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Intelligence Computing Optimization Network

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“Intelligence Computing Optimization Network”


by Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu (the Author)
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Minsk, Republic of Belarus

The codes for Medical Subject Headings indexing original article subject of publication:
C10 – nervous system diseases
C11 – eye diseases
E01 – diagnosis
E02 – therapeutics
E05 – investigative techniques
F02 – psychological phenomena and processes
F03 – mental disorders
F04 – behavioral disciplines and activities
N02 – health care facilities, manpower, and services
V04 – support of research


The principal objective of innovative project briefly described herein is to create the final products in the forms of brain-control electroencephalogram (EEG) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), aka EEG-TMS,  feedback-interface head-mounted device incorporating virtually emulated reality (or else “virtual emulated-reality”) visioning device,  interactive brain-computer software and mobile application which, as the end-user’s components, are altogether to be integrated into “intelligence computing optimization network” that provides relevant mobile application and computer program interactive processing services applicable in health and entertainment sectors; and that allows end-user’s components and devices such as computers, Smartphone, tablets (iPods), modern technology virtual reality headsets to function in an artificial intelligence manner and lets them, by employing specific algorithms and governing software, to function as  “hierarchical intelligent agents” that may generate new-knowledge of virtually-super-augmented reality data-sets been able accessed for multi-agent planning, cooperation and competition to achieve a given goal, solving challenging problem and performing specific tasks as needed or desired.

 “Intelligence Computing Optimization Network” (ICON) is the API cloud- computing cross-platform infrastructure that employs most-advanced research tools, datasets, statistical techniques and accesses to large amounts of data and faster computers enabled advances in machine learning and perception. The fundamental functionality aspects of virtually emulated reality visioning device (goggles) are based on exploiting special graphic-making technique applied to create specific imagery aimed to be viewed through specifically functioning lenses and detachable color-filters that cause brain-game-artifact  phenomenon called “Bi-Visual Virtualization” together with the specific visual perception phenomenon discovered by me on theoretical background assumptive and mathematical calculation basis and called “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception”.

The combinatory effect  of both “Bi-Visual Virtualization” and “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” consists in a virtualization of stereoscopic image and, still-in-theory, a cause of  producing ultralow, low  and terahertz harmonics oscillations bandwidth of targeted frequency brainwaves of desirable patterns to condition the meditative-state of mind virtually-emulated reality immersion together with variable alternatively-arousing altered states of consciousness.

In particular, I recognize “Bi-Visual Virtualization” and “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” as a brain-game artifact-effect to be potentially powerful and effective visual-stimulation alternative that may positively influence on treating a wide range of psychological and mental disorders, and causing activity decrease of hypothalamic stress reaction, and eliminating of enduring stressful events together with helping:

-treating eliminating parasomnia disorders and sleep deprivation;
- getting rid of nightmares, sleep horror and terror (pavor nocturnus), sleep paralyses, sleepwalking (somnambulism) and imposed ideas syndrome;
-treating post-traumatic stress (PTSD), bipolar & generalized anxiety disorders;
- developing the extra ordinary ability of having experiencing virtual-lifelikecontinuous stereopsis-enhanced and colors-enriched dreams  represented by implementing the events which cannot be experienced in real life and recognized as virtual self-realization and self-entertaining “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVESLEEP-THERAPY”.

“Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomenon, that combines “Uni-Sync” and “Anaglyph-Sync” specific visioning effects, is a scope of self-experimenting control studying and research investigation that aim to prove the reality of such phenomenon together with its presupposed effectiveness by method of EEG-TMS feedback brainwaves direct visual stimulation and conclusion-making analysis of the data supported by electroencephalographic recordings.

 My futurological and still-theoretical understanding of the artificial intelligence system that exceeds human intelligence by being capable to perform multi-mental-facilities acting that a human cannot do consciously  claims to the new definition such as “artificial super-intelligent-brain” system ( “Art-SIB” and “Art-SIB-Sys” correspondingly ) which is characterized by its fundamental trait of having the ability of giving birth to the new knowledge and new prophetical concept of “trade- on-knowledge” that aims to enormously accelerate the progress in technology and science with no need of involving a huge amount of human resources and conducting complicated long-term scientific exploratory researches.
One of my goals is to test hypothesis concerning the potentiality of “Intelligence Computing Optimization Network” being able to generate and develop new ideas and knowledge including “knowledge-representation”, “problem-solving” and “decision-making” based on:

