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VDA PRODUCTION SERVICES“VDA PRODUCTION” is a Google My Business address-verified (code BY01081801158) authorial-branding service which primary category that best represents it is titled “Intellectual Property Registry”.

"VDA PRODUCTION" brand-name is used at all stages of providing either my personal services in a capacity of the "Author" or AUTHORIAL-TUTORSHIP project-leadership service in collaboration with a team of VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS.

VDA PRODUCTION”, as a pretty loose brand-name, is used for branding collaborative online services provided at request in respect of project-organizing initiatives aiming at creating the final products in IT sector.

 VDA PRODUCTION Collaboratorsis  Closed-Group-Freelancers' team that is co-working operating via Intranet-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) be organized at the request of the client, who is the recipient of competitive-price-services needed for initiating, developing and accomplishing any-complex  project in return for payment or other mode of mutual-benefiting. 

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 "V.D.A. PRODUCTION" brand- name is to be used for identification of services (Intellectual Property Registry) aimed at engaging in collaboration and co-working with the individual entrepreneurs and/or business entities, the residents of Belarus Hi-Tech Park, assisting me in developing and customizing of high-end computer software and mobile applications, be subject to the scope of both my intellectual property assets-based projects and the client's project with relevant and similar scoping goals. 

"V.D.A. PRODUCTION" is to be used for branding products and/or services be manufactured and/or provided by start-up Company registered as 100% foreign capital based business entity that gains the status of resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park. The start-up Company may get all business-making preferences which are not limited by the place of the company’s location and registration within the country’s borders.

 “V.D.A. Productions” is a brand-name to identify the Representative's services (Intellectual Property Registryprovided withing the territory of the United States and aimed at assisting with developing and promoting "Dimanasus Prophecy" project.


Outsourcing Collaborative Online services

VDA production online servicesThe provision of outsourcing collaborative online services is based on exploiting the specific rules and methods for doing intellectual property assets commercialization business by developing complex projects  and creating the final innovative products. 

The specific rules and methods, defined as “VDA-Leap” and “VDA-Sprocket” frameworks, have been elaborated by me through learning from years of successes and failures of distant-organizing and online-managing multi-lingual project teams.

Introduced for the first time in 2013 at “Outsourcing Remote-Controlling Program Management” Meet-Up held in Panama-city, “VDA-Sprocket” and “VDA-Leap”, as two fundamental frameworks of  “Agile-Prop” remote-controlling project management methodology, are aiming at facilitating and speeding-up the process of developing complex projects  based on exploiting unregistered forms of the intellectual property.

The signing of “Clever Agreement” is a necessary mean of bond-contractual protection of  IP-assets at all stages of developing any complex project  based on employment of “Agile-Prop” values and principles targeting to secure the unregistered forms of the intellectual property such as trade secret, know-how and commercial undisclosed information.  

The implementation of “Agile-Prop”, as an alternative hybrid project management methodology, is designed fitting to-

(a) support the needs of IT-specialists, finance managers,the business operators;
(b) protect IP-assets portfolio holder's  rights at all intermediate phases of  developing distantly-manageable projects;
(c) perform all necessary tasks with assistance of trustworthy freelancers’ team working and communicating for achieving faster results within framed time and budget.

My own experience-based proof-of-concept practicing of “VDA Agile-Prop” in a capacity of the project leader allowed me to affirm that-

(a)    “VDA Agile-Prop” framework concept helps individuals and organizations complete IP-based projects faster and more successfully through building a team of trustworthy experts and professionals who work distantly and results-achieving-controlled remotely;
(b)   “VDA Agile-Prop” experience-and-practice based concept addressed to developing project leadership competency and maturity in order to increase the effectiveness of a leader to manage multi-lingual remotely-controlled team in rapidly changing conditions.
(c)    “VDA Agile-Prop” effectiveness is proven for project-working-on collaboration when multi-lingual freelancers are communicating in English with other not-native English speakers (note: especially from India and China) at the high level of mutual understanding the subject of conversation (note: it is very known fact that two not-native English speakers could understand each other much better than if one of them is a English-native speaker)

vda productions business-making app
The key to successful completing the intellectual property assets-based project within a certain time frame and fixed budget is to keep it tracked and encrypted as well as to monitor it with dynamic chart display, robust drag-and-drop control and advanced lay-outs that allow managing and coordinating the project team of VDA PRODUCTION collaborators with high efficiency.

Representative Virtual Office dashboard-workplace is addressed to exploiting all necessary project management tools and planning software that allows having a full view of the client’s project and analyzing its development with flexibility.


All VDA PRODUCTION collaborators, involved in project development process, will sign the “NDA” concerning to performing only one specific “on-piece-rate-basis” task, relevant to the scope of the project, without revealing the entire idea that forms the basis of it; and thus your IP-rights protection and securitization is additionally guaranteed by such mean.

After signing “NDA” I will review your project requirements, target host environment, status and desired timeline, in particular:

1)   review the data elements of the system, along with determining the frequency of their presentment and availability to the decision making structure (either reviewing actual raw data, or the production and discussion of sample data that is deemed suitable for use in development to follow);
2)   review the types of decisions that must be made along with the method of the delivery and availability of those decisions; 
3)   review all families of AI algorithms and approaches, which VDA PRODUCTION Collaborators work with on a daily basis, to determine which type of AI technology is most appropriate for your application that meets your needs in most optimal way.


