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Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out

"Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out”

Experimental Examination Distance Learning and Training-Based Course


Did science really prove that Lucid Dreaming Training works just fine for everyone to allow the Dreamer control his or her dreams events?  Or might it be a theory that some people believe in it and others don't, just like or example numerology, or God?

I personally have no doubts that even though the phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming is for real but all those “Training Programs” proposed by so-called-themselves “Professional Instructors & Experts” are really frustrating and “something that never work”. Perhaps I am too subjective; otherwise, you are more than welcome to convince me I am not.
On my own way of trying training myself to have experiencing Lucid Dreams I have finally gave up; but instead, I came up with a self-initiative working and elaborating on my own “EL DIO” methodology that’s still must be proved as a quite effective training-based program in developing the ability of having experiencing vivid dreams and to get delegated a cognizant state of certain-degree controlling of pre-modeled dream events.

My methodology requires the usage of VerQAG-device. Believe or not, the proper usage of VerQAG-device may prove if you are in control of your Lucid Dreams or totally NOT!

For the last 3 years I’ve contacted about thousand of “Instructors and Experts” in Lucid Dreaming and Brainwaves Entertainment but the majority of my e-mails, in which I  proposed to check out their potential of controlling Lucid Dream events, have never been responded! Who knows, maybe I was in the same situation with proposing “something that never work”
You’re welcome to check it out!

And still, any-given individual, who is poisoning him- or herself as “Professional Instructor & Expert in Lucid Dreaming” is welcome to contact me in order to be proved and confirmed in his or her competency in “Lucid Dreaming Events Control”.


I believe that we can fully receive the gifts of our interactions with our dreams which are the opportunity to be really entertained by having “second-lives” dreaming and by recognizing what aspects are presented and needed to be healed we might be working with them successfully.
I do hope that the information the students will be learning throughout this entire course will help achieving their goals of developing the ability of having "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out”.

"Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” (aka “EL DIO”) is an extraordinary ability of having pre-modeled and potentially controlled “second-lives” vivid dreams accompanied by experiencing super-pleasurable feelings and sensations together with “out-body-experiences”.
"Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out”, as a specific state of mind, might be literally recognized as SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE state experienced during the sleep.

“EL DIO” Course opens up the limitless uses of “self-entertainment” aspects together with potential “self-healing” mechanisms triggered by having experiencing unusual dreams accompanied by pleasant sensations and emotions that help treating emotional disturbances and might be servicing as a huge addition to your healing practices.
"Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” will help you to gain a better understanding of how our emotions and sensations influence our lives and how to work with making them “positive and pleasant”.  
"Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” as a sequence of dream episodes might be experienced in both forms of dreaming such as “Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming” and “Virtual Life Continuous Dreaming”.
Subjecting scientific examination it is theoretically expected that such kind of dreaming causes natural boosting many body's organic chemicals functioning as a neurotransmitters (DHEA, GABA, Endorphin, Serotonin, Dopamine) that initiates the highly-beneficial after- waking-up individual’s states which might be described as  “feeling-happy”, “body-flying-lightness-sensation” and so on.

madonna aspect sleep therapy


"Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” (the Author’s term abbreviated as “ELDIO”) literally means a pseudo-paranormal or extra ordinary individual’s ability of having self-hypnosis, self-entertaining and self-healing night- and daytime naps dreams in the forms of “Virtual Life Continuous Dreaming” and “Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming” which are accompanied by arousing of pleasant, joyous feelings and positive emotions during the sleep.
Technically, “ELDIO” means a vision training program that helps to develop above-mentioned ability by regular practicing viewing specifically designed graphic (including anaglyphs) computer and mobile gadgets applications using stereo glasses and/or virtual reality goggles with normal lenses and red-blue, red-green, blue-yellow detachable filters.

