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Virtual emulated-reality animation: VERA-city PROJECT

Immersive & Interactive Low-Cost Home-Cinema Entertainment:

The Philosophy behind Virtual Emulated-Reality (VER)

by Dzmitry Alexandrovich Vasilyeu (Author)

At first sight all this may look like a lot of hype and not much substance, especially if to pay attention to exploiting quasi-anaglyph graphic designed to be observed with the usage of VerQAG-device equipped with color-pair filters. This is a "seemingly nonsense" to use "old-fashioned anaglyph" technology for virtual reality environment but IT IS CERTAINLY NOT! For instance, the usage of lenses with color-pair filters might be determined by home-cinema spectators who are color-blind or stereo-blind.

The usage of VerQAG-device with color-pair filters may compensate for color-blindness and depth-perception loss and can be tailored to an individual’s visual impairments so viewers may enjoy created hologram-like imagery that adjusts itself to the subject’s eye conditions. The user types in their eye prescription and the system adjusts the apparent 3D depth of the image to bring it into focus. The algorithm can even take into account more serious eye problems by splitting the image into segments and placing the segments at focal depths that avoid the damaged part of the eye.

The final releases of audiovisual products are to be screened at online “VERA-CITy” sub-platform integrated into DPP-Platform that in addition allows demonstrating the immersive content process, from pre- to post-productions.

Obviously, reaching the right audience requires teaching prospective audience how to watch VER-film or VER-animation, so in this connection I organize events, webinars and training-based programs.

Virtual Emulated Reality 
Animation City


Virtual Emulated Reality application

For the purpose of additional-finance-seeking promotion the working title of this “Dimanasus Prophecy” spin-off sub-project is “VERA-City”.

  “VERA-City” (Virtual Emulated Reality Animation City) is a brand-new  sleep and vision issues-dedicated networking sub-platform to be integrated into DPP-Platform and to implement game-engine multi-streaming users-oriented applications designed for practicing alternative vision therapy training-based programs (e.g.“Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy”) which require the usage of VerQAG head-mounted device.
 Please note, that "City" is to be decoded as first two letters combination derived from  words "cine" and "type".

Virtual Emulated Reality imemrsive and interactive Animation

The special category of vision training program to be proposed at VERA-City sub-platform addresses to developing the ability of perceiving 3D-depth of quasi-anaglyph graphics with the naked eye and trained brain conditioned on visual cortex simultaneously processing of red-cyan, cyan-yellow and red-green color-pairs visioning stimuli.

SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY”, the effectiveness of which is partially conditioned on the usage of “VerQAG” head-mounted device, is to be deployed as an audiovisual application at VERA-City sub-platform.

VERA-City sup-platform mission is to evaluate success results of practicing “Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy” as an alternate vision therapy to be effective and medically proven as a treatment for binocular vision impairments, such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, and strabismus, loss of stereoscopic vision, and poor depth and tracking.

The combined practice of “Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy” and “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” is anticipated to be very helpful in many cases of children’s and adult’s disabilities or developmental delays such as dyslexia, autism and the attention deficit disorder, and much more.
Through providing users’ big-data processing and analyzing together with testing-applications for vision deprivations online examination, VERA-City sup-platform is targeting to organizing “Children's and Adults’ Visual Learning Center for visual health”.

The concept of practicing “Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy” as a form of "physical visioning therapy»  is  proposed for the eyes and brain mindfulness training that consists of a program of eyes-tracked exercises which have a great potential for improving vision by systematically applying training on the based on the usage of “VerQAG”.

Due to the “Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” phenomenon  the viewing an anaglyphic, red-cyan, yellow-cyan and red-green side-by-side pictures with the usage of “VerQAG” is to be considered useful in treating problems with binocular vision or stereo vision such as, amblyopia and strabismus.
The techniques and technologies of employing “Bi-Visual Fluctuations phenomenon” for “Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy” (aka DOSAVET) have been developed by me and are to be recognized by optometrists and ophthalmologists as innovations in the field. 
“DOSAVET”  applications, employed for self-directed and self-help program of eye exercises, are designed to be widely advertised and marketed to the public as innovation-based tools that help developing appropriate clear methodology and home-based “cheap” examination and treatment employment without involving medically conducted-in-office supervised therapeutic procedures and regulated medical devices used by optometrists.


