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Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy


Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision
Entertainment Therapy

“Everything is Anaglyph


Free Live Training and Distance Learning Course

6th Annual Vision Performance Institute Research Conference
The Vision Performance Institute is an academically affiliated research organization with ties to several universities, corporations, and professional organizations. 
Calling for Abstract Submission dated on February 11st, 2012 and presented to Dr. Yu-Chi Tai for including in the citable proceedings from the Conference.

·         Included:  an abstract with 4 pages paper of the presentation  of “Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy: 3D-Vision Training based Program”

·           High-Tech Glasses and Vision Performance
·           Eye care for the high tech viewer
·           Optometric Vision Therapy
·           Quality of 3D Content


The codes for Medical Subject Headings indexing original article subject of publication:

C10 – nervous system diseases
C11 – eye diseases
E01 – diagnosis
E02 – therapeutics
E05 – investigative techniques
F02 – psychological phenomena and processes
F03 – mental disorders
F04 – behavioral disciplines and activities
N02 – health care facilities, manpower, and services
V04 – support of research


Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy literally means a training-based program that consists of a complex of special eyes exercises and visual stimuli conditioned practices of viewing specifically designed double-objects graphics with a usage of VerQAG device that might be used as an integral part of Brain-Control Computer Interface.
“VerQAG” is technically designed to emulate user’s immersion into self-presence 3D-graphic environment created with applying author-elaborated innovative computer graphic-making methods and techniques which are aiming at causing a brain-game-artifact image-processing phenomena so-called Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” that result in “Anaglyph Color-synesthesia”and Anaglyph Chromotherapy”
  “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” Phenomenon that combines “Anaglyph-Sync” and “Uni-Sync” visual perception effects is postulated as "brain-game stimulator of emotions optimization”. Due to the employment of innovation method of “neurons activity virtual-mirroring” impact on cerebral structures the “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” Phenomenon may be exploited for ensuring positive results in treatment of the majority of common diseases, since any disease or pathological process in organism disturb functional condition, adaptive mechanisms, corticovisceral interrelations which theoretically might be normalized by practicing “DOSAVET" Training-based Program.

 Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomenon, as expected, results in effect of arousing of so called “virtually-perceived extremely-low-energy brainwaves of infrasound and ultrasound bandwidth” in targeted zone or zones of left and right brain-hemispheres.  

The issue of influence of ultrasound and infrasound waves on humans has been deeply studied and properly adapted while author-elaborating on theory of “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception”.

The simplified technological prototype-pattern of “VerQAG” headset was initially work-up-embodied as visioning device to be used for  the author’s developed self-experimenting and self-practicing visioning programs targeted to create specific desired meditative self-hypnosis state of mind and altered states of consciousness together with experiencing increased mental processing, happiness, better perception of reality, incredible focus, better self-control and richer sensory experience and developing particular extraordinary abilities and to cultivate cognitive, linguistic and creative skills by practicing author developed “know-how” audiovisual mindfulness- and mind-balancing training programs.

DOSAVET” Project, or DOSAVET-Project, designed as a series of experimental researches,  is focusing on creating the final products and providing the relevant  services. 

DOSAVET-Project is based on the utilization of the intellectual property assets that include “know-how”, methods, techniques, theoretical assumptions, concepts and ideas behind them which altogetehr make the project conceptually different and being recognized as “a good alternative, potentially better and powerful than others on the market”.

The major goal of "DOSAVET” Project is elaborate on high-efficacy methodology of managing combining BCCI (Brain- Control Computer Interface) technology with the virtual emulated-reality intelligent-agent system networks (e.g. ICON) to be deployed at DPP-Platform to allow end-users' computers and smart devices remotely interacting with end-users’ components
Brain-control computer interface in comparison  with brain-computer interface (BCI) offers more "self-healing through self-entertaining" benefits and goals-achieving training-based practices addressed to playing video-games and interacting with 3D virtual emulated-reality environments. BCCI  also offers a new means of behavioral neurosciencesapplications.
 DOSAVET” Project is focused on (i) formation and formatting the online real-time library of bio-signal brainwaves pattern-processing and (ii) on developing new approaches for non-invasive Feedback Brain Control and Stimulation methods based on –

(a)  exploiting end-user’s component of brainwaves control EEG-TMS-feedback interface and receiving digital trigger input information and send stimulation patterns to external vibro-tactile stimulators such as for instance, “Knack Touch” Communicator;
(b) eye-movement tracking and image processing algorithms conditioned on red and cyan/blue light sources illuminating correspondingly left and right eye and providing a reflection, been  captured with a camera, from each eye surface;
(c)  analyzing emotions and memory tasks performing physiology-based activity.  