 “Virtual Life Continuous Dreaming” (the Author’s term  abbreviated as “VLCD”)  literally means a pseudo-paranormal individual’s ability of having illusion-like entertaining unusual night-dreams and daytime naps dreams which are represented as series of episodes based on  personal preferences and individual’s wishes, desires and life-priorities; technically means a vision training process aimed to develop such ability by practicing viewing, according to the individualized vision training program, specifically designed 2D and 3D-anaglyph graphic visual artworks created by applying Author’s methods and associative visualization techniques and which are presented in the form of series of animated and non-animated scenario scripted event images which are specifically designed as an pictorial interpretation and personification/embodiment of various visual and audio associations according to personal preferences and individual’s wishes, desires and life-priorities (even revealed being hidden in sub-consciousness).

 “Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming” (the Author’s term  abbreviated as “SECED”) literally means a pseudo-paranormal individual’s ability of having illusion-like entertaining unusual night-dreams and daytime naps dreams which are visually perceived as stereopsis enhanced and “never-seen-before” gamma colors (cues, shades) enriched virtually-seen episodes emotionally accompanied by experiencing a wide range of pleasant feelings including quasi-sexual satisfaction that of course, depends on many individual aspects (such pleasant emotions and feelings might be potentially continually experienced by an individual for a quite long time after waking up; such emotional effect called “dreams episodes post-imaging effect” is normally “emotionally” recognized as having “lightness of being happy” feeling).

Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming: Dream Chromo-Therapy

     Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming (“SECED”) is a unique ability developed through practicing specifically designed “DOSAVET” individualized training program in order to gain having an amazing and self-entertaining illusion dreams.

The basics of “Dream Chromo-Therapy” trainings are series of visioning exercises of viewing different range of associated compilation-colors, illusion images and personification objects by using Virtual emulated-realityquasy-anaglyph goggles.

Virtually-like eyes targeting vision takes normally 30 minutes and must be practiced at least 1-2 hours before sleeping however, it may vary from individual to individual.
         It is really very easy to recognize the beginning of experiencing Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming and to distinguish such kind of illusion dreaming from the normal dreams.
The matter of fact is that while sleeping and having Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming the person goes through seeing the dream events in very unusual way:  color cues and shades, gamma enriched colors and objects enhanced depth perception.        
One of amazing things about having “SECED” is the experiencing a various range of pleasant emotions while sleeping and dreaming such are “joy” and “happiness”, for example; and moreover all those pleasant emotions and feelings experienced might be lasting during the day for a certain period of time thus the person after waking up can still continue enjoying them.
Usually the person experiencing Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming is not involved into the dream scenes by appearance; however, it is realistically sensed the presence into all events as an aside-observer and thus the person realizes very well  that there will be no harm or damage virtually caused and experienced.
         This is interesting to emphasize that experiencing Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming might be also described as “time-wandering” illusion dreaming.
         Theoretically and hypothetically  “how-it-works” process of developing an ability of experiencing Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming might be represented as “sub-conciseness-memory”  stimulating and activating the appearance of different types of psychological associations in visual form as objects involved into the illusion dream events; and resulting experiencing pleasant emotions while sleeping and dreaming.
         It is supposed that probably, in theory, the experiencing Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming is like “a dream therapy” that helps to rehabilitate and heal the loss of depth perception and the loss of color vision.
In the case of possible “DCT”-treating the loss of color vision it is necessary to note that such kind of vision disability should be not a genetics cause but the one of some disease (diabetes , multiple sclerosis chronic alcoholism)  or chemical exposure and medications side-effects which might be considered as potentially  temporal loss of color vision.        Ideally, more long-term controlled studies and researches are needed to evaluate    the success rates resulting having experiencing Stereopsis Enhanced Colors Enriched Dreaming.

“EL DIO” Course

“EL DIO” Course is recommended for:

- existing dream-therapy practitioners wishing to update to the latest developments, techniques and methods in the field;
- individuals who had been experiencing lucid dreaming;
- trainers who would like to teach next-generation of dream-therapy;
- professional healers and therapists wishing to add modern dream-therapy to their tool box of techniques;
- everyone who love experiencing lucid dreams and who are excited about its practice and potential and wish to take it to the next for advanced and enjoyable level.