VERA-City sub-platform aims at giving the opportunity to deploy user’s game-engine individualized audiovisual stimulating applications and to use special features which are dedicated to easily-making of 3D/2D game-based content across all major mobile, VER, desktop, console, and TV platforms including WebVER 360 Image/Video by employing quasi-anaglyph graphic-making technique that allows users’ “self-healing through self-entertaining”  finding  themselves  at the center of revolutionary-updated Quasi-Anaglyph World with VerQAG.

Virtual emulated-reality animation, abbreviated as VER-Anim, is an educative sampling animation to be exploited as a key-graphic interactive application addressed to the viewing quasi-anaglyph images for their visual benefits and experiencing VER-immersion for brain mindfulness training.


VER-Anim exploits COGNITIVE ANAGLYPH GRAPHIC concept that is based on creating “quasi-anaglyph” animated scenes with involving of diversity of objects in their “repetitive” actions. Please, note that the word “ANAGLYPH” is always implied by “QUASI- ANAGLYPH” term.

The simple animation samples presented at this page are designed just to illustrate, without revealing the conceptual graphic-making peculiarities, how quasi-anaglyph graphic-based animated artworks containing my personal photographs looks like. By using the anaglyph goggles for viewing such samples this is quite easy to notice that the stereo-effect observed and horizontal parallax background moving-effect are pretty slight (if not absent at all).

VER-Anim Intro

 quasi-anaglyph graphic-based animations Virtual emulated-reality animation is based upon mixed-version digest-adaptations for "Dreaming Upside Down" animated cartoon and  "FREE-DOM" animated movie. 
VER-Anim is to be presented in  two forms of animated graphics to be viewed with the usage of virtually emulated reality quasi-anaglyph goggles or anaglyph googles.

The original and intrigued plot of VER-Anim is partially based upon my “FREE-DOM” novelette. The release of VER-Anim to be hosted at DPP-Platform aims at popularizing my “curious-to-know” hypothetical future modeling “World War III.TAI” prophecy together with some other relevant "stupid of science" theories and ideas.


“III.TAI” abbreviation of the ending of the title of the Author’s hypothetical future modeling prophecy called of “World War III.TAI” is decoded as “II-secondary (or second-hand), I-Information.T-Technology. A-Artificial. I-Intellect”.

VER-Anim is supposed to be released in its “LITE-”,  “PRO-" and “MEGA-" versions.

“LITE-version” aims at creating the quasi-anaglyph animation targeted to be used for  Self-Experimenting Examination Program (“EL DIO” PROJECT).
“PRO-Version” aims at creating “virtual-cine-type”  experimental short-length interactive quasi-anaglyph animation designed for gaming-interacting   and practicing  “Doubled Objects Stereo Abstracted Vision Entertainment Therapy”.

“MEGA-VERSION” aims at creating the animation to be  exploited as an audiovisual stimulation therapy application that enhances extra-benefits interactive functionalities by means of being integrated with mobile application and computer program allowing accessing virtual reality interactive gaming social-network cloud server web-resource.

 virtual reality interactive gaming social-network cloud server web-resource.The sound and music of animations are supposed to be mixed in an optimal-way designed and specifically pitched brainwave-entertainment meta-soundtrack by exploiting “Audio Digest Aspects" technology that allows achieving 3D audio effect on condition of listening it using stereo headphones with a special audio equalizer-like filters.

“Audio Digest Aspects” (ADA”) is a music-sound photo- acoustic synestesia-effect technique that exploits various range of audio- filters, isochronal tones,  pseudo-quasi-binaural sounds that leads to the unusual additional experiences of hearing sounds and specifically composed music by increasing activation of brain regions involved in sound perception, thus demonstrating their reality, and similarity to real sound perception.

The synopsized-screenplay is available to be provided at your request only after signing the “LETTER OF INTENT” which should state your intention to financially (or practically by providing the relevant professional service if needed) participate either in P2P crowd-funding campaign or B2B direct-financing campaign addressed to the concrete version of the project to be funded. 
Some storyboard visualization demo screen-shots are presented at my Facebook page to give enough “clues and hints” for smart people to understand at some degree what kind of ideas stand behind them.


(written on behalf of the Author)

Cognitive Anaglyph Graphic (aka “CAG”) is a computer “hand-made” stereo-graphic created by applying author's methods and techniques of the associative, cognitive and mnemonic visual imaging art with elements of optical illusions and represented usually in the collage-animated form which is specifically designed to be viewed either using anaglyph goggles or virtual reality head-mounted display equipped with a pair of red-blue (cyan), red-green and yellow-blue (cyan) detachable optical filters. The pair of red-blue colors is the basic for anaglyph graphic to be viewed starting experiencing the positive influence of special visioning effects and together with “red-green” and “yellow-blue (cyan)” are used for so called “self healing through self-entertaining” vision therapy practicing  developed by the Author.