VDA PRODUCTION Collaborators      On behalf on the client and in order to secure client's project VDA PRODUCTION Collaborators may organize Virtual Private Network that is uniting  home-based Virtual Private Servers and requesting each collaborator’s  identification with a certificate issued  by trustworthy network organization.

The Project Managing Supervisor conceptual approach, targeted to achieving best results in developing and accomplishing the client’s project, consists in building so called “client’s project-branded web-resource” which itself is a “client’s brand-associated” domain name integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or/and Microsoft Azure (MA).

With end goals and specific audiences in mind, VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS may assist you with design and build user experiences aligning client’s brand character with the latest trends in technology.

The Author-branded discovery process helps VDA PRODUCTIONS COLLABORATORS gain an accurate understanding of clients’   goals and needs in order to be most effective in helping them chart the best course forward.

VDA PRODUCTION Collaborators Alliance


VDA cost-effective functionality is basically conditioned on exploiting of tech-integrated-conceptualization called “Guest Operating System Transmogrification” (G.O.S.T. or GOST-Concept).

GOST-Concept is based on applying and organizing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to allow computers to run several operating systems on one computer and the individual servers to function like many servers creating cloud computing networks of different software-programs-integrated environment and web-applications ecosystem to be accessible and remotely-controlled from handheld devices.

An extensive-experience-based VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS, organized in all-in-one distant-services providing team, will be working on your project to create final product(s) as quickly as possible.

VDA Production Collaborators is a global net-working team that has crafted different product, service and competitive-pricing plans to meet exact project basic needs such as “timing” and “budgeting” and to satisfy the requirements of the client’s project.

VDA Alliance is a group of VDA PRODUCTION top-skilled freelancers who previously, as a corporate team, have been working on my own (Author’s) projects and whose identity has been already verified and certified (Intellectual Property Registry). 

VDA Production services help bring visions and brands to life by providing the knowledge needed to create a solid foundation of ideas and practices. By dealing with VDA PRODUCTION COLLABORATORS, who form your project developing team of experienced professionals, you are ensured that you are provided with virtually turnkey event management solutions integrating all logistical, production, fulfillment and management aspects, with the majority of your project needs being met fully in-house.


  "Getting succeed in creating, developing and accomplishing any complex projects"

  Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality Application Development in Intranet & Extranet Networking Systems:


  -Custom AI and AR modular "Intranet+Extranet" components   development; 

  -Ongoing support and maintenance;

  -Delivery and integration of AI and AR modules in Intranet & Extranet;
  -Testing and fine-tuning of structure and decision selection.


  • Behavioral Tracking, Prediction and Recommendation; • Robotics – Movement, Decision Making; • Situational Analysis and Threat Analysis; • Natural language technology and applications; • Autonomous ground vehicles using Artificial intelligence;• Voice Recognition and Computer Speech; • Medical Patient Treatment and Therapy Management; • Chat bots (interactive computer avatars); • Pattern recognition – image, signal or sequence based; • Next Sequence Prediction – finance, genetics, games, behavior; • Games – non-player character behaviors;• Advanced decision simulation for entertainment, defense;• Automated customer service and management; • Business and Industrial process automation; • Financial Guidance and Support;• Surveillance Systems Monitoring Prediction and Analysis; • Identity Systems;• Bioinformatics tools and databases;• Cognitive assistants that reason, learn, and accept guidance to provide effective and personalized support to humans;• Natural Language Processing;• Medical Diagnostics, Symptom Navigation and Dependency•

VDA PRODUCTION Collaborators specialized in Artificial intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) can assist the Client with creating applications be either stand-alone software (e.g. decision support software) or embedded within larger software or hardware systems.

Interactive and Manipulative “marker-less”   Augmented Reality Technology is partially based on face (or item) detecting,    geo-location detecting,   eyes tracking and camera’s view-finding.

VDA PRODUCTION collaborators, subject-matter experts, have made AI and AR their subject s of academic studies. Their approach is to develop and provide AI and AR solutions that meet the stated objectives of the business resulting expectations to be measured effectively.


VDA PRODUCTION Collaborators specialized in software development, implementation and technology transfer services can provide you with successful deployment of effective and long-term solutions.

    If your project requires natural language processing, the building the ‘lexicon’ of syntax will be provided together with a stand-in module (semi-functional prototype) for integration and process integrity check.

Each ID-certified VDA PRODUCTION Collaborator is required to sign (e-Signature*) “Money-back Guarantee Certificate” to be provided to the Client via email. Such “Certificate” is to be attached as an appendix to the Client's copy of the Contract according to its “money back guarantee” clause(s), subject to previous discussion between me and the Client. Such "Certificate" contains a  brief description of the services provided by each collaborator whose services are guaranteed to satisfy the Client's project requirements.

*An electronic signature (e- Signature) is a digital image of the signature that comes with Certified ID number identifying the signer.

I kindly invite all interested
individuals, organizations and business entities
to take to my innovation-based projects

contact dzmitry vasilyeu

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Please, keep in mind that I only communicate with people, who are genuinely interested in collaborating with me in developing my projects, IP-assets portfolio licensing (or acquisition) and IP-franchising with no need to spend time, money and effort trying to identify the needle-in-a-global-haystack seriously-intended entity.

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