         - Eureka-Effect Learning Transferable Multimodal Representations (deep learning);

-  Virtual world augmentation for training data generation;
    Ultra-augmented hybrid virtual-real-world training data-sets with renderings of 3D virtual objects;

- Active & reinforcement “Eureka-Effect” learning algorithms for effective training data generation and accelerated Artificial Intelligence learning;

- Large scale virtual training of scene and video understanding by Artificial Intelligence system through “VERA-CITy-Sys” end-users’ components interaction such as including:

        -Visual Tracking, Re-identification,
        -Pose Estimation, Action Recognition, and Event Detection
        -Object-, instance-, and scene-level segmentation
        -Scene flow, depth estimation, andviewpoint estimation
        -Visual Question Answering and spatial-temporal reasoning
        -X-recognition: objects, text, faces, emotions, etc.

As theory-futurologist my brainstorming manipulative experimental researches and hypothesizes-testing allowed me to make quite-unbelievable and seemingly preposterous conclusions on the way of develop pretty overwhelming concepts that concern the artificial super-intelligence.
My conceptual hypothesized approach is based on the general idea that the artificial super-intelligence does not necessarily need to completely mimic human intelligence imitating cognitive functions and techniques that humans consciously use to solve problems. The goal is to find the essence of so called “out-of-box associatively-intuitive super-abstract logic” reasoning and problem-solving evolutionary algorithms which still may employ tools normally used in artificial intelligence at the first stage of initiating algorithmic processing and solving novel non-routine problems that cannot be solved by previously learned schema.
The term of “Art-SIB” might be interpreted as “brain-simulacrum” defined as “a copy with no original” by the analogy to “sib twins”.
My “Eureka effect” hypothesis concerning “Art-SIB” is based on a supposition that at mankind’s disposal there is already-enough advanced knowledge (I call it “intelligence logistics”) which might be computationally shuffled and manipulated, operated and optimized by employing specific innovative non-standard knowledge representation & problem-solving processing in order to  result synthesizing a high-grade new knowledge or else interpretive “Eureka effect” representation of “the answer to an unsolved riddle”.
The stepping stone toward attempting to understand the difference between the artificial intelligence that mimics human- consciousness-brain-working and “Art-SIB” is to prove that the possibility of imitating sub-consciousness-mental acts performed by “artificial super-intelligence” is really existing and not just hypothetically.
Practically speaking my overall research goal is to test the hypothesis of “Art-SIB” embodiment such as “super-intelligence computing” system (SIC-system) that is able to synthesize a new knowledge together with a new virtual reality of the real world and a virtually-prophetical knowledge akin, as it applies, to “sub-consciously-created” and “quasi-consciously –visualized” virtual knowledge realities generated by human brain in dreams during the sleep.
Colloquially, the above-mentioned process of new knowledge virtual-artificial-synthesis is termed by me as “Dimanasus Prophecy Synthesisotron” where  “Dimanasus” is the abbreviation for “Digitally Imitated Mental Acting Neuro-Associatively Stalking-Unified Stratagems”. Future advancements in such technology may create new industries that were previously neither feasible nor realistic.
One of my “artificial super-intelligence” concepts elaborated and called “Synthesized Artificial Intelligence Logistics” (SAIL) might be simply explained by giving the analogy with a computer chess-playing system that not only will be always beating the greatest world chess champion but also be able to generate new specific rules making “chess playing” more entertaining and brainstorming and finally leading to the conversion into  “multi-players synthesized chess-similarity-strategic game” as an example.
My experimental out-of- box problem-solving and decision-making algorithms research resulted in coming up with the concept of “Pyramid Optimization of Associative Characteristics”, a search and optimization algorithm abbreviated as POACH-algorithm, which is based on “Cognitively  Associative Logograms Mnemotechnique” ( CALM-Tech) matrix-compilation.
CALM-Tech matrix-compilation are represented in the form of stereo-audiovisual associations which are spatial image and sound mixed manipulative patterns or concepts (ISM-concept) used to compile the task-processing SAIL-database.
Stereo-audiovisual associations represent various objects, properties, categories and relations between objects, situations, events, states and time, causes and effects in the form of spatial mixture of images and sounds patterns that altogether represent an extensive supper-ontological knowledge about the world that the “Art-SIB” has to operate and manipulate with in order to synthesize a new knowledge.

