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DPP-Platform Prototyping

"Virtually Emulated Reality" 
"Virtual Emulated-Reality":  
DPP-Platform Prototyping

The employment of both “Virtual Emulated-Reality” and "Virtually Emulated Reality" concepts empowers DPP-Platfrom in-cloud virtualization and emulation multi-functionality by adding the specific services which are addressing to hands-on-testing of the interactive emulation of the virtual world experiences and hosting live events with pretty unique users’ entertaining features.

multi-functionality specific services web-resource

The big-data-structured implementation of DPP-Platform is based on its functionality via a private Intranet based blockchain network that allows integrating a diversity of nodes and featuring multi-custom user-oriented wallet-based services. 

The custom functionality might be enhanced or limited by enabling or disabling some user-oriented features in DPP-Platform blockchain-based system. The features that are to be activated by many nodes at the same time allow the node owners update their nodes in right time so the unintentional participation in prevented. Thus the features that come with new versions of node’s software might be applied with a suitable pace or/and not be applied (some of them) at all diverging the network in two parts, namely nodes that implement these features and nodes that do not. Normally the state of each feature is to be stored on the blockchain and thus each Miner’s “yes or no” decentralized voting is needed. 
In DPP-Platform blockchain-operated system each “Super Miner” is to be associated with a concrete user-given project and each “Small Miner” is to assigned as “Project Tokens Supervisor” who might be convinced by “Super Miner” to support the certain feature "SUPPORTED","APPROVED" and "ACTIVATED" by API-based supporting method. 

The beta version architecture of DPP-Platform differs a lot from “standard” blockchain technology including its approaches and consensus models. In contrast to “Proof-of-Stake” and “Proof-of-Work” consensus model, DPP-Platform is to be implemented employing “Proof-of-Concept” consensus algorithm.

The creation of clear framework for users’ tokens business-operating via DPP-Platform is conditioned on employment of “Artificial Intelligence Digital Echelon”(abbreviated as “AIDE”) Agreements (aka AIDE-Agreement) such as for an example "Clever Agreement".

Released at DPP-Platform after the DNA (Digitally Netted Acquisition) fundraising-sale, membership-based users’ tokens are to be servicing as a fundraising tool for any-given innovation-based project  backed-up by DPP-Coins discounter-generated supply of DPP-Tokens.

DPP-Platform employs a quasi-blockchain technology called “CryptoBlockCell-Tech” that is a “a new word” in blockchain technology based on employing the approach of using  a consensus to 3-parties-involved contracting and crypto-graphically signing “Clever Agreement” in combination with expanding supply of “DPP-Coins Discounter System” and “DPP-Coins Fluctuations Bond Acquire-Currency System” which form “DPP-System”.

The Holy Grail of Crypto-currency Blockchain Technology:


DPP-System (aka “DPP-SYS”) is based on employing of “CryptoBlockCell-Tech” together with integrating innovative “know-how” technologies and “trade-secret” concepts, does NOT require buying an expensive IT-equipment and paying for huge-electricity-flow bills that is a “Holy Grail” of crypto-currency blockchain technology.

Based on its fundamental operating principles, which are allowing not only tokens-trading for less than $1 when contracted by coin-holding for bonds but also securing crypto-currency stock by signing “Clever Agreement”, and by  exploiting the “CryptoBlockCell-Tech”, the adoption of DPP-Coins will be a catalyst to the new decentralized internet-based  crypto-currency mainstream system to be implemented at  DPP-Platform (abbreviated as “DPPP” and to be pronounced as “DeeP-PeeP”) that releases DPP-Coins blockchain tokens for providing valuable services and any-given-project crowd-funding/investing, direct-financing  and IP-assets trading.

dpp-coins direct-financing  and IP-assets trading
Not being a claim on a private bank or other financial institution such as bank deposits,  “DPP-Coins” (hereinafter to be used as not plural but sole), as two-tokens or two-coins based crypto-paying mainstream, actually is not really digital or electronic monies but something “significantly else”. This is a type of currency that is non-physical, but image-digitalized not existing in the real word in the forms of banknotes and coins but just virtually; and that can only be transmitted via electronic means allowing transferring of ownership in certain communities integrated into DPP-Platform that registers coins-balances recorded electronically and allow or restrict the transferring of value on computer networks.  

Besides of its optimal traits such as scalability, privacy and decentralization, the DPP-Coins crypto-currency allows beneficially featuring-

(a)  CryptoBlockCell-Tech simplicity along with elegance of PEG-concept;
(b)  easy COIL-integration points for partnering;
(c)  an ability for exchanging and trading (just like exactly dealing with “shares”). 

