When eventually we did meet we were instant friends!.. What a waste of 3 years!!
But, sweetheart, to tell you the truth I was more interested in her son who was very beautiful…
The truth is that I suddenly discovered that I am interested in boys…They call it “to be a gay”…Anyway, I see you have already guessed that it was your mom…Yes,…I married Simony and I moved to live in our village…I left from university but we had 4 years of really happy life all together until…one evening I found Simony and Tommy both dead in the forest…They were killed… and no one had any clue what happened with them…At that time your mother was pregnant by you…

11. The passage “ROMASHKA: Ox-eye daisy or Chamomile?” from SYNOPSIZED SCREENPLAY

 At this time of the day the clinic was normally packed with boys and girls standing in line and waiting for that embarrassing moment when they should demonstrate their privates to the doctor. All kept the silence; that’s a pure true sometimes the silence talks much louder than words! Slava still looking at the small jar in his hand approached the toilet, opened the door and entered. Two Chinese teens were inside chatting aloud to each other and not paying any attention to him:
“Look,man, I bet I’ve got much better knowledge about Russian culture than you do! The name “Romashka” is derived from another teenager sex game. In Romashka teenagers have sex in groups of at least 3 guys to 3 girls. “Romashka” means “Daisy” in Russian.  It comes from the “She loves me, she loves me not” game that children commonly play in some parts of the world.  A girl will pick up a daisy and start by plucking off one daisy petal.  As she pulls off the first petal she’ll say, “He loves me.  Then she plucks off the second, and she’ll say, “He loves me not.”  She continues in that sequence until she plucks off the final petal to get the answer from the universe as to whether her guy loves her or not. In the “Romashka” sex game, which is played along the lines of the “Ox-eye Daisy” game, there’s also a rule that all the players have to follow. Both guys and girls must choose their partners for sex by drawing small ribbons of cut paper from a hat or box.  On each ribbon is written a name of one of the individuals in the in the game. You are required to have sex with the person whose name you draw.  When all ribbons are gone, they’re placed back in the hat and mixed, and the drawing starts over again. There’s one funny thing about this game! Sometimes people have to have sex with the same person over and over again, because they keep selecting the same ribbon! Is not it very exciting, huh?!”

Slava noticed he knew one of Chinese teens; that one who was keeping talking, the drugs dealer from his block controlled by Chinese mafia since last year. Slava has stopped in front of cabin; he remembered a joke told by Victor last night:

Apparently, 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese. I am dating 5 chicks this week, so one of them must be Chinese”

 Slava smiled widely and suddenly remembered that Nadezhda called him a few minutes ago but he did not pick up the phone. In next twenty minutes he has already been entering her apartment.

12. The passage “ROMASHKA: Nadezhda *?”

 “So what do you want from me?” - Slava asked Nadezhda.  Both were sitting on the sofa smoking cigarette and drinking cognac.
“I want you to borrow me two thousand dollars”, - Nadezhda nervously has put her right hand on the place exactly between Slava’s legs. “Believe or not I won Madonna Miami Fun Club Contest! So I was invited to go to America to have two weeks vacations for free, all paid! But I need money for visa and flight ticket. Can you help me with it, please, please, please? I will owe you till my death!”
Slava had put an un-smoked cigarette into the ashtray and sneezed loud.
“Well, my congratulations to you, baby!  I am just wondering about one thing. What is your plan how you are going to refund me that money?”-  Slava sneezed loud again and poured out some more cognac into both his and Nadezhda’s glasses...

*Author Note: 

“Nadezhda” in Russian language means “hope”.

© Copyright by Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu              


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