SAIL-database as a knowledge representation of SIC-system is a fundamental aspect of “Intelligence Computing Optimization Network” (ICON) which simplified “physical” embodiment might be represented as the Internet cloud computing cross-platform infrastructure that employs most-advanced research tools, data-sets, statistical techniques and accesses to large amounts of data and faster computers enabled advances in machine learning and perception.

I have elaborated on a theoretical concept of “Pyramid Optimization of Associative Characteristics” algorithm which main characteristic called “VER-IT-able” is based on intuitively computable algorithmic problem-solving and decision-making techniques that consists of two basic associative and intuitive methods of reasoning and planning such are “associative-induction method” and “intuitive-deduction method” both conditioned by so called “Operative Disposal Digesting” function (ODD-function) of SIC-system.

ODD-function if practically speaking means “what kind of knowledge the artificial intelligence system needs to have at its disposal in order to rapidly and effectively achieve the desired problem-solving & decision-making goal by generating a new knowledge which in its turn might be also represented as already-existing knowledge but been new-approach-conceptually synthesized (or modified) as a new one”.
The associative-induction method might be depicted as “from-particular- to-general” process of making a search starting from one single basic stereo-audiovisual association depicting “one-concept-guess” and being further refined in increment-operative way until no more refinements can be made or otherwise CALM-Tech matrix is considered “surplus”.  Such method can be visualized as pyramid coming downstairs: from its top to its bottom.

The intuitive-deduction method might be depicted as “from-general-to-particular” process of making a search starting with CALM-Tech matrix (or correlated “surplus” matrix) until one single stereo-audiovisual association computed and more deduction  considered “surplus”;  and visualized as pyramid climbing: from its bottom to its top.Remarkable to admit that “Cognitively Associative Logograms Mnemotechnique”  as a super-symbolic quasi-abstract logic knowledge representation might be also applied to the artificial intelligence  that truly imitates the human’s associations-assumptions brain-working techniques of problem-solving and decision-making.

CALM-Tech matrix of audiovisual associations may approximate human consciousness that could create a “thought” in the manner of human thinking in polynomial time and artificial intelligence  system by being “existing” in its own “virtual reality environment” may produce new sorts of intellectual property. CALM-Tech matrix of audiovisual associations might be represented as segregated emulations of brain sections (visual cortex, motor cortex, language area, etc.) which by pseudo-representing memory or knowledge concept elements (sights, sounds, words, emotions) been encrypted in them form altogether the artificial intelligence knowledge representation database.

By operating and manipulating with CALM-Tech matrix of audiovisual associations artificial intelligence  computing system might be defined as a “machine” that has a capacity for self-awareness, abstraction and subjective experiences; in other words, it can be defined as the capacity to experience of “being awarded” and “being punished”. Thus the traditional concerns tied to “human sentience” might be applied to such computing system that may come to decisions weighing data encumbered with emotional components. The CALM-Tech matrix concept explains how a wide-range of the ontological knowledge that describes the categories of objects, abstract definitions and terms been already invented by humans might be represented in their stereo-audiovisual forms that combine “images” and “sounds” correlated and related to each other allowing artificial intelligence  computer to perform a high-level visual and audible recognition tasks, such as image and sound classification, detection and semantic segmentation. I call such recognition tasks process as “artificial intelligence stereo-gnosis”.


Virtually Emulated Reality of Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Type System

My conceptualization of API “intelligence computing optimization network”  consist of overall research goal aiming to develop an architectonic prototype of so called “Virtually Emulated Realityof Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Type System” which fundamental functionality is to be based on virtually emulated reality intelligence technology (aka “VER-IT”) which annotative description was given above.

Pyramid Optimization of Associative Characteristics
   By manipulating with CALM-Tech matrix that form artificial intelligence classification category database, will allow artificial intelligence computing system not only seeing a number of examples of things from several categories in order to visualize the future being able to make predictions by modeling its own future actions that will change the future in the most effective way as desired and been chosen from all possible and available choices that maximize the value of such “change”.

Artificial Intelligence Computing Optimization Network

“Intelligence Computing Optimization Network” embodiment is to be represented by “Virtually Emulated Reality of Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Type System” or else called “Virtual Reality Emulation Interactive System” and its end-users components. 
“Virtually Emulated Reality of Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Type” System (“VERA-CITy-Sys”) is the Author’s elaborated mega-concept for virtual reality emulation interactive system that  integrates components of artificial intelligence and users’ virtual worlds individually created by end-user system components to render the virtual environment providing dynamic feedback and real-time response and to perceive its own users’ virtually emulated environment in capacity of "intelligent agent" that takes actions to maximize its chance of success at as many goals as desired, in particular, but not limited, cognitive psychology and behavioral neuroscience researches. 

