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Project-Developing Interactive Web-Platform


The hosting Web Server for “” is to be available for public users’ operating and accessing as soon as DPP-Platform integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (MA) is fully-completed.

DPP-Platform as Project-Developing  Interactive Web-Platform” aims to conglomerate administrative-privileged sub-platforms such as the followings:

Projects Crowd-funding Interactive Platform”;
"Projects Acting Community Platform";
- “Talents Audition for the Projects Acting Community Platform”;
- “Scenes Filming Self-Director”  Platform;
- "Projects Developing Platform";
- "Projects Participants,Collaborators and Representatives Platform";

-“Film Making Platform”;
-“ie-Book Virtual Emulated-Reality Platform”;
         -“Virtual Emulated-Reality Animation Making Platform”;
- "Potential Customers/Audience Platform";
- "Multimedia Submissions Platform";
“GIG Project Roles Finder Platform”;

- “User’s Project Arranging Platform”;
“Virtual Emulated-Reality (VER) Platform”;
- "Distant Learning Training and Courses Platform";

    The administrative-privileged Representative Virtual Office Workplace Subscribers are to be approved for accessing above-listed sub-platforms arranged accounts by passing the authorization and verification procedures.

The AWS and MA integration helps to structure DPP-Platform it in order to allow users' operating with a high efficiency and monitoring any-given project development process within a certain time frame and with a fixed budget.  
Each User of DPP-Platform, who has gained the status of the  "Project Participant", is to be allowed accessing "Distant Learning Training and Courses Sub-Platform" and downloading “REWARDS AND PERKS” files with high efficiency and comfort. The “REWARDS AND PERKS” file storage includes "Promo-DVDs" files which might be easily stored at user's computer and recorded on DVDs with a personal home-entertainment purpose.  

DPP-Platform beta-version is aimed at test-driven adoption of various strategies dedicated to VDI (e.g. new product launch and business expansion); and is targeted to the third-party service-providers’ strategic-alliances-approof for creating cloud-based VDI, adopted across health and entertainment industries.

DPP-Platform implements principles of "Virtual Digitalized Automation" and "Guest Operating System Transmogrification" concepts.

Virtual Digitalized Automation Concept

Virtual Digitalized Automation (VDA) is a set of in-cloud-servicing technical-problem-solving principles and methods integrated in Intranet and Extranet Networking infrastructure and addressing the software and applications virtualization, emulation and automation to be optimized for the needs of any-sized-business or individual in its most-effective, customers-focused and consumers-oriented, and user-friendly way across all major handheld devices and computer operating systems with 24/7 access.

 VDA, as a technology (aka VDA-Tech), dedicates to proposing proof-of-concept solutions for system complexity and compatibility issues addressed to the adoption and employment of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). 
VDA is basically targeted at enabling the integration of in-cloud services into rapidly and profitably deliverable self-service-control panels-provisioning virtualized infrastructure of web-hosting-applications for communication and collaboration, secure payments-in and payments-out transaction. 

VDA-implementation may include key-building-blocks deployment and be based on employing of “CryptoBlockCell-Tech” that is  a quasi-blockchain in-cloud technology aiming at any services delivery and availability thru “decentralization” and allowing business computing systems to be optimized for maximized profit. As cloud-based virtualization-emulation technology and hybrid deployment model, VDA-implementation presupposes its Intranet and Extranet Networking with hosting desktop operating system “decentralized” infrastructure in several data-centers which are supported by in-cloud-service providers.

blockchain DONATING and FINANCIAL-PARTICIPATING in cryptocurency
Blockchain-based DONATING and FINANCIAL-PARTICIPATING benefit-gaining opportunity for everyone

VDA cost-effective functionality is basically conditioned on exploiting of tech-integrated-conceptualization called “Guest Operating System Transmogrification” (G.O.S.T. or GOST-Concept).

GOST-Concept is based on applying and organizing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to allow computers to run several operating systems on one computer and the individual servers to function like many servers creating cloud computing networks of different software-programs-integrated environment and web-applications ecosystem to be accessible and remotely-controlled from handheld devices.

 GOST-Concept is a core tech-integrated-conceptualization of employing cloud-computing and computer-emulators tools for building an infrastructure of connected ecosystem-applications, sub-networks and sub-platforms, and web-services be available via Representative Virtual Offices VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Project-Developing via Virtual Private Network:

“Representative Virtual Offices” Ecosystem

All Users’ Groups of  DPP-Platform might be connected via Virtual Private Network formed as “Representative Virtual Offices” network that exploits all necessary project management tools and planning software allowing having a full view of all my projects and 3d-party collaborators. 

It features a user-friendly multi-lingual interface with a dashboard that allows planning, keeping budget-tracking and analyzing project development with flexibility. 

The users are  able to get access to all features from everywhere by personalized login and password.

Representative Virtual Office

The implementation of any-given "Dimanasus Prophecy" spin-off sub-projects, as planned, is to be represented in the form of interactive web-site, web and mobile applications such as in particular, "ie-Book App", "Film Maker WebApp", "AnimVR WebApp" which are  built-in integrated with the Amazon Machine Learning-powered smarter system that gives the additional benefits addressed to the users’ groups of “Financial Participants” and “Freelancer Assistants” to be enjoyed while working on my project(s) and having access to boatload of features, such as dynamic chart display, robust drag and drop control, time and budget tracking system, advanced lay-outs, templates and many others that will help my intellectual property based project(s) to be managed with high efficiency.

Representative Virtual Offices IP-Marketplace and Workplace
Film Making Platform
       The "Representative Virtual Offices IP-Marketplace and Workplace" is built with exclusive features, such as, project road-map functionality, project monitoring, resource management tools, and even success kits to help project managers be more efficient. It has its own marketplace featuring add-ons and mobile apps that suit a variety of needs such as managing project tasks and providing integrated functionalities with emails, mobile and spreadsheet. The full display of the project is very robust incorporating the project progress, contract and deadlines.
Virtual Emulated-Reality Animation Making  Platform
Animation Making  Platform

All my projects web-sites, web and mobile applications are to be united in one interactive system called “Virtually Emulated Reality of Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Type System” which itself is a part of “Intelligence Computing Optimization Network” (ICON).


I, Dzmitry Alyaksandravich Vasilyeu, the Author and the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the Creative Commons International License ( with “NonCommercial-NoDerivs” Attribution:

Some graphical content, if any road, has been used under the Fair Copyright Law 107/ provisions of sections 106 and 106A/ 17 U.S. Code 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights/Fair use) and belong to their respective owners/authors; no copyright infringement intended.


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