DOSAVET” Project is designed for-

1)   Elaborating on cost-efficient complete Virtual Emulated Reality (aka VER) research system and technology which are based on usage of VerQAG-Helmet  head-mounted device and which are aiming  studying and improving BCCI  interaction and helping the researchers perform safe and perfectly controlled experiments;
2)   Creating web-platform that is integrated with “BOOKFACE” network enabling both "3D- glasses- free" and “3D-device-needed”technologies and Mind-Balance and Brain-Control video-gaming, built-in mobile application and computer software, and allowing the end-users to create/register their own “AVATAR” role/character-playing profiles and to create a real-time visualization and animation of a humanoids-types virtual characters in VER-environment,  such as for instance, "And-  and Aste- ROIds", integrated in web-page content of dynamic character and background animation in pure HTML5 and JavaScript (jQuery.plugins);
3)   Creating specific computer programs/software and mobile applications and to support all kinds of users with appropriate solutions for their own projects based on online and real-time bio-signal (brainwaves patterns) processing;
4)   Providing self-entertaining and self-healing applications and enhanced neuro-feedback in VER interacting with several BCCI systems.


The main objective of DOSAVET-Project is to conduct experimental educational (scientific) research and perform safe and perfectly controlled experiments with volunteers’ enrollment  which are aimed to evidence the high efficiency of “Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy” practice, based on exploiting the Author’s theoretical discoveries, “know-how” inventions and developments,  to serve as the alternative for brain-controlling conditioned on rapid activation of brain-waves in desired patterns and/or suppression neurons activity that causes negative influence in targeting zones of cortex. The range of such brain-waves may vary from epsilon and ultra-low (alpha, beta, delta, etc.) to high andultrahigh frequencies.

The specific objective of DOSAVET-Project is an elaborating on applications designed for-

(a) developing mind concentration;
(b) training eye muscles and getting quick relaxation recovering from eyes hard working period;
(c) developing the ability of having "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out in the forms of “Virtual Life Continuous Dreaming” and “Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming”;
(d) helping treating vision disabilities such as in particular strabismus (crossed eye), diplopia (double vision), lazy eye, loss of stereoscopic vision (depth perception) and loss of color vision (perception).

It is hypothetically predicted by the Author that “DOSAVET” may help patient’s treatment and rehabilitation addressing to a wide range of diseases, such in particular are the followings:

- stress, fatigue, sleep disturbance;
- for the purposes of psychophysical status normalization;
- posttraumatic healing process acceleration;
- alcohol, tobacco, drug and other addictions;
- as a preventive measure for immunodeficiency states;
- CNS functional state normalization;
- toxicosis of pregnancy, preparation for delivery;
- allergic diseases;
- nervous system disorders;
- closed craniocerebral injury consequences;
- I-II stage arterial hypertension;
- for pain relief purposes;
- stomach and duodenum ulcer;

- ischemic cardiac disease.


    - Mental and having experiencing vivid life-enriching dreams Revolution;
    - Novel uses, interaction and video game-playing with VER-applications;
    - Novel Understanding brain-control interactions with VER;
    -  Bringing BCCI into real-life situations and vivid “second-lives” dreams-having experience;
    - Adapting end-user’s VER-components to the users’ created VER-environment and bringing BCCI into the human-computer interaction and artificial intellect community.

The essential part-as-an-objective of “DOSAVET” Project is its spin-off sub-project titled “DOS-AVER” (trademarks pending) that  is designed for-

(a)         Conducting an experimental research into the uses of “VerQAG”-Helmet” as “Brain Endorphins Equalizer” application (“BEE- App”/ trademarks pending) jointly with “Halloo.C.Nations- App” (trademarks pending), that is addressed to the visual hallucinations treatment, based on  dopamine-blocking activity, that might be theoretically conditioned on “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” Phenomenon;

(b)          Conducting an experimental research into the uses of “VerQAG”-Helmet” as a fundamental component of Brain-control computer interface (BCCI) system.



Live Training and Distance Learning Course is very unique because it does not require from the student to spend hours and hours reading textual materials and learning from them. Most of the time the student will be spending watching animated graphic and short-length cartoon-like videos designed by applying Author’s visual graphic-making techniques.

“DOSAVET” Eyes Aerobics Visioning Training Program is supposed to help:

 - to reinforce the necessary visual skills for effective reading and writing, including excessive close work;
- to release environmental stresses on the visual system that can induce blurred vision, eyestrain, headaches, etc.;
- to develop and improve eye movement and focusing skills, convergence, eye-hand activity, visual memory skills, etc.;
- to achieve goals of newly acquired (by re-learning) visual skills made automatic  and rehabilitating eyes motor and cognitive skills.

