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"Dreams Inside Out" Animated Cartoon Project

Animated Cartoon:
 Innovative Experimental Project

Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu presents his  “Dreams Inside Out” spin-off sub-project
“Dreams Inside Out” is the working title of “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” spin-off sub-project which is targeted to create a fairy-tale-like paradoxical aphoristic “global conspiracy” parody and “golden- bill-billion” satire animated cartoon that employs 3D glasses-free visualization techniques and "Real Actors' Scene Mounting" character's imaging concept.

Real Actors’ Animated Scene Mountingis a visualization concept focusing on character's imaging of real person’s appearance in cartoon animated scenes.

The spin-off story is based upon “Dreams Inside Out” novelette that I wrote in 2006. The screenplay has been enhanced, modified and adapted for reflecting my “curious to know” theories woven with “forbidden history” hypothesizes and ideas behind them.

Some of my theories are based on so called "naked-truth" conceptualization and "character's erotic-personification" concept which are to be embedded in harmony and logic with an intrigued story-telling      

Dreams Inside Out 3D animaiton
“Dreams Inside Out” story is to introduce, popularize and promote my philosophical and metaphysical points of view on many aspects of social life, culture and science that creates the whole “curious-to-know” picture addressed to the audience of any race.

The synopsis-screenplay is available to be provided at your request only in the case of signing the “LETTER OF INTENT” that will be stating your intention to financially or practically (by providing the relevant professional service if needed) participate either in a crowd-funding campaign or direct-financing campaign. 

Some storyboard visualization demo screen-shots presented at  have been published with a purpose of giving “clues and hints” for general understanding of  the conceptual ideas.


There are two basic version of the project such as “PRO-version” and “LITE-version which are aimed at creating the audio-visual product of different quality and video-effects style.

Dreams Inside Out crowd-funding
“PRO-version” aims at creating 3D immersive and interactive animated cartoon of professional quality to be screened at online “VERA-CITy” sub-platform integrated into DPP-Platform that in addition allows demonstrating the immersive content process, from pre- to post-productions.

LITE-versionaims at creating  hand-made immersive 3D glasses-free parallax motion computer graphic animated cartoon to be watched with cheap VR-headsets or VerQAG-device (Virtual emulated-reality quasi-anaglyph goggles). 

The idea of practical development of “LITE-version” consists in converting and using the final audiovisual product release as the graphics treatment for  “virtual traveling emulation of time-lapse tele-cinematography” animation targeted to be viewed with a usage of VerQAG-device.

Virtually emulated reality end-user’s components


The applying of non-standard Video F/X effects and transitions-based pictorial forms of my “telling- by- visualization” methods and techniques makes pictorial graphic visualization of future animation to be woven with threads of allegory, metaphor and symbolism, sophismatic humor and oxymora-jokes and tied to important psychological, philosophical and spiritual questions and quests.

The main distinctive and unique features of the future animation are the utilization of so called “sophistic self-education and self-healing through self-entertaining” visual perception techniques together with a combination of underlying pictorial concepts of visualization as followings:

-the usage of caricatures of easy-recognizable world famous people and celebrities;

-the usage of optical illusion art;

-the usage of real-looking characters to be appeared in the world of animation scenes (so called “infusion of real world into the world of animation”);

-“Get-inside privately living space” (no-roof-buildings up-view camera effect);

-“Gaming-like” simulation viewing effect. 

The animated cartoon is based partially on the submitted screening results of my earlier video-release “Dreams Inside Out” (including anaglyph version) selected for FREE-DOM experimental anaglyph animation festival held in 2013 in Minsk, Belarus.

fairy-tales modern-day equivalent cartoon
In its deep sense “Dreams Inside Out” is to be considered as my trial to share my philosophical oxymoronic point of view that I was driven by when writing my novel and elaborating on my theory of “futurology” prophecies.

As planned this is partially to be the interpretation of world-famous fairy-tales into modern-day equivalent (possibly for making some sort of fairy-tale cartoon-like soap opera) with educative purposes for wide-range auditory and being told (or shown) as philosophical, allegorical and metaphorical funny jokes animated cartoon that reflects different aspects of our lives, different options and points of view as well as ways of living being visualized with caricature allegorical personages being involved into aliens’ invasion metaphorical fiction-affair. The animated cartoon might be described as a gestalt cognitive and mnemonic art-work enriched in meaning and depth, embedded with allegory and symbolism, with the goal of producing messages that should capture a segment of the world’s attention.

cartoon farytale 3D animation by dzmitry vasilyeu
The main feature of computer animated scenes visualization consists in deliberate disrupting of most traditional rules of painting composition according to the visual perception techniques based on employing cognitive mnemonic associative methods and optical illusions glasses- free 3D effects.
My approach is to combine computer graphic visualization practices of making the illusion-imagery animation and optical art to be understood as "two sides of the same coin".

motivational-inspirational educative artworks
The storyboard demo-screenshots animations depict a form of poster-like motivational-inspirational educative artworks which are artistically multi-layered with various images spliced together. Mainly the spectators are supposed to be focused on the visual perception of events happening in the animation; thus for that reason, there are not much dialogues between characters whose personalities and traits through detailed descriptions and interpretations of the allegories and metaphors are  revealing in their dreams and nightmares.  

