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Project Participating Opportunities

Welcome to get the key to unlock doorways to your financial benefiting from participating in my innovative projects and  making the international IP-Trade business or monetizing your intellectual property creations  that can be sold and used as my start-up company’s intangible assets to secure projects financing sources (private crowd-funding, business entities investing, venture capitalists financing, etc.)

There are plenty of opportunities for you to participate in my projects in various capacities, so please, read carefully the information below and do not get upset if you could not choose the option that suits you well. 
I am always open to discussion and new ideas so if you fortunately have the ideas how to help me with accomplishing my projects you are welcome to join my team.

                           Inspiring & Empowering!
        Rewarding & Having Fun!


- you are creative individual who think “outside-the-box” and who would like to gain benefits by participating in innovative potentially-high-impact projects,

- you belong to the category of innovative-thinking people who may ameliorate and enrich my projects with new ideas and experiences,

- you are interested in becoming my “co-author” and intellectual property “co-owner” for gaining “co-royalties”,

- you want to become a part of “something special and unique” that has the power to impact health and enhance people’s lives, 

-      you are interested in joining my project-developing with a
purpose of performing “testing-before-launch” duties addressing

- you are practice-based enthusiasts or internationally recognized as basic science or clinical researchers and academic scholars within an area relevant to the practice of audiovisual stimulation therapies.

- you have an active research program and/or strong record of published and extramurally funded research,

- you would like to be authorized for providing leadership to volunteers-involved research clustering in alternative audiovisual stimulation  development and emerging collaborative links across the VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS,

- you would like to provide contribution to the “Application of Virtually Emulated Reality” Research together with relevant  initiatives through innovation in audiovisual therapy aimed at improving the quality of life for all interested,

-you would like to provide the financial support  in exchange of receiving rewards and perk-incentives according to Reward and Perk-incentives Treatment Program that is specifically designed to be properly-addressing individual priorities and that gives the unique opportunity for everyone to start business-making activity,
-      you would like to participate in the Volunteers-Involved Division of scholarly and research programs such as-

(1)  SEE-Program,
(2)  AVER-Research Program,

The Division seeks in all its many facets to be an energetic participant in abive programs addressing global challenging, creativity sparking, inventing and innovation-creating initiatives of connecting people to help them improve the quality of life.

My Projects Mission & Goals

My projects mission is to cultivate and promote the art and science by creating educative and entertaining audiovisual products and developing training-programs through cross-cultural awareness and creative ideas expression, representing new experimental unique concepts, theories and hypothesis.

My projects are oriented to the advancement of understanding and cultural exchange among the people who are interested to develop extra ordinary abilities and to enhance the quality of their lives through practicing innovative self-healing programs and sleep therapy methods based on applying non-standard visual perception computer graphic techniques. 

My projects are focusing on creating audiovisual products, applications and computer programs to be integrated into cloud-hosting platform of
Intelligence Computing Optimization Network

Becoming my Projects featured beta-version products and services sub-licensed Distributor, Reseller or Representative

You might be provided with a mobile app(s) with which  you could perform the specific tasks relevant to the given project needs like for instance, searching for affiliated clients’ prospective targeting audience and  charging the price based on the client’s project product or online service development (features, complexity, business segment, etc.). You also may charge for ongoing services such as mobile marketing (promotions, notifications, and loyalty programs), app hosting, app store submission, maintenance and updates.

You might be assisted with creating your website that gives you the opportunity to sell app building service to the  customers and affiliated clients  letting them building and managing their own mobile apps under their account, via your Reseller website. You get all set of features to setup your price and custom payment plans: it's up to you how much you charge them for the service.

The clients who are using VDA affiliate system that provides affiliate account with special monetization link. From your website you may redirect that link so if anybody purchase or subscribes for affiliated clients’ products or services from that link, you can get some commission.
You may develop additional revenue streams and strengthen customer relationships by providing sub-licenses and sub-licensing products and services to the customers by becoming a member of VDA PRODUCTION Partner & Representative Network. You also may gain the access to additional services that can help you identify opportunities and work with customers and affiliated clients.

You may expect to be provided with the best solutions offerings, make more-informed licensing recommendations, and realize new revenue opportunities for your business.

The Project Representative Dealer

You may participate in a project in capacity of the “The Project Representative Dealer” (aka the Dealer) and might be granted the right to represent and promote my intellectual property based projects and to make reward contribution concerning to the participation in it for the term of the “AUTHOR REWARD DEALER AGREEMENT” to be signed, witnessed and notarized.
For instance, the Dealer will have the right to transfer art-work images to any kind of material; T-Shirts, paper, canvas, electronic medium, etc., for the creation of unique products for advertisement, promotion and commercial distribution.
According to the Agreement conditions you as The Dealer will be paid for the rights granted hereby royalties in an amount equal to the percentages of Author's adjusted gross proceeds from The Work paid on the territory of the Dealer such as:

a) For the Author Reward: 10 %
b) For the sale of copies of the Work by Dealer:  20 %
c) For all leasing proceeds: 20 %

The retail selling price of each original of The Work shall be priced in U.S. dollars and the retail price of any product made using copy of The Work shall be determined by Dealer through agreement with Author. 
The Dealer will have the right to list The Work, with appropriate descriptive material, in any catalog which Dealer publishes or maintains.
Please, be aware that you as “The Dealer” might be granted with variable rights upon the discussion with the Author. For instance, you as The Dealer may have the exclusive right of seeking for Talents in your region covering all bookings and auditions within, let’s say, 100 mile radius of your residency location thus you will be authorized to negotiate future conditions for the rendition of Talent’s services in the fields of motion pictures by participating in “Dimanasus Prophecy” project and its sub-projects.

Becoming Promoter of Representative Virtual Office Concept

The concept of “RepresentativeVirtual Office” web-application consist in taking the excellent care of authors and their accounts, dunning investors for payments, seeing to it that authors are treated fairly, and running interference at all stages of the intellectual property based projects work-in-progress process.

With a usage of “Representative Virtual Office” web-services based application you would be able to serve yourself in a capacity of “IP-Agent” and besides your intellectual property masterpieces will be stored and listed in secure confidential environment that protects your authorship in the case if your intellectual creations are not-yet duly registered and copyrighted.
Thus as soon as you are contacted by publishers or producers who are interested in your creations to be commercialized you may allow them accessing your “Representative Virtual Office” confident data storage (the certain document or archive) without the fear that your ideas might be stolen.
The web-application server will verify that the certain user is authorized to access the document requested.
To be supplied the correct credentials required the certain user, who is recognized as a real publisher or producer, will be automatically asked to sign the “Non-Disclosure Agreement” available in its digital form.

All-in-one services:

-the business plan and strategy of IP-Project developing and trading;
-IP-Project appraisal;
-venture risk report;
-investment opportunities report;
-track fundraising progress report;
-manage trading contacts and interactions report;

 IP-project fund management business tools;

- private equity portfolio management business tools;

- services and sales-force private equity and venture capital management business tool.

-      which functionalities are enhanced with gaming options; and thus if you could ameliorate and improve such pioneer-products you may expect to be awarded with my start-up company shareholding that will allow you gaining so called “co-dividends”.

Representative Virtual Office

  The Certified DISTANT-LEARNING Service Provider

You are welcome to become The Certified Service Provider (CSP) of “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” and “Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy” being involved in the development and advancement of your professional career in the field of sleep and dream therapies practicing and having the exclusive right to advise, counsel and provide direct courses to educate people.



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