“DOSAVET” Eyes Aerobics

 “DOSAVET” EYES AEROBICS as a program of special eye exercises and training is designed to improve the function of eyes muscles and to normalize their working-relaxing functionality that enable eyes to re-align themselves, to restore clear eye-sighting and depth perception as well as to prevent eye vision disorders.
Eyes tracking exercises observation is a set of visioning practices and techniques elaborated by me and it’s presupposed that adults and children with eye vision disorders are capable to be trained for practicing and applying them as elementary basic training of “DOSAVET” EYES AEROBICS.
     “DOSAVET” EYES AEROBICS is an alternative, not medically proven yet, treatment for binocular vision defects such as double vision, lazy eye, crossed eyes, loss of stereoscopic vision and poor depth perception.
Ideally, more long-term controlled studies must be done to evaluate the success rates resulting from “DOSAVET” EYES AEROBICS treatment.     “DOSAVET” EYES AEROBICS is supposed to be very helpful and effective therapy in many cases of having vision disabilities, especially for children who have been previously diagnosed (or even misdiagnosed!) and undertaken supervised already-known programs of "visual training" or "vision therapy".
     “DOSAVET” EYES AEROBICS vision therapy as an individualized treatment program designed is to renew the skills of natural 3D visioning through relearning the process by training and practicing the eyes aerobics visioning that enhance the brain's ability fixing vision disorders.
     For common usage “DOSAVET” EYES AEROBICS basically presented in the form of mobile gadgets application as a sequence of simple cartoon-comics-like web-pages accompanied by specifically designed soundtracks, to be watched and viewed according with a standard training program which might be very attractive for home practicing by children and teens having fun and entertained while treating their eyes disabilities and dysfunctions.To make it even more attractive and interesting the Author recommends using family members’ photographs of the “patient” (child or teen) as main heroes’ characters playing in video and/or animation scenes. The photo cuts might be inserted into the scenes as animated objects by applying image edition function available via the Internet at the cloud-hosting platform.

     “DOSAVET” EYES AEROBICS was elaborated by me as the Author to achieve a goal of raising public awareness about alternative and possibly very effective binocular vision impairments treatment which is also focused onto patients who are children and teens.

1. 3D-Vision Therapy

“3D-Vision Therapy” combines an educational program with alternative volunteer experimental research of both color vision and loss of depth perception deficiency, and is focusing on investigating the possible ways of effective exploiting certain specific visual perception brain phenomenon in order to help the individuals who suffer from color vision deficiency or loss of depth perception to develop the ability of so called “virtual proper color and depth visioning” which is to  be achieved by practicing author developed and specifically designed vision training and applying special visioning techniques that, as expected, will result the brain “virtually” differentiate and correctly identify the blind colors as well as depth.

Anaglyph-Sync by Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu

“3D-Vision Therapy” is basically dedicated to the category of the people who suffer from color vision and loss of depth perception deficiency which are not caused by genetics but possibly by medications, nervous disorders, psychological problems and aging. However, any individual who has such vision deficiency caused by genetics is welcome.
“3D-Vision Therapy” is initially based on the information gathered about your specific color vision deficiency and individualized filters you wear (color-blind contact lenses or color-blind corrective glasses).

 2. Anaglyph Binoculars Graphics Attendant  Service   
3D-glasses-free super-natural visioning perception

AnaglyphBinoculars Graphics is specifically designed animations created with a usage of double-images red-cyan (or yellow-cyan/blue, red-green) color-filtering that simulates natural 3D/holographic visioning perception. 
Serving as the imagery testing aid, Anaglyph Binoculars graphics is targeting examining the viewer’s eyes ability of observing depth-perception effect without wearing anaglyph-glasses or lenses, as it may apply to the individuals who have color-blindness. 
However, what is more important, the application of Anaglyph Binoculars graphics mostly aims to examine the individual’s brain-gaming artifact of Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception.

3D-Vision Therapy
The Anaglyph Binoculars graphics viewing examination, which also might be applied to the individuals with depth-loss perception disorder, aims resulting in correcting the process of practicing 3D-Vision Therapy in order to speed it up, in the most effective way, targeting achieving the individual’s particular given goal. 
For instance, 3D-Vision Therapy practicing with self-entertaining aspects helps individual’s developing the ability of 3D-glasses-free super-natural visioning perception of anaglyph (or HD-gamma-corrected) media content, screened at TV-set, computer or mobile gadgets, with no need to use anaglyph or other glasses. The parallax motion effect together with quasi-anaglyph graphic-making technique applied to create such media content empowers the ability of 3D-glasses-free super-natural visioning perception with really extra-ordinary imagery “screen-depth-in” and “screen-depth-out” 3D- perception observing.

The present publication is written in behalf of the "Author" and is a part of a manuscript adapted for reading-in-annotation at this web-site. The full version of manuscript is available at your request.

free full-version of manuscript in PDF


[1] Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision:

File number: SR 1-845123021
Registered eCO on 11/1/2012
U.S. Copyright Office
Attn:  Public Information Office-LM401

[2] Anaglyph Dreams Inside Out Scripting (ADIOS)/Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out (ELDIO):

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Selective Figure Legends and Supplementary Data, relevant to the scope of the project, are presented at the Author’s Facebook Page: 

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