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Sleep Therapy Experimental Program  
“Self-Healing through Self-Entertaining"

 "unique opportunity of contributing to
real happiness and excitement of living through having pre-modeled  and life-enriching dreams"
real happiness and excitement of living through having pre-modeled  and life-enriching dreams
Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out


The codes for Medical Subject Headings indexing original article:

•  A07 – cardiovascular system •  A08 – nervous system  •  C10 – nervous system diseases •  C14 - cardiovascular diseases •  F02 - psychological phenomena and processes •  F03 - mental disorders •  F04 - behavioral disciplines and activities •  G02 - health occupations •  G04 - biological phenomena •  G06 - biochemical phenomena •   I03 – human activities

•   I02 – education •   L01 – information science •   M01 – persons
•   N02 – health care facilities, manpower, and services
•   N04 – health services administration
•   N05 – health care quality, access, and evaluation
•   V03 – study characteristics (publication type)


STEP-PROJECT (note: "STEP" stands for "Sleep Therapy Experimental Program") or else called STEP-RESEARCH is an educational research program that is aiming at performing safe and perfectly controlled experiments  focused on evidencing and scientifical-proving the high efficacy of “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” as "a practice" of special training-based treatment addressing a wide range of mental disorders, psychological and sleep deprivations, and cardiovascular diseases.

The basic “STEP-RESEARCH” objectives are the followings:

- Running experimental paradigms and configuring the electro-sleep observing;
-Performing circle training and high attitude scientific experiments;
- EEG-recording while the volunteer performs image observing visual task before falling asleep by means of Electrosleep Machine (electrotherapy stimulation) and soon after wakening.

The volunteers-enrolled experimental studies are focused on helping the volunteers, who suffer from  parasomnia disorders and sleep deprivations, to develop pseudo-paranormal and extra-ordinary ability of having experiencing "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out in the forms of “Virtual Life Continuous Dreaming” and “Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming” and to take a part in the audiovisual stimulating programs, addressed to-

(a)             achieving the self-entertaining, personal life-experience enriching and self-healing benefits;
(b)              evaluating the success rates of effectiveness resulting of practicing “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY”, aimed to trigger self-healing mechanisms during the sleep.

 “STEP-RESEARCH” is designed to evidence the  prerequisite of success of practicing “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY”, be recognized as alternative and highly effective way of helping  treating sleep deprivation and sleep disorders without a need of taking any medications,  with a usage of “VerQAG” visioning device  that allows eyes-movement tracking visual stimulation, called DOSAVET visioning training.
The innovative part of the “STEP-PROJECT” consists in creating computer software (program), mobile and web-application called “STEP-Soft” and “STEP-App”. The Javascript-based client-side applications (HTML5 Multi-resolution/ Panoramic Video, CSS 3D Transforms, WebVR or WebGL), work on home-based media smart servers web-platform infrastructure that allows end-users’ benefiting from availability of diversity of self-entertaining options and specific functionalities.
The major objective of “STEP-PROJECT” is to create “a global village research community” web-platform that unites life-enriching enthusiasts and dream-therapy sympathizers worldwide and that is targeting to giving the unique opportunity to the community members to enjoy using above-mentioned products together with the components of “virtually emulated reality”, or else “virtual emulated-reality”, applications and "VerQAGdevice.
The initial immersion into SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE STATE is normally characterized by starting experiencing of distinct static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. Such “sensation”, commonly known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), may be associated with audiovisual synergy-synesthesia synchronization effect which is commonly conditioned on and triggered by specific visual and auditory stimuli.

Having experiencing the feeling of any-grade-euphoria while performing specifically designed audiovisual stimuli-conditioned task with a usage of Ver-QAG device may be compared with “brainwaves-massage-effect” that is conditioned on frequency-based neuro-stimulation.

Brainwaves-massage-effect is one of the indirect indicators of initial gradually-positive achievement in developing the ability of having "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” by practicing AudioVisual Synergy-Synesthesia-Synchronization CompositingFrequency-based NeuroTherapy” (“AV3SynC-NeuroTherapy”).


VER-PlatForm is designed for-  

(a)   Studying and improving EEG-brain-interactions (BCI: brain-computer interface) with VER through viewing the VER-animations;
     (b) Researching in improving brain control computer interaction;
     (c) Performing safe and perfectly controlled experiments;
     (d) Mind-Balance video-gaming ("glasses-free 3D" technology within a virtual emulated reality environment; 3D-dimensional controlling of the characters’ balancing using player’s EEG).
      (e) Providing entertaining applications and enhanced interaction with VER- applications.

Within the scope of the project the Author has a vital interests in promoting VerQAG-Helmet potentiality in the field of BCCI (Brain- Control Computer Interface) and in achieving the goal of making it powerful,  intelligent and more applicable for end-users’ everyday life relying on a creative “global village research community”.
Brain-control computer interface in comparison  with brain-computer interface (BCI) offers more self-entertaining benefits of playing video-games or interacting with 3D virtual emulated-reality environment, subject to life-enriching and self-healing practices in behavioral neurosciences.
The Project is focused on creating the final products and providing relevant services which are based on applying Authors’ “know-how” methods and techniques. The Author’s theoretical assumptions, concepts and ideas behind them form the basis of Scientific Research Project, recognized as conceptually different and potentially powerful.


“SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” is a practice of specifically designed visioning techniques training together with audiovisual stimulating program, been elaborated and developed by the Author, that aims causing the individual’s immersion in alternate state of mind, called “self-hypnosis meditative sleeping”, which, besides its “self-entertaining and life-goals-enriching” aspects, is to be greatly conducive to the autonomous activation of human internal-resources and be highly effective for purposive triggering self-healing mechanisms addressing, in particular but not limited, to-

(b) Helping of getting rid of nightmares, sleep horror and terror (pavor nocturnus), sleepwalking (somnambulism);

(c) Eliminating imposed ideas syndrome and enduring stressful events;

(d) Treating post-traumatic stress (PTSD), bipolar and generalized anxiety disorders.

The specifically designed visioning techniques training, abbreviated as “SHIFT” decoded as “Self-Hypnosis Illustrations Filtering Training”, is addressed to viewing or watching the short-length animations (series of animated images) that depict the events and characters’ acting (objects-in-action involved into such events), each of which is a visual embodiment of  the individual’s cognitive mnemonic associations presented in the form of crypt-graphics. 
The set of individual’s crypt-graphics (cognitive mnemonic associative illustrations) form so called   AVAIL-matrix, decoded as AudioVisual Associative Illustrations Library, which is used for creating the visualizations that form the basis of the audiovisual stimulating program practicing based on exploiting visioning techniques.
The application of the certain visioning techniques is basically conditioned on the specifics of the graphics, designed to be viewed either with a usage of special devices or without (3D glasses-less graphics) such ones as the followings:

-      anaglyph goggles;
-      VerQAG.

 The individual who would like to practice the “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” is just needed to watch the specifically designed animated images in series (short-length video) according to the individual program, normally 1-2 hour(s) before bed-time; and “the rest of the good work” will be done by the individual’s brain.
The animated images in series, presented in the form of short-length cartoon, are called “CRYPTEX” video that is to be accompanied by soundtrack (sounds and music mix) composed in an optimal way to achieve a 3D- audible self-presence and that is targeted to be listened with a usage of headphones.

 The “self-entertaining and life-enriching” aspects of “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” consist in developing the extra ordinary ability of having "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out in the forms of “Virtual Life Continuous Dreaming” and “Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming”; both to be recognized as virtual self-realization and self-entertaining sleep-dreaming that is represented in events which cannot be experienced in the real life but still desired to be happened and experienced.

 “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP” is a meditative state of sleeping that causes the emulation of the self-hypnosis process together with the immersion of experiencing consciously-recognized virtual reality sleep-dreaming episodes called "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out”; and thus it is not about “inducing deep self-hypnotic trance” and it does not need “a magical fool-proof method”. 

It is very important to emphasize that “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP” state is not to be recognized or associated with hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations, and in particular with narcolepsy.  So taking in account that such hallucinations, which are visual and auditory perceptions occurring during sleep onset or on awakening, may be bizarre and dreamlike with some preservation of consciousness, STEP-RESEARCH is also focusing on proving that the immersion in “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP” state is not conditioned on patient’s suffering from insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, or mental disorders which are more likely causing experiencing hallucinations. Thus, as a conclusion, “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP” state immersion might be potentially recognized as “no- drugs and neuroleptic medications” alternative for differential diagnosis and treatment addressing to  hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations, frequently associated with narcolepsy, and included in the diagnostic criteria for such disorder.

“SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP” is characterized by initial consciously perceiving the reality of physical presence of “something being” that causes the Dreamer to be “paralyzed” however, after the verbal interaction with that “something being” by using specifically formulated phrases called «Key Interosculation Phrases» the Dreamer observes the vanishing of that “something being” into “the light” that in its turn initiates the Dreamer’s having “Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out”.The “something being” appeared in a dream is called “Divine Outset” and the process of its vanishing into “the light” is accompanied by experiencing extremely pleasant feelings which are quite similar to “going into ecstasies”.

«Key Interosculation Phrases» are patterns of interpolated self-hypnosis phrases which verbal form is to be constructed and formulated by using the principles of “cognitive associative mnemonics” elaborated by the Author. 

«Key Interosculation Phrases» are used for programming and modeling the scenario of "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” episodes according to the personal preferences of the Dreamer. 

Training-based Audio-Visual Therapy

“SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY”, as an audio-visual therapy, targeted to stimulate the process initiation of brain hemispheres synchronization and harmonization conditioned on an immersion in self-hypnosis meditative sleep-state and to activate triggering self-healing mechanisms, might be very  helpful,that is very likely but still in theory, for rehabilitating and possibly healing cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders and psychological problems.
Experiencing Lucid Live Dreaming Inside Out
Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out
Having experiencing “Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming” and “Virtual Life Continuous Dreaming” may positively result eliminating or substituting normally having night terrors and nightmares as well as may help individual not elaborate motor activity, such as a thrashing of limbs which may include punching, swinging, or fleeing motions, thus it helps to prevent or even cure sleepwalking disorder.

