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Reward and Perk-incentives Treatment Program

Author-branded products & Services

available as a GIFT!

ENJOY A DIVERSITY of offering the choice GIFTS
proposed by the AUTHOR in conformity with the AMOUNT OF YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT provided in scalable "A+B+C" limits 
enhanced with
"Extras", "Bonus" and “Extra Bonus” 
plus Corporate Extras & Bonuses” & DPP-Coins Discounter Packages! 

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A) $5-50:

-  Access to the original literary work in the form of PDF and e-book mobile app-presentations of  scripts, screenplays, “forbidden history”,“curious- to-know” stories, theories and prophecies, lyrics and poems,

-Access to video-presentations of the film, animated cartoon, computer video-games and mobile applications. 

You are welcome to send your ideas and suggestions addressed to ameliorating, enriching and improving the Author’s content. You are invited to write one short scene or even the alternative ending (episodes of the audiovisual product selected) that the cast must act out. Your name, if desired, might be appeared in credits of selective promo-video, subject to publishing at the project web-resources.   

B) $50-100 (in addition to A):

Distant Learning Courses Mobile application
- Access to the Author’s original media-content presented in the form of HTML and JavaScript (jQuery.plugins) animated web-pages accompanied by Author’s guitar and piano played music and funny “oxymoron” animations illustrating and pictorially reflecting the plot of the audiovisual product selected, 

- Access to video-presentations (film, animation, cartoon, computer and mobile gaming applications),

- FREE Access to the Distant Learning Courses;

-Invitation for web- audition to be selected for playing some episodic role or doing narration (voice-over) for selected character or action figure (personage) relating to the video-game,

- "Extras", "Bonus" and “Extra Bonus” Packages (see description below);

Your name might be engraved on the exterior or interior of device/gadget/DVD subject to the project(s) and/or related accessories that expand on functionality.

C) $100- $200 (in addition to A+B):

- Early access to future video-games bonus levels, characters, abilities, and items, music, videos and soundtracks. 


bne a hero with Dimanasus Prophecy
Your name (profile link, etc.) might be appeared in credits on album cover, video-clips and other media (e.g. a professional singer signed CD/ DVD). You’ll get the possibility of designing your own item, level or character; and the opportunity of character’s saying message of your choosing or character’s renaming after your name or nickname. You, if desired, might be appeared as a hero in the storyboard screen-shots and other images of your choice.



- Author’s signed copy of the work, posters and artworks plus the  invitation to write a book/plot/screenplay review that will be tweeted out,

- Unique opportunities to name some Author’s novels character after your name or nickname, to provide a testimonial after using the product, to be invited for interviews done by the founders, to have your own script looked over by a professional if you are an aspiring screenwriter,

Graphic Animaiotn Editor for 3D glassless images-Video-trailers, video-teasers, video-bloopers behind the scenes footage plus “extras” with alternative endings, conversations with the author/actor/director,

- Invitation to live webcam jam session with movie and animation making crew, actors and actresses, professional singers including the opportunity for your vocals or bass in new song you may create and the invitation to remix tracks,

-The access to exclusive content including novels drafts, alternative endings, characters left out, plot twists considered, etc.,

- The first copy of the audio edition of the book plus the invitation to include a testimonial that will be included in the book,

- One-on-one invitation to chat (by Skype, etc.) with the celebrity, who participates in a project,

Glasses-free 3D animations
 -"Glasses-free 3D" animations and animated wallpapers to be viewed  with a usage of 3D-enabled mobile phone (the mobile phone that conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopic or any other form of 3D depth techniques. Most 3D phones have an auto-stereoscopic parallax barrier display/glasses-free 3D display),

-Free simple-to-use Graphic Animation Editor(s) that allow making animations with photo-cuttings and silhouette-images in *.gif, *. exe, and *.swf formats.



1)   Dimanasus Prophecy: THE DREAMS” DVD;



Extra Bonus Package

3)    “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” DVDs;

autorun-program DVD


-two differently structured DVDs, such as playable VOB-files DVD and menu-compilation autorun-program DVD ,  contain video-files, GIF-animations and JPG/PNG non-animated  graphics, audio files of my original piano and guitar played music, web-pages with textual descriptions, illustrations and other graphical components aimed to entertain the user. The additional materials to be provided are storyboard screen-shots, autographed by team images from audiovisual products, desktop wallpapers and posters.

Description of DVDs content 

The videos, created as movie and cartoon-animations representing the episodes simplified storyboard visualizations including “NC17” or “18+” content, contain English textual description, titles and narrations that are explaining the visualization approach (paradoxical “curious-to-know” theories and oxymora prophecies aimed to be reflected in a plot).

The “oxymora” or “oxymoron” cognitive mnemonic simplified visualizations presented in the form of sketch-animations included in videos and are united by common so-called “motivation-driven questioning dreams inside out” visual concept that aims to allegorically and metaphorically mirror main characters’ actions in their dreams and thus the spectator will be given “a hint” about characters’ true motivation and “just another puzzle-piece” for the whole-story-puzzle.

Literally, such kind of visualization technique called by me as “Oxymoron objects choreography and paradoxical oxymora antithesis visualization” is a set of author’s methods of imagery that call visual attention to an apparent contradiction (superficially scenes contradictory) of characters or objects in actions or non-actions but juxtaposed in such a way that there is no contradiction and being deliberately intended to confuse and designed to provoke a laugh.

The screen-shots and wallpapers have been made using caricatures and digitally manipulated fake-images of easy-recognizable world-famous people (celebrity, etc.); however there was never my intention to be disrespectful or offensive in any way towards any of them.