Such an examination helps to understand what ‘drives’ each character to take or not to take, by cognitive mnemonic motivational and de-motivational pictorial concept of “to do or not to do” quite similar to William Shakespeare’s “to be or not to be”, a certain action in certain circumstances.The animation scenes are supposed to be created using the Author’s method and technique called “COGNITIVE STRATAGEM STALKING DREAMSANALYSIS” (Non-standard innovative and creative approach to dreams modeling).


- Monad Universe Synchronization Theoretical Prophecy:   “sophistical cosmogony” prophecy based on developing the theory of universe and humans origins as “the common source of functional programming appearance” as well as reconsidering the concept conceived by the Pythagoreans and adopted by Leibniz; and which might be recognized as so called “monad chain operations future modeling” prophecy;

- Moon Other Side Global Apocalypses Paranoia Prophecy:  introducing into the global universal under-control and conspiracy apocalypses global paranoia theory;

-Wannabe Voodoo Prophecy:  introducing into “Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings Phenomena” theory based on the concept of brain artifact phenomena called “mental-mimicry” which is recognized as anti-stress adaptation related to mental-camouflage leading to gaining and imitating similarities with the “iconized” person in appearance and behavior.  

The phenomenon of mass-individuals who are imitating the same iconized person "as a model" is called “polymorphic-monad-mimicry”. 
The theory includes the issues of dream telepathy, clairvoyance, psycho kinesis, psychic self-healing, paranormal phenomena of exploring the hidden infrastructure of reality in the dreams, sleep research, recurring dreams of specific age groups, crisis markers in dreams, life purpose dreams, relationship themes, spiritual and psychic awakening, visitation dreams and nightmares, developing an intuition, the bio-energy therapy, self-healing hypnotherapy and psycho-spiritual training(s);

-“Brain Integrated Babylon Library Evolution” Theory: based on studying and researching of brain artifacts and in particular, the memory storing information processes as well as cognitive, mnemonic visual perception reflecting Will Rogers phenomenon and Triffin and Crocodile-Dragon Dilemmas.

- “Actual Eternity of indivisible Universe”: paradoxical-antinomian theory  that encompasses the Author’s  concepts of over viewing Zeno of Elea’s paradoxes and E.Kant’s antinomies connected to futurology-modeling as a prophecy;

 - “No absolute naked-truth” Prophecy: antinomian concept based on theory of advanced knowledge of the transformative role of consciousness and sub-consciousness;

- Moon Other Side Aliens: “aporetic” (“aporia”)-metaphysic- theory of “aliens’ invasion conspiracy”.

Storyboard Visualization Underlying Concepts


In Russian language “DOM” means “house” or “home”; the allegorical meaning of “free-dom” as “a free house” is certain, but unknown-yet, “the right place” to be used for “placing something” in its “right time” to achieve a certain goal that cannot be achieved without following this “right way”.   The “free-dom” is a significant “cell” in Dimana$U$ Prophecy Tarot card reading. 

"FREE-DOM" visualization concept is focused on pictorial interpretation and illustration of the social phenomena called “wearing the masks” and “attaching the labels” and uses various Tarot cards decks images. 

 "FREE-DOM" concept is based on employing the visual concept of
“Voodoo doll-Zombie Strings” illustration.

“Voodoo doll-Zombie Strings” visual concept is focused on pictorial interpretation and illustration of my theory of the negative influence of the thought-forms generated spontaneously or purposely by the people (“wannabe”) who imitate other person (normally the celebrity, “icon”) to explain “Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings” phenomena, also might be recognized as "magical emanation" or “Tulpa”, causing the iconized persons’ (celebrities,politicians,etc.) lives to be temporarily or permanently changed for worse and in some cases possibly leading to the celebrity’ death because of some accident or undiagnosed/misdiagnosed disease. 

The wannabe imitated person (“celebrity”) could be easily diagnosed for symptom of Voodoo doll- Zombie Strings Phenomena negative influence as soon as he or she suddenly starts experiencing so called “unusual never seen before fright-dreams” and/or repeated nightmares and sleep-terror.

“Oxymora Cognitive Mnemonic”

The “oxymora” (or else “oxy-moron”) cognitive mnemonic (or else mnemo-technique) visualization concept conforms with creating glasses-free 3D computer-animated scenes dedicated to explaining the characters’ motivation-driven and self-questioning actions. 

jeniffer aniston and katy perry 3D animationThis visualization concept, integrated with “Science of Stupid  VS. Science of Wisdom” visualization approach, aims at allegorical and metaphorical mirroring of characters’ actions in their dream-having scenes so the spectator will be given “a hint” about characters’ true motivation and “just another puzzle-piece” for the whole-story-puzzle.


Alicia  Silverstone farytale VISUALIZATION CONCEPTThe GET-INSIDE CONCEPT (aka GIN-Concept) is a scene-making glasses-free 3D visualization concept that applies to creating computer-animated scenes with a visual effect that allows spectator’s self-presence get-inside event-involved immersion.

In conformity with a plot of the animated cartoon  GIN-Concept is applied to create scenes for “docufake” breaking news reportage scenes that are-

(a) imitating the usage of hidden camera or mobile phone;

(b)granting yourself an interview.

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