1. Virtually emulated reality quasi-anaglyph goggles (“VerQAG”);
3. Gesture and fingers touch control haptic handheld device (“Knack Touch” Communicator);
4. Computer software (“VERA-CITy-Com”);
5. Mobile Application (“VERA-CITy-App”);
6. Intelligence Computing Optimization Network (“ICON”)

The end-user’s virtually emulated reality environment called Representative Office of Virtually-Emulated Reality”, abbreviated as “ROVER”, is an individualized clutter-free pre-built virtual machine home-based server that represents an user’s augmented reality complete and integrated virtualization “from desktop to data center” workspace that is equipped with all necessary tools, programs and application-driven virtualization solutions integrated with the various applications and infrastructure allowing performing a wide range of different on-line and off-line tasks either for self-entertaining or business making. One of the numerous pre-supposed functionalities of such virtual workspace, in particular, is the application of “one-click” web-site-building and domain secure home-based hosting blogs and social-media networks profiles based on exploiting virtual reality immersion technology.

Thus the virtual reality emulation interactive system is formed by the end-user’s home-based servers connected to each other and containing a certain set of channels that form a secure network based on periodically changing of the protocols and ports for network protection from the unauthorized access by users who did not pass the authenticity verification and registration by “FINGERPRINT & PERSONAL SIGNATURE” verification.

The fundamental aspect concerning the main-functionality goal of “VERA-CITy-Sys” is to conduct researches in behavioral neuroscience and cognitive psychology aimed developing precise noninvasive methods that can be applied to human subjects dealing with mental processes and behaviors been monitored by virtual reality emulation interactive system and feedback-shared across users’ different models such as:
  • Sensation, emotion and perception
  • Unmotivated behavior
  • Control of gesturing
  • Learning and memory
  • Sleep and biological rhythms
The behavioral neuroscience researches, in particular, are targeting to test the hypothesis of the Author’s elaborated theory calledElectromagnetic Neurons-Resonated Associative-Pace Theory”, abbreviated as “E.N.R.A.P.T”, that refers to the postulate that new- knowledge associatively-perceived concepts might be generated by sub- consciousness (and even consciousness-mental-acting) representatively-aggregating brain's electromagnetic field surrounding neurons that may resonate at the certain frequency and create the "temporary-virtualized" oscillatory neurons-bundled network conditioned on such electromagnetic field influence and which further might be stabilized as continuous-working  network that will steadily represent aforementioned and associatively-paced new- knowledge-concept (“Quasi-Eureka effect”). Thus above-mentioned behavioral neuroscience researches are focused on evaluating the potentiality of creating the human brain-computing emulation system called “super-intelligent artificial brain” which is supposed to be operated and processed by “reasoning and decision-making sub-consciousness-simulating” algorithms based on “E.N.R.A.P.T” and “Quasi-Eureka effect” conditioned by ultra-augmented reality and hybrid reality including virtual reality (aka VR).

The self-control studying and self-experimenting researches, possibly with volunteers to be involved, are focusing on proving the reality of “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomena  and further the efficiency of the end-user’s system components of “Virtual emulated-reality quasi-anaglyph goggles” and “Electroencephalograph-TMS Emotion and SensationEqualizer Brain Control Feedback Interface” helmet to be applicable aiming:

- to eliminate possible detrimental side-effects normally caused by modern technologies of immersive virtual reality;

-to assess  the practical potentiality of aforementioned devices application as Sensory Motor Activities Brain Balance Achievement Application developing and cultivating skills, in particular “cognitive”, “linguistic” and “creative”; 

- to positively influence treating a wide range of psychological and mental disorders, sleep and normal vision deprivations including visual hallucinations.

I steadily consider the employment of “VerQAG-Helmet” brain control headset as an effective alternative of virtual reality immersion with no causing practically and even theoretically possible detrimental side-effects.


United States Patent and Trademark Office Trademark pending applications:

1.“VERA City App Soft”
2.”Intell Com Opt Net ICON”
3. “QuACK Tech collection”

World Intellectual Property Organization Patent Cooperation Treaty
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5.“Uni-Sync”: Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception
6.“Anaglyph-Sync”: Bi-Visual Perception
7.Self-Hypnosis Meditative Sleep Therapy
8."ELDIO": Live-Dreaming Sleep Therapy
10.“Knack-Touch” Communicator: VR-Controller

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