This course is designed to dot about how lucid dreaming experiencing in the form of "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” may change your life for “autogenic reality”. Despite having used lucid dreaming approaches and techniques been promoted for many years I have been learning a huge amount from what is commonly known as “lucid dream”, both professionally and personally. It has taken my personal development to another level, helping me to evolve things that had been leading to elaborating of accelerated development program with absolutely new innovative approaches and easy-to-be-taught   techniques to be applied for developing an  extra ordinary ability of having "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” and learning of its aspects, entities, autogenic realities.

This course has definitely added another dimension of understanding of lucid dreaming by absolutely new approach for techniques to be applied to start enjoying your programmed and re-modeled dreams. I have tried to make this course valuable for everyone who is interested in “dreams” and who expects the “crystal clear” understanding given by me and the support I offer. 

I have had put a tremendous amount of my working through and taking time, thoughts and commitments into this distance learning course; thus I believe that the no one should be skeptical of doing such distance learning course and feeling concerned about its quality, especially taking in account that this is offered for free.“EL DIO” Course will help you to become aware of how to eliminate the negative emotion and feelings disturbances and to be supported in moving through the course work with clarity and being blessed by experiencing the effects of having "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” that will enrich your life with experiencing pleasant sensations and emotions.This course, really insightful and thought provoking, is designed as beautifully imagery choreographed dance of visual transformation and it gently flows into all the tender places, leaving behind the softness of possibility.
The whole “EL-DIO” experimental examination training course consists of 10 levels that approximately takes 3 months from starting developing the ability of "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” for purposes of experimental examination (elementary basic skills level) till accomplishing all experiments required.

Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out sleep therapy

 Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out:

Depending on results of the tests, future project scope (“LITE” or “PRO” version) and test person individualized priorities for future dreams modeling, the time involved can vary. Following the survey, the Author will prepare “the dream modeling audit” which will contain the assessment of the “EL DIO” dream to be visualized in the form of visual perception application (simple short-length) together with detailed recommendations and comprehensive remedies that help developing “EL DIO” as an extra ordinary ability.

"Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” certainly concerns to having “lucid dreaming” however, the ways of gaining it differs a lot from what are commonly-known as “Lucid Dream techniques and methods” publicly advertised for years. The Author has to confess that unfortunately he found some “Lucid Dream techniques and methods” as well as some other dream-training which have more “questions” than “answers”, simply not working for him.
In fact, through self-practicing “Lucid Dream recommendations” of using “the wake back to bed” and staying awake for a while in the middle of the night “making yourself a snack while writing down the dream events in your dream-journal”, have been found by the Author as being “pretty destructive”.
The Author’s personal conclusion made after his trials of applying and strictly following “Lucid Dream techniques and methods” for a few months is quite negative being skeptically recognized by him as nothing more but a way to sleep deprivation, sleep disorder, headaches and potential obesity”; even though “the meditation” and “listening to binaural beats” are still really good things to be practiced. Just for fun the Author call it “OBEsE” (OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES EVOLVING) because indeed if even a pretty slim person is going to eat something in the middle of the night during a few months, he or she will certainly gain “a weight” or “out-body” experience simply so-called “obese”.

If to compare “Lucid dream techniques and methods” or other dream-training advertised with “El DIO” the Author would like to emphasize that “El DIO”, as self-practicing and self-training dream-therapy, has a few essential so called “there is no need” distinguished features such as the followings:

1)  There is no need to keep a dream journal or a recording device by your bed;
2)    There is no to remember your dream by staying still-awakened and trying to concentrate on your memory to write down the description of your dream events at night when the rest of your family members are still sleeping;
3)  There is no need to use reality checks frequently as for instance, reading a page of text or the time on a clock, looking away, then looking back again (in dreams, the text or time will be blurry or nonsensical, or will be different each time you look);
     4) There is no need to repeat the phrase something like "I will be aware that I'm dreaming" each time you fall asleep;
     5) There is no need of purchasing a light alarm or other specific devices;
     6) There is no need of taking galantamine (a drug synthesized from the snowdrop plant) or other drugs and extra-dosed pills of vitamins “B”.