Cognitive Anaglyph Graphic includes the elements of optical illusions and mnemonic associative-visual interpretation intellectual art imaging and targeted to cause visual cognitive discord.
The visual cognitive discord is effect of the subjective perception, arising at the spectator at simultaneous reception of the visual information with two inconsistent aspects about the same object screened or a subject situation in which the given object is involved. The cognitive discord itself is an incentive motive for starting some cerebration in order to eliminate the given contradiction of visual perception. Thus, the visual cognitive discord in intellectual art imaging is used as stimulus for active knowledge quest.  

For initial experiencing of visual perception effects positively caused by CAG stereo-image and starting practicing visioning therapy this is enough for beginners to watch it being screened on the computer and viewed using simple anaglyph goggles with red-blue (cyan) filters. To be applied with more advanced visioning effects therapy purposes Cognitive Anaglyph Graphic are represented in the form of double-imaging artworks designed for screening and viewing it on smart phone being put into a slot of virtual reality head-mounted display visioning device  with some technical features based on Author’s technological concept.  

Developed by the Author the technological concept is intended to allow such device to be used in health and entertainment sectors for the purposes of associative-visual stimulation caused by viewing specifically designed CAG- animation simulating 3D self-presence-in- episodes and pseudo-virtual- objects- surfing effects. 

The “associative-visual stimulation”, still in theory, leads to the harmonization and synchronization of the right and left brain-hemispheres and stimulates activating of "self-healing" mechanisms in a human body. 

 Both CAG-artworks and CAG-cine used with vision therapy purposes are represented in the form of "individualized imaging» causing «qualia-coloristic" vision perception effect considering features of subjective aspect of perception of colors and their compatibility. 
The specific features of "qualia-coloristic" visual perception might be targeted on both an individual and group of individuals who have common “color-associative” perception that is conditioned on their accessory to the certain “professional category” such are common “profession”, “ethnic roots”,  “nationality” and “culture” and etc.
According to the Author’s point of view based on success results of self-experimenting, the Cognitive Anaglyph Graphic, by being watched on regular basis following the specific recommendations developed by the Author, will allow the positive influence on pretty wide range of health-issue treatments.
The basic feature of CAG is the author's «hand-made» technique to be applied to create such graphic entirely on the computer without need of special video-camera shooting. The effects of vertical and horizontal parallaxes on CAG-artworks are normally and intentionally absent; and thus, literally it is not “anaglyph” but "quasi-anaglyph" graphics as the Author named it.
Cognitive Anaglyph Graphics represented in the form of series of images either “still” or “animated” is called CAG-cine based upon uniform plot and might be accompanied by a special musical composition with pseudo-binaural sound effects intended for listening with head -phones.


The pictorial form of storyboard demo screen-shots are made using caricatures and digitally manipulated fake-images of easy-recognizable, celebrity and world-famous people; however there was never the Author’s intention to be disrespectful or offensive in any way towards any of them. Please, take in consideration that Author is not professional but self-taught person who made computer graphic storyboard demo-screenshots presentation in pretty simple childish-like-collage pictorial style; thus, be indulgent. The storyboard screenshot compositions include Author’s photos and his books draft-cover-images as well as cuts of text from chapters and screenplay scenes.
The caricature and fake images utilization is used as a source of common, not-depending on cultural and ethnic aspects, cognitive and  mnemonic oxymora- illustrative associations visualized by applying various Author’s pictorial methods and techniques. Such methods and techniques   allow the spectator easily recognize,  analyze and predict the event that involves personages in their dreams visualizations by giving hints for foretelling the future event in the next episode. 
The names of celebrity and world-famous people’s characters or personages, possibly as a future prototype cast, used in Author’s novels and screenplays have been changed by applying  "oxymoron personification" nicknaming

More detailed information describing Author’s “know-how” methods and techniques applied into the project is contained in materials provided for the U.S. Copyright Office registration:

1.File number: SR 1-1-849955616,Registered eCO on 11/13/2012 by U.S. Copyright Office, Attn:  Public Information Office-LM401;

2. File number: SR 1-845123021,Registered eCO on 11/1/2012,
U.S. Copyright Office,Attn:  Public Information Office-LM401

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