Screenplay presentation in selected episodes
By showing the scenes of characters’ oxymoron actions and later “mirroring” it in allegorical and metaphorical way in their "Experiencing Live Dreaming Inside Out” and  “Virtual Life Continuous Dreaming” visualized dream-episodes presented in the form of animation or animated cartoon I am trying to give the hint or clue to the spectator so “the true characters’ motivation” should be revealed.
Some videos, animations and JPG/PNG images are presented in anaglyph graphic form and aimed to be viewed either with anaglyph goggles (available for free) or VerQAG prototype visioning head-mounted device.

The video-clips and web-pages are accompanied by guitar/piano original and synthesized music, songs and narrations which are also available for listening as separate audio files.
The piano and guitar played music together with songs musical compositions are composed and performed by me. The lyrics of the songs are written by me.

All the stories been visualized in videos are logically and harmonically integrated in either movie or cartoon plots.

Some simple “childish-like-looking” short-length animation cuts included into video-clips are united by the common “dreams interpretation questioning inside” theme aimed to introduce the audience into “SELF-HYPNOSIS MEDITATIVE SLEEP-THERAPY” elaborated by me.



        1. “HOW 2-ANIMATE MY PHOTOS”:

This course teaches you how to animate you still photographs, or any other image, by creating GIF-formatted graphics that is a silent animated loop often used to convey a feeling. GIFs have become hugely popular on social media and been started appearing in blog posts and emails but have spread to messaging apps like Slack and Facebook Messenger. The GIF-making graphic editor program might be provided to you at request together with a video/audio convertor that allows converting any multimedia file (including 3GP) and extracting audio from the video: MPG, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP2, MP3, MP4, MOV, RM, DV, YUV, H264, MPEG, AVI, VOB, MPEG4, WMV,  AC3, RA, M4A, OGG, AAC.


You will learn about the must-do activities to keep your PC in tip-top condition by getting familiar with common mistakes that can affect computer speed and safety and by knowing how to avoid these mistakes and how diagnose of issues that may be affecting your PC’s performance; so you can easily fix common issues before they become costly-&-timely problems. 
This course is designed to be rapidly learnt so you will know how to keep your computer “good-working” and how to restore computer system together with all files that you have been thinking you seemingly lost. 
This course teaches you how to test the computer system and video memory, to browse any web-page offline with secure file-retrieving, and to format USB flash-drive structuring it as “USB-HDD” + “USB-Zip”.
The offline browsing and file-retrieving tool on the Internet allows retrieving all the files you want -- and only the files you want -- from any part of the Internet so you can:
   - Completely download a website, enabling you to "offline browse" the site at much greater speeds than if you were to browse the site online
   - Create an exact duplicate, or "mirror" of a website, complete with subdirectory structure and all required files
   - Search a website for files of a certain type (and even size!)
   - Download any files from the Internet grabbing archive of graphics, audios and videos
   - Explore every website linked from a central website
   - Search a website for keywords
   - Make a list of all pages and files on a website


This course is oriented onto particular category of users without much technical expertise and it teaches how to create a bootable USB flash drive with WinPE (Windows Pre-installation Environment) on it.
If desired, at your request you might be provided with DVD, sent by postal mail, or ZIP-file, sent via e-mail, that contains all necessary WinPE installation files so you may record them at USB flash-drive to start running your computer without booting the main operating system on your computer. Thus if your operating system is crushed you still could use your computer by booting it from USB flash drive and by getting connected to “computer remote assistant” via the Internet, your computer will be scanned for viruses and any other malicious files. “Computer remote doctor” uses Remote Assistance, which allows an expert to connect to a novice's computer and correct any problems directly. Please, keep in mind that the “Computer remote doctor” must be authorized (knowing the access code) by you to able to remove viruses and other malicious software from your computer.  After receiving a request for Remote Assistance, the “Computer remote doctor” (expert) can remotely connect to a problem-PC and view the screen directly to fix the problem. When you initiate a request for help, the Remote Assistance client sends an XML-based encrypted ticket to the helper who is prompted to accept the invitation.


This course is to teach you how to make 3D-GLASSES-FREE graphic based on employing parallax motion-based techniques. 

3D-GLASSES-FREE, created by separating the background, mid, and foreground, so can create a parallax effect that will turn your simple 2D still images into moving 3D storytelling graphics, might be used for making video animation and cartoon as well as design-tuning your web-page, blog or social media with animated visuals.

License for use and distribution: 

- computer programs are distributed at your request under LGPL;
- the “try-before-buy” programs allows anyone using it during a time until a free license granted expires so after you can register it, keep it for lifetime and use it as much as you like. 

Dimanasus Prophecy Project: Contact the Author

The policy of contacting me:

The preferred way to contact me currently is by sending your private e-mail message; however, please, don't expect a very-fast answer. You are also welcome to contact me asking for arranging our mobile phone video-chat. 

Explore "Dimanasus Prophecy" project at  

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Please note that the crowd-funding campaign is NOT for financing terrorism and money-laundering (or other illegal activity); and that all media content, subject to “Reward and Perk-incentives Treatment Program”, is NOT for-

(a)  promoting activities that are dangerous and illegal;
(b) engaging in harassing, bullying, or threatening behavior;
(c) exploiting or abusing children;
(d) distributing sexually explicit or pornographic materials;
(e) distributing depictions of graphic or gratuitous violence, and distributing computer viruses and other malicious software.

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