Training-based Program 

SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY Training-based Program requires the usage of VerQAG-device for viewing/observing special graphics (aka STEP-graphics) designed to cause  “Anaglyph-Sync” and “Uni-Sync” visual perception effects conditioned on Bi-Visual Fluctuations Perception” Phenomenon that stimulates brain hemispheres harmonization and synchronization processes and that "serves", by activating producing pulse rectangular current on human cerebral structures, as “stimulant and therapeutic electro-optimisator” for rapidly  auto-launching triggers of self-healing mechanisms during a sleep.
SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPYThe regular viewing of STEP-graphics following specific instructions takes normally no more than 30 minutes in a day according to the individualized vision training program. The dreams events you are about to experience are targeting to stimulate and activate the appearance of different types of wide range of psychological associations embodied into the visual form of objects and subjects acting in the illusion dream episodes that leads to resulting of experiencing pleasant emotions and feelings during the sleep-time.

Mind-Balance video-gaming  The individual, who has been trained to have experiencing “Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming” and “Virtual Life Continuous Dreaming”, might be by appearance involved or not involved into the dream episodes. If involved, individual realistically senses self-presence into all events as “personified aside-observer” and on contrary, if not involved, but still being personified (like for instance, totem-personification self-associating with an adorable pet) individual securely realizes that there will be no harm or damage by any virtually experienced dream episode adventure. In both cases of either being involved or not involved into the dreaming episode individual may depict or define such virtually experiencing adventuring as “time-wandering and flying-around” in virtual emulated reality environment.

Author-Branded Know-How Methods and Techniques

1.“Anaglyph Dreams Inside Out Scripting” (the Author’s term  abbreviated as “ADIOS”) is both a scripting visualization method that exploits computer anaglyph graphic technique to be applied for pictorial interpretation of initial audio-visual associations into specifically revised imaginary conceptions embodied into variety of objects further appeared, as scenario scripted characters and personages, into episodes of anaglyph 3D artworks that results (by regular practicing of viewing it using stereo glasses or virtual reality goggles with red-blue,  red-green, blue-yellow lenses or filters according to vision training program) individual’s developing of the pseudo-paranormal, self-healing and life-experience enriching hidden human resources,  cognitive abilities by having "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” dreams accompanied by arousing of pleasant, joyous feelings and positive emotions during the sleep.
2.“Oxymoronic objects choreography and paradoxical oxymora antithesis visualization” is a set of author’s “know-how” imagery making methods including Cognitive Oxymoron Graphic visualization technique that call visual attention to an apparent contradiction (superficially scenes contradictory) of objects in actions or non-actions which are deliberately intended to confuse by causing visual cognitive discord but at the same time to provoke a laugh.
3.STALKING DREAMS ANALYSIS is non-standard, creatively approached method of analysis and interpretation of dreams which might be applied in order to create anti-stress and anti-boredom associative visual perception pictorial artworks.
4.“Cognitive Anaglyph Graphic is a computer cameraless “hand-made” stereo-graphic created by applying author's methods and techniques of the associative, cognitive and mnemonic visual imaging art with elements of optical illusions and represented usually in the collage-animated form which is specifically designed to be viewed either using anaglyph goggles or virtual reality head-mounted display equipped with a pair of red-blue (cyan), red-green and yellow-blue (cyan) detachable optical filters. The pair of red-blue colours is the basic for anaglyph graphic to be viewed starting experiencing the positive influence of special visioning effects and together with “red-green” and “yellow-blue (cyan)” are used for so called “self healing through self-entertaining ” vision therapy practicing  developed by the Author. Cognitive Anaglyph Graphic includes the elements of optical illusions and mnemonic associative-visual interpretation intellectual art imaging and targeted to cause visual cognitive discord.
5.“Feng Shui” pictorial visualization is the Author’s imagery making technique to be applied “to place” various objects onto the image background scene according to principles elaborated by the Author and which are based on specifically designed painting making “braking rules” method together with “Visual Digest Aspects” visualization algorithm.

Generated-processing algorithms applied to create individualized graphic

1.Aspects Visualization or Visual Digest Aspects visualization is the algorithm of visual interpretation of wide range of associations towards concrete objects, action or terms to be converted into imagery presentation of dreams episodes.
2.Visualization Interpretation is the imagery presentation algorithm of converting the associative objects into concrete objects to be appeared into the dreams episodes in concrete actions.
3.Paradoxical Oxymora Visualization is the imagery presentation algorithm of converting concrete objects in action that cause visual cognitive discord targeted to generate other objects in action that create new associative image ideas.
4.Antithesis Visualization is the algorithm of converting bad dream or nightmare episodes (thesis) into so called “anti-dream” episodes (antithesis).
5.Scenario Scripted Imaging is the algorithm of generating the new scenario for  the dream that is associative-based correlated to the original dream and intended to be experienced while sleeping according to individual priorities.
6.Associations Embodiment is the algorithm of imagery embodiment of original audio or visual associations into the objects playing in dreaming episodes scenes.

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                         (Selective Figure Legends and Supplementary Data)

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