 “DPP-Coins” is a quasi-stable and market-value-backed two-tokens-based crypto-currency intended for both external and internal exchange in DPP-System which structure provides-

(a)  stability by backing itself with system-internal-usage token, called PEG-token;
(b)  crypto-currency market-value fluctuation with system-external-usage token, called COIL-token

dpp-coins crypto-currency market-value
DPP-Coins Discounter

The quasi-stability of DPP-Coins allows not only short-term stability that is important for day-2-day transactions but also a long-term holding and future-trading to benefit from such.
The PEG-token is to maintain the stability of the crypto-currency usage for everyday transactions. 

The COIL-token is to allow future-trading transactions and crypto-assets operations; and thus potentially it is possible to see it tremendously in-percentage-increased (or decreased) on any given day. Such quasi-stability gives the unique opportunity for IP-assets holders to gain a really good profit conditioned on successful accomplishing of any given IP-assets-based project.

A fee for each future-trading transaction completed goes back to the DPP-System and then distributed back to the DPP-Coins holders who are rewarded for maintaining the system that backs itself.

The “market-value-backed” feature of DPP-Coins is based on implementation and employment of both “Discounter System” and “Intellectual Property Registry” decentralized autonomous organization that is a primary category that best represents VDA PRODUCTION core-service. 

DPP-Coins initial release-conversion rate equals $1 USD.

DPP-System Advantages

-Digital Dashboards and Scoreboards integration allowed for “Miners”, “Project Owners” and “Crypto-Traders”;
- Digital Firm (Agency) integrality partnering;
-Digital currency (digital money, electronic money, electronic currency) systems integration allowed;
- Digital identity, signing, verification procedures-integrating services;
- Backed and stability feed-back regulated;
-Fully decentralized, fast-operated, transparent business-making and trading oriented;
-Well-integrated and established for partnering;
-Maintained through an “Intellectual Property Registry” autonomous system of “Clever Agreements” crypto-contracting.

default token cryptocurrency

Based on utilization of its default token-created cryptocurrency the DPP-Platform is to be used for-

(a)  exploiting wider new-approaches-developed blockchain technology adoption;

(b)  releasing of real-value-based crypto-assets that do not require mining rigs and specialist hardware.

DPP-Coins blockchain tokens

DPP-Platfrom, by providing an exceptional service backed by 3-d party experienced staff to assist any project from start to finish, is to be customized to create user’s project high-impact presentations in multi-media formats aiming at promoting each given project for fundraising campaign including cryptocurrency crowd-funding and crowd-investing.

As planned DPP-Platfrom is to be accessible via Representative Virtual Office (RVO) mobile application called “ROVER-App” and computer program called “ROVER-Soft” (Representative Office of Virtually-Emulated Reality) that allows users to be united in one global Network of Representative Virtual Offices

Network of Representative Virtual Offices is a group of the home-based servers connected to each other and containing a certain set of channels that form a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) under its own name and that forms multi-strategy, multi-fund and multi-market network platforms with the following features and free services available: 
- Ideas Futures Stock Exchanges,
- Intellectual Property Share Market,
- Fundraising and Crowd-funding Foundation,
-Intellectual Project Marketplace and Workplace,
- Database of the Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets protected by the database right,
-Representing emerging companies and investors in venture capital financings;
-Negotiating and dealing on behalf of clients with dozens of venture capital companies and corporate venture capital entities;
-Negotiating and drafting all necessary documentation, from initial term sheets to definitive transaction documents;
-Providing a highly strategic approach to the protection of intellectual property;
-Advising clients on the protection of intellectual property assets and developing and maximizing those assets to advance business interests;
-Offering representation in patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret law and providing independent decision making services related to its preparation and prosecution.

The Representative Virtual Office by exploiting all necessary project management tools and planning software is to be designed to allow having access to a full view of all the projects and sub-projects, tools, files, freelancers and collaborators team. It features a user-friendly multi-lingual interface with a dashboard that allows the project team leader to plan, keep track, and analyze project development with flexibility. RVO functioning options allow accessing to the files from everywhere by personalized login and password.
The Representative Virtual Office being kept as individualized work-space clutter-free (everything within reach, schedules and calendars updated and in sync) allows constant accessing team members who is required to sign the non-disclosure agreements before being included into the project process and starting working on it.

Representative Virtual Office AI network

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