double-screen virtual reality imagery

By studying the impact of computed imaging in neurological diagnosis, cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology and through the experimentation with double-screen virtual reality imagery and anaglyph technique applied for creating cognitive and mnemonic graphic artworks  the Author had elaborated new creative conceptual approaches to having vivid dreams and experiencing super-pleasant sensations (and even sexual satisfaction) that might be gained by following absolutely different, much easiest and really enjoyable way of self-practicing and self-training that basically only needs the individual’s  viewing of  specifically designed visual perception imagery applications using a virtual reality head-mounted display. 
Indeed, it was the effective results of Author’s self-practicing “EL DIO” which led the way to many new discoveries about the basic principles of how dreams may enrich people’s lives and how people might be taught to develop an extra ordinary ability of having "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out”. Bringing together these discoveries with the practical experience of “EL DIO” in the field, the "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out» course is the first major update on the theory, practice and trainings. Based on the new additional virtual reality visioning exercises this course contains the most up to date and comprehensive recommendations for mastery in having “EL DIO”.

“EL DIO” visual perception applications exploit cognitive and mnemonic psychology aspects applied together with imagery techniques such as anaglyph 3D stereo effect, multistable perceptual phenomena, binocular rivalry, depth and motion perception, paradox, optical, physiological and cognitive illusions, interaction of colors. The viewing of such application with virtual reality head-mounted display usage allows “Uni-Sync” and “Anaglyph-Sync” visual perception effects which have been theoretically discovered by the Author. It is hypothetically supposed that “Uni-Sync” and “Anaglyph-Sync” cause visual stimulus that triggers an effective response in brain pleasure center. 

The Author postulates that having “EL DIO” dreams might help with eliminating sleepwalking disorder if targeted deliberately causing sleep paralysis, in which the person remains conscious and aware of his or her surroundings during the transition from sleep to wakefulness, but are not able to move muscles. This is harmless and not terrifying, and aimed to cause laughing out of load, so called LOL-effect, that can be accompanied by hallucinations of a strange presence around the person however, in general such “hallucinations” are deliberately aimed “to teach” or “to train” brain how to stay still in a bed not “sleepwalking” around.
“EL DIO” as a dream-therapy
From the other hand it is very likely that some individual may get very excited during “EL DIO” dream events accompanied by experiencing nice sensations and pleasant feelings that may cause him or her laughing loudly or weeping for joy (crying over happiness) while still sleeping; thus the simple recommendation should be addressed to the individual’s so called “sleep-mates” about “not to try to wake you up”.
“EL DIO” as a dream-therapy takes the advantages from the long period of time staring from Author’s conceptual ideas and theoretical assumptions till elaborating visual perception imagery composing techniques and methods based on visual perception phenomena that to start with aimed to develop "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” extra ordinary ability but not only.

"Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” was first introduced in 2012 by providing textual and imagery materials to be officially registered by US Copyright Office and since then much has been learned by the Author about the cause-and-effect dreams experience between energy, emotions and people’s dreams, nightmares, sleep deprivation and disorders affecting their lives.

By harnessing the potential power of both“Uni-Sync” and “Anaglyph-Sync” visual perception effect-as-phenomenon, “EL DIO” might be recognized as super advanced, precisely designed brainwave synchronization visual technology that comes together with brainwave synchronization sound technology giving you access to the same deep, highly pleasurable, extremely beneficial meditative states as someone with decades of meditative experience – quickly, safely, and easily.

As a self-hypnosis meditative state of mind “EL DIO” has all benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation, namely:

• Greatly improved health: lower stress, anxiety, depression, etc.
• Deep, super restorative, restful sleep every night.
• Powerful insights into the inner workings of the mind.
• Powerful intuition, accurately guiding you through life.
• The correct mindset for personal and professional success.
• Quieting down of “mind chatter”, resulting in an “unshakable” inner peace.
• Feeling more connected to all living things, with more love and compassion.
• Enhanced brain power, memory, and cognitive recall.
• Clear, lucid thought, with super levels of creativity.
• Easy access to your super-powerful subconscious mind.
• Incredible mental, emotional, and physical healing.
• Super mental awareness.
• And limitless other benefits.

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